Ultimate Self pleasure guide for women: Tips & tricks

Ultimate Self pleasure guide for women: Tips & tricks

Enjoying some alone time for sex is at the very top of the list of self-care activities. This is due to the fact that, in addition to making you feel fantastic, masturbation offers a tonne of health advantages that may enhance anything from your sleep quality to how happy your sex life is. Because of this, mastering the art of masturbation is essentially a superpower.

Masturbation: What is it?

People frequently have their first sexual encounter through masturbation. To massage and touch your genitalia and other areas of your body for sexual satisfaction is to sexually stimulate oneself. Orgasms are frequently (though not always) the result of masturbation.

You may quickly harness the power of solo sex by using the top masturbation advice we've compiled here. If you wanted a reason to masturbate for multiple days in a row, this is it. You might not have to try them all at once, though. Shall we jump right in?

Create a mood

It depends on you what makes you feel like loving yourself. Set the atmosphere anyway you need to in order to guarantee your complete enjoyment. Do what it takes to evoke a sensuous and sexual feeling in you, such as taking a bath, lighting candles, or playing soothing music.

The importance of privacy

Make sure you're completely alone and won't be interrupted unless you enjoy getting caught or enjoying yourself in public. Worrying about interruptions destroys a nice alone love session faster than anything else.

Do not use your phone.

To put it simply, masturbation is "personal time." Make every effort to tune into what is happening inside your body while denying the existence of the outer world. If, while masturbating, you become aware that your thoughts are straying, gently bring them back to the present moment.

Look through pornographic stuff on your phone. Put it on Do Not Disturb mode. The last thing you need is for your boss or your parents to send you a message just as you're about to finish.

Think of lubricant as your best ally.

Lubricants might be your greatest ally in combating vaginal dryness when masturbating and aiding sex toy penetration. To get rid of any irritation and avoid redness or injury from friction, it is acceptable to use both within and outside the body. Your body self-lubricates while you're aroused, which makes masturbation considerably smoother and more enjoyable. But occasionally, that might not be sufficient . So, to improve your enjoyment, always have a tube of lubricant on hand.

Do Your Best to Explore

Look around your body. The fundamental objective of self-pleasure would be not to locate G-spot and stimulate it to reach climax. Self-pleasure involves discovering your curves, energising various body areas, and learning what energises the clitoris. The clit has a large number of nerve cells that, when activated in the appropriate way, can lead to a great outcome.

Play with the temperature.

Play with the temperatures to turn up the heat. In fact, experimenting with various temperatures may both energise and calm you. Try applying ice to your lips or nipples if you want colder feelings. Buy a warmed sex toy if you want something hotter and spicy.

Prior to applying anything to your genitals, make sure you try it on a different, less-sensitive area of your body, such as your wrist, to make sure you're happy with the change.

Take your time with it.

You can see people masturbating as quickly as they can for the camera if you've ever seen porn, but that's only for the camera. You are a real-world person. If speed gets you on, then going quickly through the experience won't help you have an orgasm.

You can regulate your emotions more easily and feel your body's response if you move more slowly. Whenever you masturbate, try different pressures, positions, speeds, and strokes.

Use A Tool

When it comes to enjoying oneself, sexual instruments are really helpful. Toys that most appeal to you can be purchased from companies 

Additionally, you are free to buy as many toys as you desire. With so many toys, you may alternate between them sometimes and give your body different kinds of pleasure. You must make an effort to put any stigma aside when you are by yourself and focus only on your body.

Let your fantasies take over.

While you masturbate, indulge in fantasies to increase your enjoyment. You are unrestricted in your thoughts, able to consider anybody and carry out whatever wishes you may have. Anything is possible when you're in your own head, so if your fantasies have you in Dirty Town, just go with it.

Steer clear of jackhammering your clitoris.

Going around the clitoris in circles is preferable to plunging in with extreme aggression. To change the intensity, you may make the circles as small or as large as you desire. This is an especially smart option if you feel that making direct touch with your clitoris is too demanding on you. It also makes it simpler to keep your pace when you need it most.

Do not disregard your breasts.

The majority of women's primary erogenous zones are their breasts. When you're travelling alone, don't forget about the women.

To start and maintain your engine in full force, gently pinch, pull, and stroke your nipples with varied degrees of strength.

You may stop at any point if you're not into it.

Masturbating because you feel you have to is the worst possible reason. Don't engage in sexual activity if you aren't interested in it or aren't feeling it. You are not required to complete this.

Various forms of female masturbation

  • Clitoral stimulation: A little hub for amusement is the clitoris. Most women play with their clitoral organs using their hands or fingers, however sex toys like vibrators can also be used.


  • Vaginal penetration: To enter your vagina, use your fingers or a sex item like a vibrating rabbit.


  • Play anal: Your anus, which is surprisingly dense with nerve endings, may be quite exciting when stimulated. For anal play, use your fingers or a sex toy.


  • Combination: Use both hands to concurrently stimulate your vagina and clitoris, or try a mixture of sex toys and fingers to determine what feels best for you.


  • Erogenous areas: It might be fun to play with different erogenous zones on your body, such as your nipples, inner thighs, ears, or neck.

The main point is that masturbation is a pleasant, seductive, and secure method to discover your preferences and what makes you turn on. Additionally, self-pleasure has a tonne of positive health effects. Discovering your body takes time, and there is no right or wrong way to masturbate.Enjoy every moment of doing whatever makes you feel happy!

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