Unique & Trendy Marriage Card Ideas 2023

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Looking to make a statement with your wedding card invitation? Note this page so you remember everything important while speaking with your designer.

To have a wedding that people will remember for years to come, you must make a good first impression. The first chance will be with your wedding invitation cards. It is equally important as the bridal lehenga or the venue. However, there are so many distinct types available that it might be difficult to choose one for your invitation card. You may customize them to convey to your visitors your unique tale. Wedding invitations provide a chance to use some gorgeous materials and printing processes to produce a piece of art that isn't often part of the processing. Designing wedding cards and invites can be a lot of fun (and a bit of a creative challenge), with everything from scripts with long tails to foiling and fantastic paper types.

The first thing to remember is that the invitation should elicit an emotional response from the pair. It should be representative of their personality and style.

To make things easier, we've listed a few items to consider while designing your invitation card.

1# Be aware of your wedding style.

Before you start looking for wedding invitations, you should have a clear vision of what your ideal wedding will look like. Will it be a small, intimate gathering or a large, glitzy affair? Will it be a day or night wedding? Once you understand this, it will be easy for you to select a wedding invitation that complements your wedding style.

2# Choose a Visual Theme.

A wedding invitation cannot be just any ordinary card. The majority of couples have high standards for the planning and execution of their wedding, including how the invitation will look.

Begin with a visual concept that is appropriate for the pair. Use the couple's traditional colors and iconography. Begin with the ceremony's color palette if it has one. Any information you can get regarding the venue, amount of attendees, and formality (or lack thereof) of the wedding may help you decide where to start.

Traditional and beautiful, basic and minimalistic, modern and colorful, or vintage are the most common kinds of wedding invites. A photo-based approach is another common alternative.

3# Make the most important facts shine out.

Guests are frequently confused about the schedule or location of the pre-wedding festivities, especially if they are visiting a new city. To avoid dissatisfied, fatigued guests, make sure the important information, such as the time, date, and venue, is prominently shown on the cards. Print a map of the venue on the reverse of the card. This will make it easier for them to get to the event. All guests will appreciate the addition of a QR code for the Google Maps location. 

4# Choose a color palette or a color theme.

Consider your wedding colors as well. For example, if you want to keep your wedding décor and attire white and pink, make sure you choose a wedding invitation in the same colors. This way, you'll not only be able to give your wedding a consistent aesthetic, but you'll also be able to up your color-coordination game. (Note: When choosing colors, always keep readability in mind.)


Pink Ribbon on a Wedding Gift

5# Make Use of a Beautiful Typeface.

Wedding invitations frequently use beautiful fonts. Because invitations feature a limited quantity of text, scripts, brushes, calligraphy, and handwriting fonts are excellent choices.

Combine a stunning typeface with a basic sans serif or serif alternative to maximize contrast and create harmony between text parts.

Use a unique typeface on an important piece of type, such as the names. This technique may make the names and fonts feel more personal.

Not sure where to begin in your search for a lovely typeface? We've compiled a list of our favorite script, brush, and calligraphy fonts.

6# Don't overload the RSVP list with names.

Instead of a long list of individuals to please, simply provide the names and phone numbers of persons who will be able to assist your guests during the wedding. Ideally, they should be individuals close to you who are aware of what is going on. Because you'll be preoccupied with one of the most significant days of your life, you'll need someone else to handle the chaos. A small and private wedding will be far more pleasurable for you than a large and rather crowded one. You won't be able to give everyone your full attention, and your whole stage time will be spent in 5-second meet-and-greets. 

7# Create a budget. 

Set a budget for your wedding invites in the same way you did for your dresses and jewels, and make sure you don't go over it. Also, keep in mind that there will be additional expenses for shipping, packing, and other courier-related services when you plan your budget. So remember to take notice of it. 

8# Connect to Your Instagram/Facebook.

Most couples nowadays construct a wedding website or utilize a social media hashtag to assist engage relatives and friends on their special day.

Make sure these things are included in the invitation so that everyone knows how to participate in your wedding from the beginning. To generate "hype" for the wedding, urge people to visit a picture gallery or post photographs of the pair with the hashtag.

These simple elements will help everyone feel more engaged, and remember to RSVP because your wedding will be on several platforms. (Plus, they're likely to see others posting about it, making it even more prominent in their minds.)

9# Send people-appreciated delicacies with your cards.

Nowadays, everyone includes candies or dried fruits in bridal boxes. If you want to stand out from the crowd, attempt to figure out what your visitors' general preferences are, something you know they will enjoy, and utilize that as a gift. Given that most guests are diet careful these days, you can go organic with a tea selection or low-fat snacks. Gifting candles and oil diffusers may also make an excellent addition to your wedding invitation cards.

10# Clearly state the dress code for each function.

Dress standards may be hard, especially if you're breaking the rules. If you must have a clothing code, make it plain on the invitation so that you don't end up with an odd mix on your wedding day. Because the wedding is more of a traditional ceremony, dress requirements are best retained for the cocktail, Mehndi, or Sangeet. Take a cue from Sonam Kapoor's Mehndi ceremony, which she held in all white.

