Unique Couple Tattoos Ideas

people with tattoos holding hands

‘Tattoos may be skin deep, but their significance sometimes goes deeper.’


There are so many ways of showing affection to your partner, but in recent times, getting a tattoo together is a popular opinion. It is a great bonding experience to show eternal love to your partner and is a bold statement to show the world your fondness for your special one.

There are so many options for matching couple tattoos, but the choice is up to the couple. Whether they want to get the initials of their names done in a particular style, a special symbol they want to remember for the rest of their lives, a particular date or occasion they wish to mark or perhaps an inside joke that you are sure to enjoy the pleasure of both ‘the secret’ and showing it off to the world at the same time.

It connects the two people and shows commitment to each other.

Here are a few tattoo options that have been put together, that you can use as references that will help to symbolise your love perfectly.

1. The Helm and Anchor Tattoo


Anchor and Helm

‘Be the one to guide me’

‘But never let me down’

The anchor tattoo represents hope, composure, and calmness. The helm tattoo represents responsibility, leadership, and gives a sense of direction. It is a perfect tattoo for sea lovers.

You can get this tattoo anywhere that you like, the back of the arm or below the elbow etc.


2. The name tattoo with the heartbeat

Name with heartbeat

Getting your partner’s name is another option. It is quite basic but is very bold and makes a statement. The heartbeat tattoo symbolizes life, love, passion, endurance, and the ability to move forward regardless of the troubles coming your way.

You can get this tattoo on your arms or behind your arms.



3. The lock and key tattoo

Lock and key tattoo

The lock and key tattoos hold deep and interesting meanings. One of the main reasons being that you’ve given your significant other a key to your heart. There are so many meanings behind it, showing eternal love, safety, security, and protection.

The best place to get this tattoo is on your forearms.


4. The King and Queen Chess tattoo

king and queen chess piece

Chess tattoos are stylish, cool, and sophisticated. It can also represent the love for the game of chess at the same time. A king chess piece is a statement of power and authority.  As long as the queen is in the game, the king is sure to win.

You can get this tattoo on your legs, your forearms etc.


5. The Guardian and his Angel tattoo

pair of wings

The word guardian is always linked to the messenger of God and symbolizes protection from all the wrong things in the world that can harm you. 80 percent of the people in the world associate their partners as their guardian angel; looking out for them, helping them when they are stuck and most importantly protecting them.

You can get this tattoo on your forearms, or your legs. 


6. The Superman and Wonder Woman Tattoo

superman and wonder woman logo

Almost all individuals know what superman is, he is a symbol of strength, protection, and hope for preservation against villainy. Wonder Women is considered a symbol of truth, justice, and equality. They both are considered as idols for young boys and girls and are extremely popular.

You can get a small tattoo like this pretty much anywhere on your body, on your chest, arms, on the back of your neck or even in between your fingers.


7. The Sun and Moon Tattoo

sun and moon with floral

These tattoos are best suited for couples having different personalities, different likes, and dislikes. The sun means energy, light and heat while the moon represents calm, dark, and cold. They both are equally important as we would not have the sun if we don’t have the moon and vice versa. 

This tattoo can be small or a decent size. Many people choose to tattoo this design on their arms, at the back of their head.


8. The Bow and Arrow Tattoo

bow and arrow tattoo

The bow and arrow symbolize power, strength and a sense of direction. It means you are moving forward without taking a step back. The bow is nothing without the arrow the arrow is nothing without the bow. It means the protection towards the harm.

You can get this tattoo on your forearm, your legs or even at the bottom of the back


9. The King and Queen Tattoo

king and queen calligraphy with font

The tattoos symbolize grandeur, undying love, and faithfulness. Nowadays, this tattoo is extremely popular in youth. Some people get the crowns only while some combine the name written in a calligraphy font along with the crown.

You can get this tattoo pretty much anywhere, on your wrist, behind your neck, at the end of the back etc.


10. The Mr. and Mrs. Tattoo

moustache and lipstick

This is an extremely fun tattoo. The thing about small tattoos is that they don’t take much space, and can still make a statement and be bold.  Mr. and Mrs. tattoo is quite basic, fun, and amusing at the same time.

You can get this small tattoo on your forearms, above your elbow, on your chest or at the end of your back.


11. Wrist Tattoo

wrist tattoo

Wrist tattoos are the most common. Almost everyone who has a tattoo, they will surely have it on the wrist. This is quite a simple tattoo but it sure is very powerful. Many people get love quotes or symbols depending on what they like.