What to do when a girl isn't responding or texts back


You were friends with a really attractive girl. After exchanging numbers, something unexpected happened. She vanished from your life forever. She gave up answering.

Or, to put it another way, you and she chatted back and forth for a while until she suddenly stopped. What went wrong with me? What took place? Do I have something wrong? You may start to question if you really deserve her when the sense of having done something wrong is so powerful. Every time your phone pings, which happens every minute, you glance to see whether it's her.

Many males may send accusatory or frantic texts asking for an explanation or just a response when a female doesn't respond back.

Here is an additional instruction before we even begin the steps: avoid doing it. Instead, simply follow these instructions to identify the issue and convince her to text you once again. Whenever she doesn't message back, use these strong steps to encourage her to respond:

On the phone, it's impossible to develop attraction, but you can certainly destroy it. You should thus try to minimise how often you use your phone. Try to schedule dates over the phone, and that's it.

A female can become bored and uninterested if you message her too frequently. Set up a date, ask a female out, and then hang up the phone. If you've previously tried this and she hasn't texted you back, break off communication and force her to get in touch with you. This will increase her excitement and make her think of you once again.



Do a Self-Check.

Perform a quick self-check before you even consider messaging her again. Did you mention anything earlier that she could have found offensive? Did you push too hard? Any lady will be driven far off from you by these things.

Therefore, before you start blaming her, take a good, hard look at yourself. Girls may cease replying to you after a few days, in which case your strategy is obviously ineffective.



Know when to back off.

She could eventually reply to your texts, but you can see that she isn't really paying attention. Pull back if you feel she isn't interested.

It's time to quit messaging her if she isn't engaging in conversation with you, isn't flirting with you, or only replies with "yes" and "no." Just quit. Yes, it is accurate. Just halt right there.

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Just be patient

We are aware of your anxiety and your want to message her once again but refrain. Please, we beg of you, refrain. When you're anxious or stressed out, you could make the worst choices.

Allow her enough time to answer. If you text her too frequently, you'll come across as hopeless.



Don't ask a question after the fact

Don't bring up the reason she didn't respond in the initial text when you message her again. You are not her dad.

Asking her will only make her defensive, and there's no way you can forward the conversation. Trying to ask her why she didn't reply to your text is a red signal in her mind, so don't do it.

Don't bring up anything that she hasn't responded to your texts.

She is not required to respond to any of your texts. Her distance from you will grow if you pursue an answer nonstop. It's fine if she brings it up and apologises. If not, go on.

Do not exert pressure on her to provide an explanation. It will just make the discussion unpleasant and sabotage whatever remaining chance you have to get close to her.

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Messages that aren't passive-aggressive

Stop messaging her if you've been doing so for a while and haven't heard back from her much. Allow the situation to settle for a while.

Be careful not to text her once more in a passive-aggressive manner, though. Are you twelve, or what? Whether you're weary of small conversation, simply ask her if she's interested in you. Then you'll get a response.

Timing is crucial

That's not a good idea if you're messaging her on a Tuesday morning in the middle of the morning. People are extremely busy because they work and attend school. If you text her at the wrong moment, she could forget it quickly.

Choose times when most people are at home, unwinding.It's a good idea to text a person you'd like to go out on a date with after five on weekdays or on the weekends.



Don't ask her out again right away.

Additionally, you don't want to send her an invitation to dinner in your first reply. This is particularly true if your last unreturned Message was about attempting to make arrangements.

It's possible that she wasn't yet confident or enthusiastic enough to commit to a date. Without confronting those emotions, your further prodding will likely only get you another noncommittal or quiet reaction.

It's preferable to start out with a more relaxed and interesting text, exchange a few messages with her, and then ask her out when she's feeling happy.

Don't be too clingy

Are you a clinging person? She may have been a little bit terrified since you came out as being too powerful.

But it's not the end. This can yet be fixed. Give her the time and space she requires. You two don't need to converse nonstop every day. Don't leave her reading for too long, though.

Show her that you appreciate her need for privacy and that you are not only dependent on her for your pleasure.


If you believe that whatever you said or did during your last encounter with her was improper, please accept my apology. When she realises you are sincere, she will pardon you. But now you may feel relieved if that wasn't the cause of her ceasing to respond.



Finally, if she genuinely never replies, there may be a number of reasons for this. She could be taking her time because she is shy. She could actually like you and just want to make sure everything works out. It's possible that she's just not that into you, though. Don't take this personally because anyone might experience it. Keep trying for girls. Next time, take a chance and make it clear that meeting in person is preferable to just messaging.



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