100 Spicy truth or dare questions for couples

100 Spicy truth or dare questions for couples

Relationships can become tedious at a certain point. When you need something spicy and dramatic to fill your relationship life with the same fun you used to have when you got together.

And to maintain that fun and zing in your relationships, it's good to have a deeper and more intimate connection.

Now to help you with that, have you ever tried truth and dare in your school or college life? This little game will help you find the connection with your partner and understand them better.

Here are 100 spicy truth and dare questions you can ask your partner and know more about them.


  1. Have you ever sneaked out on your partner?
  2. Do you hate your partner's family?
  3. What was your best moment in the relationship?
  4. What is the one thing you absolutely hate about your partner?
  5. What was my first impression of you?
  6. What is the best thing you like about me?
  7. What do you think of my cooking?
  8. Tell me about your first crush.
  9. Did you ever hide something from your partner?
  10. What is the thing you love about this alliance?
  11. Have you ever two-timed in a relationship?
  12. What is the one thing that would you hate that would break this relationship?
  13. Do you think I have changed after being in a relationship?
  14. Do you see any changes in yourself after being with me?
  15. Did you ever get hit on in a bar?
  16. Did you ever have any casual relationships?
  17. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  18. What are your thoughts about marriage/kids?
  19. Have you ever considered getting plastic surgery?
  20. Would you get a tattoo of me?
  21. What is the one thing that I don't know about you?
  22. Can you spend a week without me?
  23. How attached are you to this relationship?
  24. What is the particular thing that makes you cry and jump out of joy?
  25. What is the one thing that would leave you in tears of heartbreak/sadness?


  1. Brush your teeth with white vinegar.
  2. Dip your chips in soy sauce and eat them.
  3. Mix two drinks and finish it.
  4. Open Instagram and post a picture of me.
  5. Text your mom that you have a girlfriend.
  6. Text your ex that you got a way better person than them.
  7. Open Instagram or Facebook and like a post of your ex.
  8. Call dominoes and say, "hello, pizza hut"?
  9. Open the front door and meow like a cat for 60 seconds.
  10. For the next half an hour, talk in whispers.
  11. Call your friend and yell cheater three times.
  12. Pretend you won an Oscar and give a heartfelt speech for 15 minutes.
  13. Read a recipe romantically.
  14. Call your dad and say you love him.
  15. Act like your favourite movie artist.
  16. Do a ramp walk in your partner's clothes.
  17. Do 30 push-ups with your partner on your back.
  18. Call a friend you don't talk to anymore and talk like a kid.
  19. Sing a song backwards.
  20. Play a baby crying video and dance on it.
  21. Doodle the best possible image of an actor and post it on Twitter.
  22. Write a 10 line naughty story and send it to your boys/girls group.
  23. Peruse through a trash can and name any three things you picked
  24. Use a voice-changing filter and send it to your ex.
  25. Talk to the wall as if it's your favourite celebrity crush.


  1. Do you like receiving or giving a lap dance?
  2. Have you ever sent nudes in your past relationships?
  3. Describe how you would like to see me in bed?
  4. What is your favourite position in bed?
  5. What is the one thing that can turn you on in seconds?
  6. How was your first intimate relationship?
  7. Have you watched porn?
  8. Who is your favourite pornstar?
  9. Did you ever get tangled in something illegal?
  10. Dominant or subordinate. What do you prefer in bed?
  11. Explain any two of your guilty pleasures.
  12. Would you mind going on onlyfans?
  13. Would you like to record yourself while having sex?
  14. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
  15. What is the naughtiest and sexiest thing you have ever done in your past relationship?
  16. Do you prefer foreplay or getting straight to it?
  17. Have you ever caught your parents in an indecent situation?
  18. What's the most embarrassing thing you watched?
  19. What is the best night you had and with whom?
  20. Have you ever pretended to be in love?
  21. What's the embarrassing and humiliating thing you experienced in bed?
  22. Have you ever been ghosted by your sexual encounter?
  23. Have you attempted to get somebody back in your life who has unloaded you, with the goal that you may officially dump them?
  24. Have you ever woken up in somebody else's bed naked with zero clue what happened the night before?
  25. How far will you go in PDA?


  1. Give me a lap dance.
  2. Sit half-naked in front of me for the next 15 minutes.
  3. Would you like to record ourselves in bed tonight?
  4. Turn me on with the best you got.
  5. Act like a pornstar. Then continue it in bed.
  6. Open the weirdest positions to do in bed and try it in bed.
  7. Have sex with me blindfolded.
  8. Re-enact your favourite porn
  9. Tell me a fake naughty story about your celebrity crush.
  10. Twerk for me at a boring song.
  11. Dance naked on an imaginary pole.
  12. Send a dirty text to your girls/boys group.
  13. Remove my shirt without using your hands.
  14. Allow me to tickle you with your hands tied.
  15. Eat a cookie in a sexy way.
  16. Pretend the pillow to be me and make love to it.
  17. Spank yourself 10 times.
  18. Pick my underwear and model for me.
  19. Put your lips close to mine, but DON'T KISS.
  20. Show me the latest porn you watched.
  21. Model for me and let me click your pictures.
  22. Kiss me on your favourite body part of mine.
  23. Striptease to my favourite song.
  24. Put together an outfit you'd love to see me in bed.
  25. Help me undress without using your hands.

Now you have got everything you need. You can even customize these questions according to your situation/needs.


TL;DR: Key Takeaways from the article.

If you want to bring some spice in your relationship, and you are looking for some new fun activities to do with your partner. Then you have come to the right place. Because BeMyCharm has brought you 100 different fun and spicy truth and dare questions to ask your partner and get to know them a little better, or get a little more intimate with them.

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