Top 6 Things that You Don't Need to Have in Common With Your Partner

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“A true and a good relationship is about accepting all the differences and imperfections but at the same time loving them with all your heart”


For many years we have heard from people like opposites attracts like the 2 ends of a magnet. But to be honest it can be quite surprising how much you can find common with someone is completely different from you. The main thing that people don’t mention is the adjustment and sacrifices one has to make to see the other one smile and happy.


When you meet someone, the brain releases certain chemicals inside your brain and that is called infatuation my dear friends and then this infatuations grows deeper and result in LOVE. It might not be necessary that it happens as love at first sight, you can be friends and realise that you love each other.

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It just feels like two different puzzle pieces ending up together because they belong to each other perfectly. You might not share the same interests and thoughts but at the end of the day, you respect each other.

At the starting, you might not even consider these differences but as time passes on you come to realise these differences between the two of you.


The main thing that comes in common is the love and care that you both share. Everyone knows that both people have to be true to themselves and committed to each other to make the relationship work. A relationship is something that you need to work hard on every single day, nothing can happen magically. You have to give in to receive it back.


Perfection is something that everyone strives for, but a good relationship is a place where your imperfections are accepted with no judgements. You may not have the same taste buds, the same music taste, or same pet peeves but the word “love” overlooks any boundary because it holds such a great value. Nobody can function without love, everyone loves LOVE.


Here are some things that you don’t need to have in common with your partner-

1. Hobbies and Interests

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Everyone has different hobbies and interest, someone might just like to stay in and watch a movie the whole day, and someone might like going outside in the nature to play a sport and spend his/ her time doing something else. As long as a couple spends time prioritizing themselves it is completely fine. At the end of the day, you might discover some shared interests that you never knew about.


2. Taste in Movies and TV Shows

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Not having the same taste in music and movie is completely fine. Your partner might like romantic comedies while you like thriller movies, but the thing is that you both can choose alternatively so both of you don’t complain and fight. The main thing is that you spending your time together on the couch with no work and family disturbances.


3. Cultural and Religious Background

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Everyone should respect where they come from, and they should also respect other people’s ethnicity and incorporate it into their lives equally. This may involve some compromises and negotiations at your end, but this may help in reducing friction and pressure between you two.


4. Capacity of Socialising 

couple at a social gathering

You might love to attend parties and going out every week or once in a couple of days but it can be quite tiring and stressful for the other person. You need to respect them and where they are coming from and not argue with them because the partners of your friends do go out. Respect them and do not force them, as long you respect each other’s boundaries.


5. Organisation and Cleanliness

woman trying to clean the sheets

Not everyone is a neat freak, just because you love to clean the kitchen before having dinner, have your clothes folded in a particular manner or your desk essentials to be kept in a certain way, doesn’t mean the other one also loves to do that too. Some partners need to learn how to meet in the middle and understand the fact that their partners might not be perfectionists and should start losing their expectations.


6. Sense of Adventure

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 People have different goals and a sense of adventure while travelling and that can be pretty difficult to agree on. The number one thing is to understand that you need to compromise a little. No matter where you go just remember that you are there together to enjoy time together no matter what you are doing and what you are not doing.


There are so many theories on the internet asking other people that ‘what to do when you have nothing common with your partner?’ But the thing is if you really love them these differences will never come in the way and you will learn to respect each other’s different ideologies and believes. Love has no bar and when love is present between 2 individuals, no power in the world will be able to separate the two of them.


Sometimes being opposite to each other can be a good thing. There are so many instances like-

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  • One person is rational, logical and the other one tends to over-dramatize and overreact to certain things, so the person keeps the other one in check by balancing out the relationship in a proper way.
  • One person is completely messy leaving things all around the floor and the tables, so the other takes over because they are a neat freak and love to clean and organise things.
  • One loves to spend money regularly on things they don’t even need, so the other person comes in and keeps them in check telling them and making them understand.
  • You are an extremely quiet person who doesn’t know how to open up to people, on the other hand, you partner is an extrovert, who can literally talk to anyone and everyone, so you balance each other by not making it awkward by attending social gatherings.


But when the other person is not considerate and is always critical about what you are doing and what you are thinking, they become toxic. So it is time for you to move on because when there is no respect and consideration, there is nothing there to make a relationship work.