Top 18 Romantic Cafes and Restaurants For Couples

Couple on a dinner date

There’s nothing more romantic than couples sharing similar crazy love for food. Foodie couples always make the best companions. Isn’t that a match made in heaven? While most of the couples struggle to decide what food to order every time they go out for lunch or dinner, a foodie couple on the other side always loves experimenting with new and different food. 

So, if you and your better half love food, here are the TOP 17 romantic restaurants and cafes you should give a try. 


1. Jamun

Jamun Restaurant

 Nothing can beat the surreal interior and ambiance of Jamun. It has stood out with its exquisite meals and original concept. You and your partner will surely have a perfect time spent here as it’s one of those restaurants where you would want to bring your partner for a cozy date.


2. Indian Accent 


Indian accent

This is one of the most pleasing restaurants to take your partner. What makes this place super romantic are - classic ambiance with an elegant interior and a rich and comforting seating place. You and your partner will love the mesmerizing and radiant décor of this place. The staff here is hospitable and provides a quick service, making sure that you don't leave the place disappointed. Most of the couples have always chosen this restaurant for a romantic date. Indeed, it's one of the most romantic places in Delhi NCR.


3. Sky High 


Sky high

 It is a very popular, casual dining resto-bar which offers a wide range of multi-cuisine and liquor. The rooftop seating area is the most special thing about this place. It will give you the romantic feel amidst soulful music and a calm atmosphere. If you are looking to impress your partner without doing too much then this is the place for you.


4.Olive Bar and Kitchen 

Olive Bar and restaurant

This is the perfect place for all couples who are looking for a calm and romantic meal. 

Beautiful décore, amazing food, great music, and an intimate atmosphere make this place Perfect and one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi. 

5. Lavaash By Saby

Lavaash By Saby

 The names Lavaash refers to the Mediterranean region, the white and blue hues of this restaurant reinforce the same. The food here is outstanding. The What's Special Menu includes delicious foods such as – The Pumpkin Manti, The Egg Devil, Chicken Kalagyosh, the dark chocolate mousse. The charming interiors of this place and the outdoor seating is the prettiest. All of this definitely makes this one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi which is suitable for an unforgettable romantic date.


6. Parikrama



 As the name suggests, Parikrama is the only revolving restaurant in Delhi which lets you enjoy delicious food along with stunning views of - Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Central Park, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Yamuna River, and more! Each revolution in this restaurant is completed in 90 minutes. You should definitely head here with your loved one during the evening for the spectacular sunset views. 


7. Amour Bistro 


Amour Bistro

 The ambiance of Amour Bistro is extremely warm and intimate. The food here is simple and delicious. Amour Bistro classifies as a romantic restaurant because it is situated at a quiet location, where it is unlikely for you to run into too many people you know! Their Italian delicacies are popular, and you can also pick some great foods from their interesting list of mains.


8. Lodhi – The Garden Restaurant 

 Lodhi - The Garden Restaurant

This is an elegant open-air restaurant and is a must-visit. This restaurant's ambiance is amidst a lot of greenery, and the petit tents in the garden make this restaurant unique. It provides you with both indoor and outdoor seating. 

The restaurant serves European, Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines. It also has a full bar providing a wide range of cocktails and mocktails. Make sure to try the Fresh Rosemary & Thyme Quinoa and some Homemade Fig Ice Cream.




1. Olive Bistro

Olive Bistro

 Located right in the middle of Gurgaon’s industrial area, it offers a relaxing space to enjoy with the company of your better half. The two things that will keep your eyes glued on the restaurant are The artistic European decor and The eye-catching chandelier. Wanting a Quick date? Worry not. You can rely on this place, to let you enjoy the calm and peace you would wish for an intimate time together. This restaurant has a charm that will add warmth to your lunch or dinner date. Also, for those couples who are in search of a budget romantic restaurants in Gurgaon, this is the perfect place to go for. 


2. Café Wanderlust


Cafe wanderlust

 This cafe is the perfect place for all the day-dreamers who enjoy living in the fantasy world and at the same time, they have an amazing taste in the interiors. The vibe of this cafe is going to convince you to spend all the day in binging on some delicious snacks. If you and your partner are fond of reading, you can also find a suitable read from a wide collection of books present in the travel section. From travel books, bean bags, and delish snacks, this cafe can be the perfect place for a chill hangout session with your loved one.


3. Imperfecto



 So you’re a foodie couple wanting to go out, but at the same time you’re looking for a budget-friendly place. You can go for Imperfecto and get a nice discount on the food you order. Dancing to your heart’s content at the night having Goa-like vibes. Enchanting, colorful, and charming – this is what Imperfecto is all about. Dig in from a large variety of pizzas, creamy pastas, or drinks. No matter how you both feel, this place will get you in the crazy animal party mood


4. Café Amaretto 


Cafe Amaretto

 Genuinely global and Multicultural in its essence, Gurgaon has its own beauty. Cafe Amaretto offers a lovely ambiance. Some soothing music and a wide range of Italian-European cuisine. The simple and elegant decor of Cafe Amaretto is further decorated with some vibrant paintings, offering the perfect vibes for a cozy evening with your loved one.


5. Impromptu



 The beautiful ambiance of this place makes it one of the most romantic places in Gurgaon. It's all about the elegance and sophistication and of-course tasty and relishing food. Also, the soothing architecture -the yellow and white color palette and the overall decor makes for an outstanding place for couple who’re looking forward to a romantic date.


7. AM PM Café and Bar


AM PM Cafe

 If you are looking for the best restaurants in Gurgaon, the name of AM PM is definitely going to come up. It is an ultimate destination to enjoy a wide variety of food along with a wide liquor and refreshing hookahs. Also, the beautifully decorated ambiance of the place makes for a romantic setting where you would love to go on a date with your loved one whether it's AM or PM!


8. Café Tonino

Cafe tinino
Are you looking for some Pizza Dates?
 Amongst all the restaurants in Gurgaon serving Italian cuisine, Cafe Tonino is undoubtedly one of the most popular. You can dig in a hot pizza with a chilled beer and enjoy the authentic Italian feast which this place offers! The ambiance is quite soothing and pleasant. Thus, if you and your partner have a mad love for pizza. This place is going to be perfect for you both. 


9. Café Soul Garden 


cafe soul garden

 This is a luxury garden restaurant that serves a lavish buffet where you can have an amazing feast with your partner. It has a very enchanting, calm, and refreshing ambiance making it a couple of friends and also one of the best places to go for a nice candlelight dinner with your partner. And are you aware of what the best part is? They have a variety of engaging board games that you can bond over with your loved one! So, this place is perfect for couples who’re looking forward to having a fun yet romantic time with each other. 

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