Top 10 Lessons We've Learned From Covid-19 Lockdown

Lessons learned from Coronavirus Pandemic

We at BeMyCharm, have been talking about so many things ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, be it how you can maintain your relationship, some fun things to do with your partner - DIY, Proposals, Movies, Travel, Wedding, Pregnancies & divorces and a lot more. But today, let’s talk about you as an individual. We believe that talking through writing has a way more strong power of communicating and influencing someone than talking face to face. So let’s talk about YOU today. Amidst the whole coronavirus situation, how have you been coping up? What all did you dealt with? Did you learn a few lessons while living on this journey? 

 If we start thinking about this, it can be so deep and calming at the same time. Think about how you’ve been facing the whole pandemic situation. Think about what you learned from it. To make your job a little easier we have listed Top lessons that we’re sure many of the people out there would have learned. 

1. Living alone isn’t the key to happiness

Girl sitting alone and thinking

There must be thousands of people, even more, who could not return to their family and are currently stuck alone. They are facing and going through this tough journey all alone. Be it college students, higher studies students, employees, and so many more. Most of the people would agree that before this pandemic, so many of us thought about how fun living alone can be. But it’s the people who’re doing that right now, who can tell us how difficult and tiring can it turn out to be. 

 Most of them must have been relying on social media and Zoom meetings to stay in touch with their close people. 

2. Reducing stress is in our own hands

Girl looking at the sky hopefully

 There have been a lot of things happening which result in stress, during this pandemic. The risk of losing jobs, becoming sick, or inadvertently infecting a relative can be so frightening. Having to stay at home has kept us from the usual ways of coping with stress—like hanging out with friends or some push-ups at the gym.

Being in a constant state of anxiety or stress is not good for our minds or bodies—or for those around us.         

 And the best part of staying at home is that it has forced many of us in some way or the other, to find new ways to manage stress and anxiety. Probably, you’ve finally learned to meditate—something we’ve all been hearing is good for you but we never really attempted. Or maybe you’ve got out a notebook and started journalizing about your experiences. 

 Some must have switched to drawing, planting a garden, or playing a musical instrument. All of these things help you to improve your mental health and could be worth holding on to even when everyone gets set free again.

3. It's not only the outside food which makes us fat

Junk Food

Isn’t this heartbreaking? Before the lockdown, so many of us used to think that it’s the outside food that is making you fat. Struggling to control ourselves from eating junk food, knowing that it's making us fat and unhealthy but still eating it anyways. Look at us now, not eating food from outside but still getting fat. It’s the unhealthy habits which need to get changed and this brings us to our next lesson.

4. Exercising is as important for mental health as for physical health

A girl jogging

When the lockdown began, there was a flood of fitness posts on social media. Every other person was teaching you as to how you should workout at home and get slim. If this is why you want to exercise, stop! We’re all aware that today social media has become extremely toxic. It’s so easy for people to set certain standards to which everyone tries to fit. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE! Stop with this mindset. Exercising to become healthy should be your primary focus. Indulge yourself into any kind of exercise like yoga, cardio, aerobics, etc.  

5. The nature is receiving a sudden appreciation 

Birds sitting on a tree

For most of us, hearing birds chirping and singing from our open windows and balconies has possibly been the best sound we’ve needed every day. Along with that, there must be so many people who’ve been enjoying sunsets and sunrises like never before. Having the best tea in the balcony during the sunrise and recording a time-lapse of the sunset. You know who you are alright?

 Remember to take some time out for all such small and beautiful things, for a few minutes every day even when things get back to normal.

6. Who said we don’t know cooking?

A girl cooking

The master chef in us took no time to showcase the amazing cooking skills when the lockdown was imposed. Again, social media was full of delicious food captures and recipe videos. This still is continuing to happen. Well, the good thing is that most of us must’ve learned some survival cooking, and even when the pandemic gets over, no one can run from cooking something for themselves or their family and friends. 

7. We need lesser than we think

Essential stuff

We would have never guessed how easy it is to live without so many modern conveniences. Now that shopping at the mall, getting your hair done, or popping into the grocery store for a single ingredient has become impossible, we’ve realized that we are surviving just fine.

It’s pretty evident that we don’t need so much stuff or conveniences as we have become accustomed to. The basic essentials—food, clean water, and good health are all that we need.

8. We can be so strong when we are together

People holding each other's hands

One thing we’ve all learned for sure is that cooperation matters.

The whole world is together. We are all fighting with the deadly virus together. But of course, suffering through this time has shown us that there is still so much that needs to get corrected. Not everyone has good health, and many people in the world are living at the edge of poverty. Some people have been forced to go to work despite all the risks. But at the end of the day, we’re all standing together. We are all staying home together to fight this pandemic and make the life back to normal.

9. Gratitude turns what we have into enough

Thankyou doctors and nurses

 It’s pretty obvious that we should be grateful to the “essential workers” during this incredibly tough time. Food suppliers, health care workers, delivery persons, etc. have taken on risks to themselves for everyone else’s benefits.

How can we repay them? Just by showing a little gratitude and paying the kindness forward.

Before the pandemic, most of us probably never used to think twice about these workers. Now that they are fighting on the front line, it’s been so heartwarming to see citizens showing their appreciation by making signs, clapping, or howling out their windows and dropping off free meals. Even by just saying “thank you”, we can go a long way towards building goodwill.

But at the same time, Gratitude isn’t something we should just show to these current heroes.

We can express gratitude for all of the people and things that make our life so much easier and happier. It not only feels good but is also encourages more kindness and generosity. And, since sincere gratitude in both personal relationships and society at large is essential, offering and expressing it helps us to build a kinder yet more compassionate society.

10. We need to stop taking things for granted

A man feeling sad

We are all so much more fortunate than the credit we give ourselves for. Isn’t it true that you really do not know how good you have it until it’s gone? In relationships, people tend to get too comfortable and as a result, become bored. This can result in the destruction of the relationship itself. Only until after the relationship gets ruined does the person realize the irreversible mistake they have made.

 The same applied to the basic essentials of our daily lives. Imagine how difficult life would be if we didn’t have access to the Internet or to food or to clean drinking water. When you make yourself aware of how truly blessed you really are, that is exactly when you learn and understand the importance of appreciating the “little” things in life.