How to Make a Girl Squirt

How to Make a Girl Squirt

Squirting and making your partner squirt is an experience we have all been curious about. But it has always been something almost hard to look at and understand from the various pornography we have consumed. However, as we learn more about female sexuality and how women undergo sexual experiences, we are introduced to Squirting. Squirting is a powerful ejaculation from the female body and allows women to experience sexual pleasure. It's constant research, and it also has a long history that has worked into the taboos of daily life.


What is Squirting?

Squirting is a form of female orgasm. It is the vulva ejaculating a fluid during sex of any kind.  The fluid that is ejaculated during Squirting is not purely pee. It is a combination of urea, uric acid and other things. Squirting happens through constant stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris, sometimes by themselves and sometimes together. There are a few types of female orgasms, and Squirting is one of them. The three things involved in the process of female ejaculation are the Skene's glands, the g-spot and the urethral sponge. These three things are very close to each other in terms of area, and that's why when you stimulate one thing, you're likely to be able to stimulate all of them- leading to your partner Squirting.


The History of Squirting

The history of Squirting dates back to the likes of the Kama Sutra, the Indian text on sexuality and sexual acts. It mentions female ejaculation. It calls it the "female semen", and in various accounts of Chinese books discussing the secrets of sex and pleasure where it is called "Slippery Genitals". A lot of research has found answers for precisely what Squirting is since then, and we have now it is a part of life. 


How to Make a Girl Squirt?

We need to understand that Squirting is a profoundly personal and pleasurable experience. However, while it is this way, we need to accept that this might not be the case for everyone and getting a girl to squirt is no small task. So here are a few things to remember before we get to the actual tips:

  • A study conducted around 2013 shows that only about 10-54% of women CAN squirt. 
    • The intention with which you go about the activity is also fundamental. 
    • All Squirting does not mean an orgasm, and not all Squirting feels good. 

    So it is vital to understand that, like all sexual experiences, Squirting is unique to every individual. Now, let's get into the actual work:


    Getting Comfortable Mentally 

    There is also quite some taboo to a woman ejaculating compared to a man ejaculating. So the first step towards creating a comfortable experience for everyone involved is to get rid of the mental block that comes with going into something about which we don't talk much, like the act of female ejaculation. Due to societal conditioning and taboo factors, women get taught to only be a device for sexual pleasure and not take ownership and enjoy the act itself. So, you should first get rid of mental blocks in understanding and walking into a new sexual experience. We can achieve this quickly by 

    1. Communicate with your partner openly and frankly. Communicating is principal because only when you and your partner know what makes you comfortable around them, what arouses you and what doesn't. 
    2. Practice. It takes time to get comfortable with your body for the first time, so practice and self-discovery in sexual pleasure are always good. Exploring the self and the body allows you to become more comfortable with the ideas of self-pleasure and pleasure as a whole.
    3. Talking about it and reading about it. These two things always open up pathways to understanding your body better. 
    4. Explore your partner to find out what they like, touch them all over, and learn where they enjoy being touched and what excites them. Try touching them in erogenous zones around their body, like the thighs, stomach, breasts, ears, etc. 


    1. Set the tone. The ambience is an important part of setting both you and your partner at ease. Do things like dim lighting, use scented candles in the room, try flavours like chocolate, jasmine and so on. These scents are known to increase libido and get you going. Using perfumes in the bedroom is also very useful in setting the mind in a state of comfort.


    Set Your Intentions

    Why are you doing this? Because you want to be the reason someone experiences this? Because you want your partner to feel the absolutes of sexual pleasure? Setting your intentions is essential in framing how your brain will process the events that are to occur. 

    It is also crucial that you walk in with no expectations. The goal of the act should always be a pleasure and not Squirting. Yes, that is what you set out to do. But it takes work and practice to be able to get it right. So ditch the expectations while you prepare for this.


    Getting Your Partner Aroused

    Getting your partner aroused is an obvious step in the process of how to get your partner to squirt, yes. But we need to be aware that Squirting is something that happens when your partner is aroused to a very great extent. This includes:

    1. There is a good amount of foreplay, making sure your partner is into everything happening. 
    2. Make sure they are physically comfortable and relaxed as much as possible. Knowing that Squirting is a form of release at its most base level, comfort and relaxation are the top priority. 

    Arousal is what opens up your partner to the very experience of a sexual act, so this step is what sets the tone for the entire process.


    Clitoral Stimulation

    Clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm works for over 80% of women around the world. The clitoris is a part of a vulva owner's genitalia. It is hidden under the clitoral hood and is placed right above the urethral opening.

    How to stimulate the clitoris? Here are a few tips on how:

    • Making motions around and directly to the clitoris is a way to stimulate it. 
    • You can try using circular motions around it, side to side and massaging around the clitoris too.
    • Slide up and down on the clitoral hood using your hands
    • Massage around the clitoris. The clit is bigger than we originally thought. The areas around the clitoris can also be an erogenous zone for your partner. 


    Locate the G-spot

    The G-spot is inside the vagina, a few inches inwards, and it is a spongy layer and has the texture of the outside of an orange peel. The G-spot is only accessible when one is aroused and becomes difficult to spot otherwise. This is why many women themselves aren't able to spot the G-spot. 

    The G-spot is essential to helping a girl to squirt. When stimulated along with the clitoris and the labia simultaneously, the G-spot is what we believe leads to being able to squirt. 


    Be Open to Using Sex Toys 

    Sex toys offer us ways to experience this feeling without going the extra mile. They are a convenient way to stimulate your partner in whichever ways they find most pleasurable. Using a suitable toy in the bedroom to suit your partner and make them the most aroused is also a delightful experience. 

    Using sex toys by yourself or with your partner can lead to two different kinds of experiences.

    Using sex toys is an act of self-exploration, where using a toy that can stimulate the vulva owner both ways (at the clitoral level and at the g-spot), they will be able to bring themselves to a Squirting orgasm.

    Squirting with a partner is different, though. Here, we need to be more creative. The idea is essentially the same. You stimulate the partner in both spots together and, it will hopefully lead to a happy ending for both of you. The experience with your partner is likely to take more practice and working together. 


    Don't Be Afraid to Get Messy

    It is bound to happen. Messing up your precious sheets because you squirt something is you must come to terms with. If this makes you anxious, then make sure you are as prepared as you can be as you walk into the experience. Put on your bad sheets, and clean the bed before and after. Whatever it takes you to get comfortable with the idea that you WILL create a mess. 


    Bottom Line

    Squirting is generally an act that most people do not perceive very well. Being able to squirt itself is a kind of choice. Some can do it, and some cannot. First and foremost, we must realize that all sexual feelings and processes are entirely normal and expected from a human. We need to become comfortable with ourselves and our bodies and love them enough to learn to pleasure them. Acts like Squirting are things that give way to an intense connection with the self physically and somewhat outside of the physical. 


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