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Crystal Glass Jar Candle | Soy Wax | Red Wine & Jasmine Premium Fragrance Options

Crystal Glass Jar Candle | Soy Wax | Red Wine & Jasmine Premium Fragrance Options

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With our gorgeous "Crystal Glass Jar Candle," a pair of two exquisitely crafted candles that exude elegance and romance, you may elevate the atmosphere in your home. Choose between two lovely aromas from these eco-friendly soy wax candles: the subtle allure of Jasmine or the rich, deep undertones of Red Wine.

Key Features:

  • Premium Fragrance Options: Choose from two exquisite fragrances to indulge in. Jasmine adds a subtle, exotic charm and red wine entices with its rich, passionate undertones. ideal for establishing the tone for special occasions and romantic evenings.
  • Eco-friendly: Our candles are manufactured entirely of soy wax, which ensures a clean, smokeless, and long-lasting burn. They are crafted with consideration for the environment.
  • Aromatic Fragrance: These candles offer a distinct sensory experience as they envelop you in an exotic and seductive ambience.
  • Exquisite Jar: Housed in crystal glass jars, these candles not only improve your atmosphere but also give your décor a refined touch.
  • Set of 2 Candles: This set comes with two exquisitely made candles, making it the perfect present for special events or to enjoy with someone special.

Contains in the package: Choose two "Crystal Glass Jar Candles" scented with either jasmine or red wine.

This "Crystal Glass Jar Candle" combo will help you embrace the art of romance. These candles are an amazing aroma experience and a symbol of your love and care, perfect for romantic occasions or as a thoughtful present.


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