Trending Baby Shower Ideas For 2021

A man is kissing his pregnant better half on her cheeks, in a baby shower event.

Parenthood is one of the most precious bonds in anybody’s life. It comes with a lot of happiness and celebrations. Starting from the family members to the well-wishers, everybody assembles to reunite and celebrate these joyous moments.

One of them is a Baby Shower. An event to welcome the expected little life and to celebrate parenthood.

So, if you are worried about the theme for the same, then you are absolutely in the right place.

Hence, no more waiting! 

Here are 20 such trending baby shower ideas for 2021, that in no doubt will make the event a successful one, just like you had dreamt of.

 1.As unique as the unicorn.

A big unicorn cake along with small rainbow muffins.
It's cake time!​​


Just imagine yourself standing in front of a spectacular rainbow unicorn cake with a colorful rainbow atmosphere and your loved ones all around! Isn’t it amazing? A baby shower can’t be more special than this! 



2. Gear up for Hogwarts!

A table and wall with Harry Potter themed cakes and decorations.
Magical baby shower, isn't it?


Harry Potter! The name itself bears a bundle of emotions and memories since our childhood. Aren’t you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter?

So there’s no better way in welcoming your little one’s childhood than a Harry Potter-themed cake and atmosphere. And if you want to cast a magic spell in it, then don’t hesitate to add the Harry Potter-themed song to your list!


3.Will you ‘bee' my Mommy?

A baby shower decoration based on honey bee.
“Bee”utiful decoration!


What can ‘bee' sweeter than honey?  Of course, the honeybee themed baby shower for the mommy to ‘bee’ and her little honey inside. Also, don’t forget to wear yellow colored dresses with this theme. Surely, vibrancy will follow you.



4.The woof and meow theme.

A baby shower decoration based on dogs and cats.
Woof and Meow!


There’s always a dog lover, a cat lover, or both in us. They are two of those most innocent creatures of all, just like your baby who is waiting to step outside and play with them. So why not decorate your baby shower event with the theme of woofs and meows? Who knows, maybe someday your little one can also become a dog lover, a cat lover, or both just like you probably?


5.Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

A baby shower decoration based on Mickey mouse theme.
Back to childhood!


Remember, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? The memories that take us back to our childhood! It absolutely won’t go in vain, if you try out the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and a Mickey Mouse cake to celebrate the onset of your motherhood. It will be a treat for everyone.



6.Bloom like Flowers.

A baby shower event decorated with different shades of pink flowers.
Floral ecstasy.


Flowers have always been the epitome of beauty, freshness, and positivity. So is the onset of motherhood! So naturally, you can go for an entire floral decoration of different kinds of flowers for your baby shower event and pray that your baby can also bloom like flowers someday. 



7.Teddy Bear and Fun!

A teddy bear themed baby shower.
Let’s have some fun!


None of our childhood days would have been so enjoyable without the accompaniment of teddy bears. And who doesn’t even love a teddy bear? So, I think there can’t be a cuter way to welcome your baby than just simply arranging a teddy bear themed baby shower for your little one.


8.Go Green!

A baby shower that is set in a garden among the greens.


How about setting the entire baby shower event in a garden? It will be a great baby shower theme with a lot of greens all around and a very fresh vibe wrapping the entire event.


9.Mommy, you look “boo”tiful.

A spooky themed baby shower.
It’s Boo!


Imagine yourself being dressed up in a cute yet a little spooky way, not as scary as Halloween though. A pumpkin Halloween cake and a dark environment will add more sweetness to the event. So, are you ready for this ‘boo’tiful spooky baby shower?


10.“Stay cool” theme.

A winter themed baby shower.
A Cool Baby Shower!


In case, you are planning for a baby shower in the winter, then there can’t be a better way to celebrate it than to recreate the winter theme indoors. A snowy environment (fog sprays) with handcrafted snowflakes and other winter mandatories. All these will not only make it look cool but also a lot cuter.



11.Flip through the pages.

A bookish themed baby shower party.
 When learning is fun.


A book can be the best friend to anybody even if you are not a bookworm. Whether it’s the illustrations or the smell of the pages, everything is so fascinating about a book. So, why think twice before making it your baby shower theme? Let the characters and illustrations go live in your event! 



12.As aesthetic as the sunflower.

An aesthetic baby shower theme based on sunflower.


Among all the flowers out there, the sunflower stands out to be the most aesthetic flower, both in color and vibes. No doubt, this theme will suit the expecting parents and their event perfectly.

Let the freshness of the sunflower get into your soul and radiate your happiness all around.




A Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower party.
 Be my Pooh, I will be your Piglet.


Nothing can be cuter than arranging a baby shower theme based on the fictional work by A.A. Milne which we better know as ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’. You must have grown up watching it and probably you know how cute it, especially for the children. Recreating this theme in your baby shower will lift the spirit of the event.



14.“Twinkle Twinkle little star”.

A twinkle twinkle little star themed baby shower party.
Shine like the stars!


“Twinkle, twinkle, little, star,

How I wonder what you are.”

These two lines are enough to bring back our childhood nostalgia. The one, that your baby will also grow up reading someday maybe. So, what if you plan to welcome your little one with the enchantments of childhood itself? A starry setup and a background reciting the poem will just set the mood for a very cute baby shower.



15.And to Wonderland, we go.

An Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower event.
Wonders of the Wonderland.  


Remember, Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice In Wonderland ‘?  I am sure you are again back to your childhood nostalgic thoughts regarding the same. Won’t it be adventurous if you try out this theme for the baby shower? It will be absolutely fun to explore Wonderland in a whole new way, what say? 


16.“Zoo”rassic Park.

A zoo themed baby shower celebration.
The zoo party!


There’s probably hardly anyone who hasn’t visited a zoo anytime. With so many different animals to see and experience them in the lap of nature is a different kind of ecstasy since our childhood days. It won’t go in vain if you plan for a zoo-themed baby shower event. Recreating human-like animals, through various dress codes and decorations will just act as magic.



17.Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

A baby shower decoration based on chocolates.
Yummy Chocolatey! 


Do you know what’s sweeter than chocolate? Of course, a baby shower that’s entirely based on the chocolate theme. We all love chocolates and so do children. So, if you are looking for a sweet baby shower theme just like your expected new one, then this is a perfect idea.



18.For the love of white.

A table that is entirely decorated with white flowers and other white accessories.
As gentle as the white!


White in itself is the symbol of peace, calmness, and soothing vibes. So, get yourself and everybody ready with white dresses along with the white theme all around. The ambience will automatically reciprocate happiness. And guess what? Your little one inside you will be happy too!


19.Let’s explore the space.

A space themed baby shower cake.
 Get, Set, Go!


The outer space has so much to unfold, so much to explore. It would be wondrous if you try out the baby shower theme based on space and recreate our Galaxy, the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon in a very cute way in the event.


20.Around the World in a day.

A travel themed baby shower with a travel themed background and a globe.
 Let’s explore!


Imagine yourself visiting all your favorite places around the world that too in one day! Might seem improbable, but not impossible. You can make it possible by incorporating each of your favorite place's theme in the entire baby shower event, which will not only be fascinating but cute as well. After all, who doesn’t love to explore?



A baby is always the outcome of love between two people. So, celebrating a baby shower is actually celebrating love. A love that reunites, a love that nourishes, and most importantly, a love that grows! 



A couple is holding their new born baby together.