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Big Sea Shell & Ocean Scented Gel Candles - 3.5inch ( Pair of 6 )

Big Sea Shell & Ocean Scented Gel Candles - 3.5inch ( Pair of 6 )

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With our "Big Sea Shell & Ocean Scented Gel Candles," you can lose yourself in the serene beauty of the sea. This charming ambiance is ideal for a variety of occasions, and this package of six high-quality scented gel candles delivers the calming scent of the ocean directly to your living area.

Key Features:

  • Wonderful Aromas: The alluring aroma of the ocean fills each candle, transporting you to calm waves and sea breezes.
  • Multicolor Magic: The fascinating variety of colors that these candles come in will give your home's decor a charming and vibrant touch.
  • SmokelessQuit worrying about soot and smoke with smokeless elegance. We promise a hassle-free and enjoyable experience with our clean-burning gel candles.
  • Sustainable Delight: Made with environmental responsibility in mind, these candles offer a lovely and sustainable way to illuminate your area.
  • Suitable for Many Occasions: Excellent for Diwali festivities, parties, house décor, or any other special occasion where you wish to set a fascinating mood.
  • Underwater Scene: Ideal for ocean-themed décor, the transparent gel and seashell pattern of these candles provide the impression of an underwater world.
  • Romantic Glow: Perfect for special evenings, these candles' gentle, flickering light lends a romantic feel to any environment.
  • Glass Elegance: These candles, housed in glass jars, not only illuminate your room but also lend a refined air to your interior design.

Dimensions: 3.5 inches (height)

What's in the package: Six "Big Sea Shell & Ocean Scented Gel Candles" in a pair.

With our "Big Sea Shell & Ocean Scented Gel Candles," transport your senses to a serene ocean retreat. These candles are your pass to a tranquil underwater getaway, whether you're using them for Diwali, parties, home décor, or setting a romantic mood. Take a little of the sea home with you today.


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