Valentine Week List For 2021


Well, you might not be satisfied with only one day for celebrating your love that is Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry! Because you will have ample amount of opportunities to celebrate every component of love during the previous 7 days of Valentine’s Day.


Here’s for you the entire Valentine Week List for 2021, so that you never miss a chance of that extra bit of happiness, with your partner -


1) Rose Day, 7th February.

Couple holding rose
As pure as a rose.


You might have heard references of people gifting a red rose to their partner. Have you ever wondered why is it so? To start with, roses have a wide range of colors that carry their individual significance. They are as follows:

Red- Love, Passion, Respect.

Dark Pink- Gratitude, Appreciation.

Light Pink- Grace, Admiration, Happiness, Friendship.

Coral- Desire.

Purple-  Love at first sight, Enchantment, Desire.

White-  Purity, Innocence, Young love.

Yellow-  Caring, Friendship, Gladness.

Orange-  Desire, Fascination, Enthusiasm.

Red & Yellow-  Happiness.

Red & White-  Unity.

So, as per this, Red Rose signifies love hence the rose day in valentine's week has a lot to do with the red rose especially. Also, there had been some historical references regarding the connection between love and the red rose. What’s that?

It is heard (as per the Greek Mythology) that  Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love had created Red Rose. But how?

It’s known that the flower grew from the ground that got watered with Aphrodite’s tears and the blood of her lover Adonis.

In fact, there is another interpretation of this Greek Mythological reference by some Greek historians. It states that once Cupid had accidentally shot an arrow into a rose garden, after getting stung by a bee. This caused the roses to grow thorns. Later, when Aphrodite walked into the forest, she got pricked at her foot by a thorn. Hence, she started bleeding and that blood turned the roses red.

So, I guess by now you are well aware of the relationship between love and red rose?

Hence, this Rose Day is celebrated all across the world on the 7th of February annually, which rather kick start Valentine's week. Lovers celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and joy. They exchange roses ( especially red roses) with their significant other. The initiation for celebrating love starts with day and is considered to be very special and pure like the flower itself. People send each other Rose Day special messages and exchange greetings as well!

Note that, you should not get confused between Rose Day and World Rose Day. World Rose Day is on the 22nd of September while Rose Day is on the 7th  of February.



2) Propose Day, 8th February.

Couple proposing
Say those magical words.


Then comes the Propose Day on the 8th  of February.

We know that Communication is the key, especially in romantic relationships. Partners often go through misunderstandings due to a lack of communication. Many a time, it is noticed that partners move apart due to unsaid words. But don’t! If you think that you want to say something and express yourself in front of your partner, then grab this golden opportunity. Make full use of Propose day to communicate your feelings in front of your partner. Whether it’s about the long-planned marriage proposal or the secrets, let it out. Proposing to your partner doesn’t only include  “I Love You”. Sometimes letting out the unconventional self in front of your partner acts like a miracle.



3) Chocolate Day, 9th February.

Hear-shaped chocolates


Who doesn’t love chocolates!

After all, its sweetness definitely reminds you of your sweet partner. Every celebration is incomplete without sweets and chocolates, and when you have a day for chocolate especially, then you obviously cannot miss that out. Gifting and getting presented with chocolates, both feel like heaven especially if you are a chocolate lover. So, celebrate the joyous occasion of Chocolate Day on the 9th of February,  by getting yourself and your partner a handful of chocolates.

Also, note that you shouldn’t get confused between World Chocolate Day which is observed on the 7th of July annually, with Chocolate Day on the 9th of February. Both are different.



4) Teddy Day, 10th February.

Couple holding teddy
As soft as your Teddy.


When you hug your teddy or cuddle with it, don’t you feel your partner’s presence in that? When we hug our partner or cuddle with them, we always find them soft and sweet like a teddy bear, isn’t it?

So, I think there can’t be a better present than a soft teddy bear for your partner. It will be his/her cuddle buddy and also remind your partner of your presence more intensely when he or she will miss you badly. Also, teddy bears are symbols of softness, cuteness,  and happiness. So, when it’s Teddy Day on the 10th of February, don’t forget to make your partner feel more special and warm with a soft teddy bear.

Note that, World Teddy Bear Day is on the 9th of September.



5) Promise Day, 11th February.

Couple promising
Pinky Promise?


No matter how hard the situation had been in the past days, never waste your future on that. If anything from the past seems to have affected the bond between you and your partner, then Promise Day is the perfect day to rectify that. Rectifying the mistakes and promising not to repeat them on promise day is the best gift for your partnerPromise Day is celebrated on the 11th of February, after teddy day.  Utilizing this promise day to reassure a promising future for both of you, irrespective of all the odds will definitely strengthen your bond with your partner.



6) Hug Day, 12th February.

Couple hugging
A bear hug, please?


One of the most important parts of a relationship is hugging. Whether it’s a back hug or a front hug, hugs are always the symbol of love, protection, and warmth. Hugging promotes genuine intimacy among partners at any time. So, Hug Day genuinely deserves one of the most important celebrations during the entire Valentine's week. Hug Day is observed on the 12th of February, and everyone is expected to give a tight and warm bear hug to their respective partner.

Note that National Hugging Day is celebrated on the 21st of January.

Fact check:

Hugging your loved one promotes the secretion of oxytocin from the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. This is commonly termed as“cuddle hormone” by scientists. This oxytocin secretion consequently releases the stress and gives a prolonged feeling of Euphoria.

So, why wait? Go and give your partner the tightest happy hug!



7) Kiss Day, 13th February.

Couple Kissing
Kiss me, Close your eyes.


Remember that advertisement for Cadbury Dairy Milk? Sounds quite cheesy, right? But kissing your partner is as sweet as that Cadbury dairy milk.

There is a wide range of kisses starting from a Forehead kiss to a French kiss. Each one of them holds a special significance in a There is a wide range relationship. And since it’s the last day before Valentine’s Day that is on the 13th of February, there’s always that extra excitement on Kiss Day, which people generally vent out while kissing their partner on Kiss Day. Also, this might remind you of Ed Sheeran’s very popular lines –

“But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes, you're holding mine.”

So, don’t forget to tune into this romantic number to create an exotic yet calming and loving ambiance while kissing your partner.

Also, keep in mind that International Kissing Day is celebrated on the 6th of July.

Facts check:

  • Kissing burns a lot of calories.
  • Helps in stimulating the release of Dopamine- the  “Happy hormone”.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Oxytocin level gets increased which is also called the “cuddle hormone” or “love hormone”.
  • Involves a lot of muscles, hence it is a good source of exercise.



8) Valentine’s Day, 14th February.

Couple making love with hands
To My Valentine.


And finally comes the D-Day on the 14th of February, the much-awaited day for lovers, all around the world- Valentine’s Day. Might be a day that had a dark past associated with it, but now it is celebrated to celebrate love and romance all over the world. Lovers exchange gifts and follow a lot of traditions and spend quality time with their partner. This day holds a special place in every lover’s heart! From celebrating conventional romantic love to unconventional platonic love, the Valentine’s Day Celebration takes the shape of great pomp and joy.


So, are you decked up for celebrating the upcoming 2021 Valentine week? If not, then start planning, because the celebrations are already knocking at your door. And for that, if you need our help, then don’t think twice. We are always there to help you out and wish the best for you and your partner.

The valentine week list 2021