Ultimate Indian Wedding Planning Guide


Weddings held in India have been the center of global attraction for ages. The diversified practices and culture add another level to the whole celebration. Indian weddings are estimated to approach an approximate amount of 50 billion dollars industry annually. It is obvious to get both overwhelmed and excited when you are about to plan an Indian wedding. In these days, planning weddings have turned harder owing to the consequences of pandemic.

A lot of couples prefer seeking professional help to plan their weddings. However, others admire the DIY possibilities over the professionals. Getting things done under your supervision aids you in planning the wedding of your dreams. It lets you focus on the intricate details alongside the highlighted customs. It also helps you to keep your budget under consideration.


When things are to be done by own, possibly every head needs to multitask. To keep everything on track keeping the deadlines, lists, and decisions in check, one needs to organize everything properly. Since a wedding represents both you and your significant other, the planning needs the involvement of the two. Both the bride's and the groom's choices should get reflected by each of the little details on the "Big Day"!

The first probable query that trades our mind when one plans a wedding on where to start. Thus, if you are a victim of some similar doubts, we got you covered. The best friend of a planned wedding is a longer timeline. As long as you have enough time in your hands (at least more than a year), you are good to go.

The things you need to seek for next are some tips and advice to ease your job. These tips would involve things like how to obtain an organized and scheduled plan work. It would also ease up things like how to traverse the legal framework of contracts of various vendors. Here again, we got you covered. If you want to discover the ultimate guide to plan an Indian wedding, keep reading!

Indian wedding planning guide: Tips and checklist

  1. Create a priority list for the big day

Planning about something always needs to start with a checklist that needs to be covered. You should be very choosy regarding the details that need to be covered and the ones that can be compromised. Once you are done, you can easily keep a check on the effort that each priority will need.



  1. Set up your budget for the wedding day

Setting up your wedding budget is the most important part of planning a wedding. The wedding budget acts as the driving factor for making other major decisions and contracts. As expected, a wedding involves a huge amount of expenditure, so count according to your finances. Also, try keeping some amount for the unexpected urges that tend to arise inevitably.



  1. Purchase your engagement rings and get done with the legal steps (registry)

Engagement being one of the most important events in a wedding, purchasing wedding rings fuels a different craze. So, head on to the best of your known jewelry shops, and purchase the design of your dreams.



However, amidst all the crazy functions, do not forget to arrange for the legal actions, that is, your registry marriage. Issuing a marriage certificate is one of the most important things to get done before a wedding.



  1. Organize your schedule according to the priority list

As mentioned, organizing is the key to setting up everything for a wedding. When you are well organized along with your schedule, it will ease your way to keep a track of the tasks that need to be covered and at what time.



  1. Choose your bridal style

Picking up your bridal style entirely focuses on you visualizing the wedding of your dreams. There are an endless number of sites and places to draw inspiration from if you are quite confused about which style to choose. There are bridal sites, popular Pinterest and Instagram accounts, magazines, and so much more to guide you.



  1. Prepare your guest list and finish with the invitations

One needs at least a month to prepare a guest list. This step requires the involvement of your whole family. The stretch of the list highly depends on the budget and venue. After deciding every name that needs to be added to the invitation list, one should not delay in sending the invites to the respective ones.



  1. Get done with the contracts of all the wedding vendors

One needs to dive into the details of the contracts with the wedding vendors that need to be signed. Review the date and time along with the location before depositing any amount. One should consider enough options before finalizing one. Also, take time to choose the vendors who will aid in planning the wedding of your dreams.



  1. Finish your wedding shopping

Wedding shopping is another important heading on the checklist. It includes purchasing wedding attire, jewelry, and all the other necessities. One should take a minimum time of six months to start with the shopping.


  1. Finalize the venues of the wedding and pre-wedding events

Wedding venue options will vary on the fact whether you want an on-site or destination wedding. In both cases, one should keep into account the budget and priorities. A lot of options should be considered and compared with each other before finalizing one.



  1. Select your makeup artist, photographer, videographer, and Mehendi artist

The most awaited day of your life needs someone to preserve the memories. Thus, booking your photographer and videographer for capturing the moments is another hit on the checklist.

Also, to be the center of attraction on your big day, you need to finalize the appointments with your makeup artist.

Flaunting her Mehendi design is the favorite activity of the bride. So, don’t forget to get in touch with your Mehendi artist too.



The moment the date of your wedding gets finalized is the exact moment where all the excitement and anxiety start bubbling up together. In most cases, the budget remains the primary concern. The others keep debating on the fact that which area needs the most attention. Weddings, after all, are meant to be fun. So, never let yourself get hung up on the minimum details about the planning. No matter what, the primary focus behind every move remains constant, that is, to celebrate the bond between you and the love of your life.

TL:DR: Key Takeaways from the Article:

The article focuses on a checklist of factors that needs the most attention for planning a wedding. It guides one through areas that need to stay highlighted. This checklist and planning guide is supposed to lessen the stress to some extent. So, if you are in the same shoes where you are supposed to plan for the most awaited day of your life, seek some help from this guide and make the day a blast!