Why is traveling with your partner the BEST thing ever?

Sunset at the beach

There is no doubt that traveling is the coolest thing to do! (Though it is a great misfortune that all travel activities have been suspended till the lockdown ends for now. ) After all, who does not need an off after months and months of hustle and hard work? And while traveling solo can be empowering and adventurous indeed, there is something unparalleled when it comes to the joy of traveling with your loved one. In fact, those who have been fortunate enough to travel extensively with their partners are some of the luckiest people ever!

Traveling for a week with your partner will be able to tell you so much about him or her that even living together for a year won’t. You will realize how much of an adventure enthusiast your partner truly is (or maybe, isn’t!), his or her romantic side, and all the little quirks and habits that you perhaps never noticed. All in all, this will help you to strengthen your relationship and get to know each other better. The fact that traveling is so stimulating might even create new sparks between you and your partner, and rekindle the love, passion, and intimacy that the two of you share. 

And if the sheer joy of getting to explore new places with your partner by your side is not exciting enough, here is a list of some of the best reasons why traveling with your partner is the best thing to do ever. Period.


You come out so much stronger as a couple

couple bicycling together at the beach.


Studies have shown that couples who travel together are much happier than couples who don’t. This is because the very act of doing new things together, visiting unseen places, and stepping on new lands creates heightened levels of joy and happiness, which then naturally make couples feel closer to one another. Moreover, it simply just beats away the monotony and ordinary routine of everyday life and gives you both something to look forward to and be excited about. Traveling together will also make you learn a lot of new things about your partner, which you perhaps had never paid heed to.

So no matter whether you are dating or are married, travel! Travel as much as you can and watch your relationship take a turn for the better.


You get to create some unforgettable moments

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We are so wrapped up in our daily schedules that even our dates take place in similar settings, though the location might remotely change. Most couples, as they live with each other for extended periods of time, get used to a certain kind of routine, and they do not wish to step out of it. Therefore, dates are always either Netflix with some pizza or a movie at a theatre followed by dinner at a fancy restaurant.

But when you travel together, there is so much to see and explore and experience, that there is no scope for the usual routine or schedule to creep in. And in the process, you end up creating some really wonderful memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

P.S. Don’t forget to capture these memories and then revisit them time and again!


You learn  a lot of new things about your partner

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There are only so many things that you can learn about your partner when you are in familiar surroundings. Getting to know your partner better requires stepping out of your comfort zone, and traveling gives you plenty of opportunities to do that.

Perhaps your partner simply loves to lie on the beach and stare at the waves all day. Or perhaps he or she is a total adventure enthusiast who cannot get enough of mountain trekking and river rafting. You will never know until you are not in these surroundings!

Discovering the fun and adventurous side of your partner can be really enjoyable, and it does come across as a welcome relief from the seriousness of everyday life.


You get to be there for each other throughout the vacation

A couple at the beach


Undivided attention and quality time with your partner will last for just a few hours in any normal scenario. There is always a household chore to finish, work that needs to be done, or a gym class to attend in a few hours. But when you are traveling with your partner, there are no rules or schedules to govern you. You can choose to travel and explore the area at your own pace; and if you just want to laze around in the hotel room in your pajamas, there is no one stopping you!

 Getting so much quality time together is a rare thing in today’s time, given how busy and occupied all of us always are. A romantic weekend getaway might be exactly what you need at the moment to break through from the humdrum routine so that you can spend a few moments of peace without being disturbed or called away every now and then. 


You learn about how well you work as a team

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Traveling comes with its own set of unseen circumstances and situations. You never know when you take an accidental detour, or when an unexpected downpour completely ruins your plans for the day. Amidst these situations, you learn how well can the two of you handle emergencies and situations, and work together as a team to solve problems.

You also discover how both of you handle situations when things do not go as planned. Is one of you able to calm the other down, or do you just spoil the entire trip because of the one thing that went wrong? Additionally, you learn how you behave when you step out of your comfort zones, in a place that you know nothing of, and amidst a culture, you had only read about in books and magazines. And when at the end of the day you can rise through it all with your mutual love and teamwork, you know that traveling together was worth it.


We understand how simply planning a weekend getaway and then implementing it does not work. You need to invest in a lot of time and money, right from choosing a location to planning the itinerary, booking flight and hotel tickets, the packing and shopping, and everything else that follows. But at the end of the day, when you do get to travel and have some real adventure together, all of the hard work and toil becomes totally worth it.

So if you have been postponing that trip with your significant other for quite some time now, maybe now is a good time to actually start planning it. Make the best use of the time at hand to search for places that both of you might be interested in, and the various activities and adventures that you can fit in your budget and itinerary. Just think of all the good times that you will have, the places you will visit and the foods you will eat; the carefree days and the romantic nights; and of course the endless photography sessions at the scenic locations.

Do you possibly need any more motivation to finally make those bookings now, and travel the world with your partner? And if you want to make the trip even more special by adding some surprise elements, reach us out on [email protected] and we would be happy to help you!