Varun Dhawan & Natasha Dalal: From School Friends to Happily Ever After

A cute picture of Varun and Natasha

Remember that school day's romance? So innocent and so pure. There was something about that kind of love that we will not be able to find in today's virtual dating era. People always say that childhood love doesn't reach the happily ever after. But this couple proved it wrong. They broke all the barriers of love and, finally, they are commencing their journey of happily after very soon. Let's reminisce about school day romance with this adorable love story of Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal.

The time when they initially began dating


Natasha Dalal

Natasha Dalal is an independent fashion designer who was born to Rajesh Dalal and Gauri Dalal. Her father is a well-known businessman and, her mother is a happy homemaker. Natasha has always been an outspoken personality but, she is just like a girl next door. She knew what she wanted from life and had the will to achieve it. Natasha was interested in fashion from the beginning. 

Beautiful Natasha Dalal


She went to New York to study in the very prestigious school 'Fashion Institute of Technology.' After coming back to India from New York, she held a professional degree in fashion designing. Just like her father, she established her brand - Natasha Dalal Labels. This fashion house specializes in making gorgeous women's apparel. You will find everything, from bridal lengha to formal wear under this fashion house. 

The Natasha Dalal Label


Varun Dhawan

If you are a true Bollywood fan, you would probably know who Varun Dhawan is. He is the new superstar of Bollywood. Varun Dhawan is the son of a famous director David Dhawan. He holds a degree in business management from Nottingham Trent University, situated in the United Kingdom. Before becoming an actor, Varun worked as an assistant director. Soon he realized his passion for acting. He got his major break with the Student of the Year, director by none other than Karan Johar. Since then, there has been no looking back. Varun has given many hits like October, Badlapur, Main Tera Hero, to name a few. 

Heart throbe Varun Dhawan


How did it start?

Natasha Dalal and Varun Dhawan both were a part of the same school. They knew each other way before the paparazzi figured who Natasha was.  Varun and Natasha have been friends since high school. No one knew what turn their friendship was going to take. High school was pretty much it as friends, and, soon they went their separate ways to pursue a career.  Years later, they both reunited at a music concert. 

 Picture from the past


This was the time when Varun was not even an established actor. After they reconciled at the music concert, they hit it off quickly. Though their personalities had changed over time, the core friendship of high school remained the same. They both started meeting frequently and with no time, they were dating.

Old Picture of Varun and Natasha


Paparazzi and their relationship

Whenever a celebrity has something crucial going on in her/his private life, the media will want to know. Natasha is a shy person and, that is the main reason for not making anything official. But the media has its way of finding things out. Within no time, pictures of Varun and Natasha that proved they were a couple flooded the internet. The fans were overjoyed seeing these pictures, but still, there was no official confirmation from the couple's end.

Paparazzi captured a cute picture


Cute Moments

The first time when Varun Dhawan revealed something about his relationship with Natasha was in 2019. He took Instagram to post a warm birthday message for his lady love.

Cute birthday wishes for Natasha


On the famous television show Koffee with Karan, Varun discussed his plans to get married to Natasha. He also quoted it was because of Natasha's strong individuality he fell head over heels in love with her. 

Natasha is a very private person, and she wants a regular life. Despite being a big celebrity, Varun understood his lady love's thinking and never forced her to do something she didn't like. The only thing Varun wants to do as a partner is to support his girlfriend at every stage of life. 

There was no dull moment for the fans from the time Varun and Natasha made their relationship Instagram official. Now and then, both of them used their social media handles to put cute and cozy pictures showing how passionately in love they are.

The Internet is flooded with cute pictures


Natasha also met Varun's family. In the meantime, Varun had already become popular in Natasha's family. Both the families adored the couple and so did their friends.

Varun and Natasha with family


Varun and Natasha are travel enthusiasts. The trip to Switzerland on New Year 2020 was one of the best trips amongst all the trips they had together. They also met other love buds, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Varun and Natasha posted a cute picture on Instagram with them.

Varun Natasha with Virat Anushka


Though Natasha is a private person, she is quite expressive and fun on social media. She is a very famous designer. And, her work speaks for herself. 

Soon, the couple started making frequent public appearances. They walked in hand in hand at Sonam Kapoor's wedding, Isha Ambani's wedding, and even at Akash and Shloka Ambani's wedding. 

 Public appearances


Happily Ever After

Varun and Natasha had the desire to get married in the year 2020. But due to this global pandemic, they postponed the wedding. There were numerous speculations around the new wedding date but, nothing was official until a few days ago. Finally, the moment had arrived for which the entire Bollywood was waiting. Varun and Natasha are uniting as one on January 24th, 2021. Both of them wanted a simple wedding. So, the ceremony is going to take place in Alibaug with only 50 people close to them. Natasha has designed her bridal lengha. And the fans are way more excited than before.


Varun Natasha in Indian attire



Varun and Natasha are a perfect example of friendship is the first step of love. True love can survive anything from rumors to high paparazzi coverage. And that has been successfully proved by Varun and Natasha. By the time you will be reading this love story, Varun and Natasha will be happily married.