Here are some trendy and stylish design ideas and layouts for you to consider while looking at design ideas and layouts.

1# Plantable Seed Paper Invites

plantable seed paper invites

'Wedding Cards that Transform into Plants!' The main advantage of Plantable Seed Paper Invites. This wedding card firm is situated in Agra and serves cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Plantables' goal is to create items that are attractive, emotional, and long-lasting. All cards are 100% handcrafted, from basic plantable single-sheet invitations to multi-invite cards with jackets or envelopes. If you want to have an eco-friendly wedding, here is the one-stop shop for you!


2# Pale Pink

pale pink


Suruchi Gulati owns Pale Pink, a design business in New Delhi. She is a digital and watercolor artist, illustrator, and designer. She is inspired by the natural world around her, which includes anything from the shifting colors of the seasons to the intricate beauty of a flower. She splits her time between India, Ireland, and the Netherlands, although she works on projects worldwide. She is driven by the desire to create long-lasting and adored works of art and images. Every invitation she makes includes hand-painted drawings either using watercolors or blended digital media.


3# Bohemian Style

bohemian style


Oh!SoBoho India's Wedding Studio offers entirely customized, stylish, and creative designs for any occasion and taste. They work carefully to understand your specifications to produce something that you and your family will love for a lifetime, whether you are looking for something simple and sweet or extravagant to match the theme of your big-fat-Indian wedding! As your Wedding Design Consultants, we guide you through and oversee the wedding design theme, colors, and paper, as well as production and printing, giving you a full, end-to-end solution. 


4# Radha Krishna

radha krishna card


Raj Baswal, who is located in Delhi, owns The Temple Design. The team has been in operation since 2020 and has already made a reputation for itself in this field. As recognized trailblazers of luxury wedding card manufacturers in India, The Temple Design supports innovation, builds pioneering brands, and leverages existing industry alliances to provide brides and grooms with distinctive wedding stationery.


5# Caricatures



A Goa-based provider of wedding invitations is called Weddings by Fele. They specialize in selling wedding invitations. To provide the ideal product, they pay close attention to the client's needs and requirements. Their clients all admire and respect their work. They specialize in all types of invites. They provide a big selection of one-of-a-kind and inventive cards that are sure to impress you and your guests. Make your wedding invitations more unique and memorable by contacting Weddings by Fele.


6# Minimalistic



Les Works was founded to guarantee that your Wedding Invitations are a true expression of you and your preferences. Les Works owner Ketu Velani thinks that each card should reflect the couple's narrative, likes, and outlook on life. Les Works will manage your needs from start to finish, including any type of paper, printing, national and international distribution, and the supply of extra wedding collectives.


7# Cards that are adorable

adorable cards


Traditional wedding invitation cards are quickly becoming obsolete. With a million other things to do at a wedding, the chore of hand delivering or mailing real cards through courier was a major hassle. As a result, the most recent acceptable method of inviting your visitors is through the Internet medium. Anchor Boom is the solution for this. Anchor Boom focuses on creating high-quality invitations in digital picture and video formats that may be distributed via an internet site or mobile phone. Anubhuti runs Anchor Boom, a brilliant wedding card designer firm based in Jaipur.


8# Classical Style

classical style


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that requires you to invite your closest friends and family, thus wedding invitations and greeting cards are required for every occasion. It might be a small event like a baby shower or a large party for a bridal shower or wedding reception. Because invitation cards and greeting cards may build family and individual ties. People want to share their special day with their loved ones and visitors, and wedding cards serve as a means of informing them and requesting their presence. So, providing the greatest wedding invitation card is a terrific method to create memories and treasure them for a lifetime.


9# Design of a Story

design a story


At Akansha Design, each design has its own story, which is customized to the customer. They aim to include clients' distinctive qualities, such as design preferences and zodiac signs, in every project. People from throughout India and the United States of America have collaborated with and for them. They stress the significance of having the design represent the couple, from the design concepts to the hues and cultural backgrounds of the bride and groom that express the love and happiness they share. Their designs have a long-lasting impression on their clients, and they have the patience to work with them until they find the perfect design for their wedding invitation, as well as high quality and cheap cost.


10# Traditional Design



Indra Printers is a wedding invitation service provider situated in Delhi. They have numerous years of wedding industry knowledge and competence and provide a selection of inventive and attractive wedding invitations that will certainly make it the exceptional first step in your wedding preparation. They believe that if a nice invitation isn't correctly prepared, it loses its beauty and character, thus they attempt to give the greatest quality services while utilizing the best techniques to deliver excellent items to you.



It's finally time to send out wedding invitations. You can't wait to inform the world that you're getting married, and you'll need an exquisite wedding invitation card to do so. Because your wedding invitation card is the first thing your guests will see about the impending wedding, its design must match your style

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