The Ultimate Guide for Bridal Wear

2 image collage of indian and western wedding

Every girl has the dream of looking like a princess on their wedding day, waiting for their prince charming so that they could have the happily ever after. They wait for the day where they could finally choose their wedding gown. It can be very exciting and stressful at the same time because of too many beautiful options to choose from and especially being the first time when you are going through the process. But don’t worry we have got to the ultimate guide for Indian lehengas as well as western gowns, so don’t worry and relax.


There are quite a few dress silhouettes and styles for western wedding dresses.

1. A-Line

sample collage of a-line dresses

Photo Credits-Vivian Hernandez, Pinterest

These are one of the most popular dresses which are fitted at the top and they flow towards the bottom, forming an A shape. They look good on women having pear-shaped bodies and can be customized with different necklines, waistlines to highlight your best features.


2. Ball Gown

sample collage of ball gown dresses

Photo Credits- Pinterest, Ruffled Blog

One of the most glamorous and classic options for brides and of the best choices for a traditional and a large wedding, with a fitted bodice and then a full skirt. This highlights the waist, making it look small. They look good on all body shapes by adding a little bit of drama.


3. Column

sample collage of column dresses

Photo Credits- Wedding Inspiration, Pop Sugar and Sentani Boutique

They are slim fit dresses that falls straight on the body, highlighting the body curves by hugging the body and flaunting your features. In particular, these types of dresses are best suited for women who are tall and slim. If someone has a problem walking in these dresses, they can consider a split in the dress, making it easy for them to walk around.


4. Mermaid

sample collage of mermaid dresses

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These are glamourous dressing, adding drama and is shaped like a mermaid’s tail. They follow your body’s shape and then flares out around the knees. These gowns are particularly ideal for brides which are confident and know how to handle themselves. A person having an hourglass body shape will look stunning and will make heads turns.


5. Empire

sample collage of empire dresses

Photo Credits- Wed Elf, Essence of Australia and Vine Design

These types of dresses have a raised waistline, which rests just below the bust and then flares out. Thus, adding height and highlighting the bust area. Brides who are petit and small in appearance are best suited for these dresses.


India being a diverse country, there are innumerable dresses that girls wear for their wedding day. These range from lehengas and sarees. Recently, there are so many brides who skip the traditional red lehengas and now wear colors like deep blue, bright yellows, peaches, and pinks.


Here are some options for Indian brides-

1. Tones of Blue

powder blue lehenga samples

Photo Credits- Shaadi Wish and Pinterest

Brides getting married during the summer season will look wonderful in powder blue lehengas. The peach flowers and accents complement the lehenga and will be perfect for a wedding happening on a beach.


2. Tones of Creme and White

creme lehengas samples

Photo Credits- Pinterest and Idea Khoj

Brides are now opening their options from the traditional red lehengas. White lehengas are now one of the top choices for brides getting married during the day time. If you are too scared to go for an all-white lehenga you can look for lehengas which have gold work and embroideries done on it.


3. Tones of Green and Yellow

Lime Green lehenga samples

Photo Credits- Pinterest, WedMEGood and Shaadi Saga

After Alia Bhatt wore her famous lime color lehenga to Sonam Kapoor’s wedding, brides are going crazy and wearing bright lime green color lehengas. Designers like Anushree Reddy are experimenting and are coming up with beautiful lehengas.


4. Hues of Red

Red Lehenga samples

Photo Credits- Bridal Lehenga Store and WedMEGood

If you are more traditional and would like to wear something in shades of red, maybe tons of wine will help. Not just for a wedding look, many brides like to wear this color on their wedding reception.


5. Tones of Peach and Pink

peach lehenga samples

Photo Credits- and Panache Haute Couture

Brides getting married in spring, these are your top colors in choosing lehengas. Peach and pink highlights your skin ton and brings it out. They look absolutely stunning during the day time as well as night time. You cannot go wrong with peach color.


Now let us get to the point on how to choose your wedding dress.

1. Do your Research and see what you Like

2 wedding magazine examples

Photo Credits- Vogue and Brides Today

Create a Pinterest board, look through magazines, and save photos of dresses you really like. Save photos of dresses that your heart draws to the most and you can picture yourself wearing. Always keep in mind the theme of your wedding like a garden party or a pure romantic affair, because the last thing you can do is clash with your overall wedding style.


2. Shop Early but Not too Early

wedding dress shopping in a bridal salon

Photo Credits- Wedding Sutra

Most of the wedding gowns and dresses take 4 to 8 months to get ready and add all the alterations. Once it is ready, you might still have some changes to make on it. If you are having a long engagement don’t start buying your dress immediately, because there might be chances when the dress comes, the design goes out of fashion.


3. Shop to your True Size

a girl trying on a wedding dress

Photo Credits- My Wedding

If you plan on losing your weight, do not buy a size small. Shop for a dress in your current size, it is much easier to take a dress in than trying to work on a dress too small. Minor alterations can be fixed just in time for the wedding.


4. Figure Out your Budget

checklist for wedding budget

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It is very important to talk about numbers in the starting which will save you the heartache of liking a dress but it doesn’t fall into your budget. It is good to start from less and then works your way up. If someone else is paying for the dress like a family member or your partner, stick to the number. But if a certain dress catches your eye, pay the difference yourself.


5. Find a Bridal Salon

indian bridal salon having lehengas

Photo Credits- The New York Times

Do your research and try to find a bridal salon that is up to your style and needs. Check online reviews or ask your friends or family who recently got married and ask how their customer service is because you should not be wasting time. Call in and book an appointment so that there is someone to guide you.


6. Choose your Shopping Crew

group of 4 girls enjoying wedding shopping

Photo Credits- Alessandra Rinaudo

Choose your shopping crew wisely, don’t get a crowd of your family and friends because it is hard to come to a decision while keeping in mind everyone’s likes and dislikes. Bring your mum, sister, mother in law, or your maid of honor. Try to narrow down your crew and keep a whole day free of your shopping. Don’t hurry up.


7. Be 100% Sure before Saying YES!

2 indian brides happy in their wedding dresses

Photo Credits- Shaadi Saga and Shaadi Dukaan

You shouldn’t be pressured into doing something, it is your day where you look the best special. This day will never come back again, so choose wisely. But do not think too much that you keep questioning your likes. When you are a bit unsure, remove it as an option and look for something that makes you feel like a bride.