Unique Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World

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The love festival is round the corner. And it's time to celebrate love. Valentine's Day is a famous festival among couples. It is a day when couples show their love for each other. And single people propose to their love interest. In all, Valentine's Day is a wholesome festival that celebrates the sweetness of love. In fact, in India, a whole Valentine's week is celebrated. It starts on 7th February and ends on 14th February. But planning a celebration for Valentine's week can be a bit tedious. So BeMyCharm brings to you Unique Valentine's Day Traditions around the world. You can take inspiration from these traditions and plan your Valentine's week.

I Love You In Different Languages


Argentina: The Sweetness Week

In Argentina, along with celebrating Valentine’s Day, people also celebrate a sweetness week. This sweetness week is celebrated in July. People give their loved ones a box of sweets. And in return, the kindness is reciprocated with a kiss. This tradition was a marketing gimmick by one of the confectionery stores in Argentina. But soon, this gained popularity and became a heartwarming tradition.

Different types of sweets to give to your loved ones.


Brazil: The Hope of Happily Ever After

Valentine's Day or the Day of Lovers falls on June 12th in Brazil. This day embarks the birth of the famous St. Anthony. He was known as the patron of marriage. Single people, especially girls who want to find happily ever after, follow a ritual called Simpatias. On this day, they go to the church and hope that they will find their soulmate soon.

 A woman praying


Bulgaria: Wine and Dine

Bulgaria celebrates 14th February as St.Trifon Zarezon’s Day. This day is also popularly known as winemaker’s day. The festival starts on the 1st of February and ends on Valentine’s Day. This is a 14-day long festival filled with amazing games and wine. Bulgarian winemakers conduct various winemaking and tasting tours this time of the year. The couples take these wine tours and then go out for a romantic dinner. This festival is also famous among travelers and makes it to the bucket list.

Couple enjoying wine


Czech Republic: The Cherry Blossom Good Luck

People of the Czech Republic have recently started celebrating Valentine's Day in February. Before that, they celebrated it on 1st May. There is a very famous statue of poet Karel Hynek Macha in Petrin Park. He was a romantic poet and his poems are an inspiration to many people to date. It is a tradition in the Czech Republic for couples to visit the statue of Poet Karel and then kiss under the cherry blossom tree. This tradition is followed for many years now. It is said that the couple that kisses under the cherry blossom tree beside the statue will have good luck for the entire year.

Couple kissing under the cherry blossom tree


Denmark: Bring out the inner Shakespeare

Valentine's Day in Denmark has transformed into a fun game celebration. If you are celebrating Valentine's Day in Denmark then, you will have to bring out the inner Shakespeare hidden in you. You will have to write a funny poem known as Gaekkebrev. In the end, the sender has written the name in dots. If the receiver guesses the sender's name, the sender owns them an easter egg along with snowdrop flowers. This is a fun way of expressing love, instead of writing long letters and notes.

Love Note


El Salvador: Secret Santa Part Two

Who said Valentine's Day is only for lovers? Valentine's Day celebrations are for everyone. It is a day where you express your feelings to your loved ones. And people of El Salvador express their feelings by playing a game called Secret Friends. Just as Secret Santa, people put in chits with their name in a bowl. After picking up a chit, they will have to buy a gift for whosoever name they have received.

 Secret Friends’ gift


Estonia: Love is friendship

If you are single and want to find love on Valentine's Day, you have to visit Estonia. In Estonia, couples do celebrate Valentine's Day, but singles are not left alone. If you are single, you can ride on a shuttle called the 'love bus.' This bus helps in making friends and finding a soulmate. This day is called Friend's Day in Estonia.

 The Love Bus


France: See your love bloom

The origin of Valentine's Day was from the continent of Europe. And France is known as the country of love. Therefore, Valentine's Day is celebrated with the utmost compassion. St. Valentine, a small town in France, transforms into the village of love between the 12th and 14th February. The houses are decorated with red roses and fairy lights. People propose to their lovers for marriage on this particular day. The trees have thousands of love notes. If you ever visit this town during this time of the year, you will have a magical experience. You can also plant a rose bush and witness your love bloom every year.

House decorated with roses


Germany: The goodness of biscuit

For Germany, Christmas isn’t over until Valentine’s Day. Germans bake a big heart-shaped gingerbread biscuit and decorate them. People write Ich Liebe Dich’ on the biscuit which means I Love You in German. They tie a ribbon on that biscuit so that it can be wrapped on the shoulder of your lover.

Heart Shaped ginger biscuits


Iraq: Celebration of the beginning of love

People in Iraq believe in reliving the tradition. So, they celebrate the first love story of Adam and Eve. This day is called a ‘feast of love.’ People decorate red apples and have a huge feast after the recital of Adam and Eve’s story from the Bible.

 Red apple decoration


Japan: Breaking the patriarchy

Japan didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day until the year 1950. A chocolate company in Japan introduced Valentine’s Day as a marketing campaign. They had created an unintentional advertisement that showed women buying chocolates from that company for the men in their lives. The tradition spread like a wildfire. Since that day, Japanese women buy chocolates on Valentine’s Day for the important men in their lives. On the 14th of March, Japanese Men return this kindness by giving the women of their life chocolate. This day is celebrated as White Day.

 Chocolate box


Philippines: The best day to tie a knot

If you are thinking of getting married and want a destination wedding in the Philippines, choose Valentine’s Day. In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is the best day to get married. Hundreds of couples have their anniversaries on the 14th of February. Even the government organizes a mass wedding for couples who can’t afford fancy weddings. The highest record is of 500 people getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Mass Wedding


South Africa: Public Display of Affection can be cute

Are you having trouble proposing to your Valentine? Then just follow this tradition that South Africans follow on Valentine’s Day. Women in South Africa write a cute little note with their love interest’s name and wear it on the sleeve. This is such a cute way of expressing love.

Wearing heart on sleeves


Wales: Tradition that is Still Alive

When the Welsh sailor left for the voyage, they gifted their wives carved wooden spoons with their names on them. This tradition is still practiced on Valentine’s Day that is celebrated on 25th January, in Wales. Couples exchange carved wooden spoons as a symbol of love. People of Wales celebrate this day as St. Dwynwen’s Day. He was a huge supporter of love and promoted the act of kindness that love bought.

Carved Wooden Spoon


These are some unique Valentine’s Day traditions followed around the world. Though many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different date, the purpose remains the same. Gifts are the best way you can express your love and care. But ultimately it is the effort that matters. This Valentine’s Day, do something out of the box for your loved ones and see the smile on their face.