Tips For meeting Your Partner’s Family For The First Time

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‘So the happily ever after begins now’. 

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First impressions last forever. Meeting your partner’s family is one of the biggest milestones that will mark the beginning of your life together. Do not take stress, run away, or pretend to be sick.

Keep these following points in mind and your relationship will be off to a smooth start.


1. Find out the details

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Please do your homework before meeting them. It is important to find out about them as much as possible, so it doesn’t turn awkward. Ask your partner about their likes and dislikes. For a good conversation, you must know the basic details.


2. Dress to success

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Now is the time to impress, so pick an outfit that you are comfortable wearing. It is important you feel good about yourself and not be self-conscious. It should not be too revealing or too dressy, but the perfect mix of casual and formal attire. The idea is to look well-groomed. 


3. Eat a little before you go 

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You don't want to be that person who eats too much, so it is better that you eat something before you go to meet them. This will help you calm down your nerves a little too. A hungry stomach often gives a lot of anxiety.


4. Greet them with a gift

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No matter how small or big it is, never go empty-handed. These are some rules of etiquette which will add to good family points. But make sure about any allergies because this can turn up in the opposite way that you intended. Just remember, it’s the thought that counts here, no need to spend a lot to try and win them over.


 5.  Be courteous and be respectful

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 It is the perfect time to show your manners and the way that you are brought up. Remember all the good manners you have ever been taught. Don't be impulsive, think before what you are saying and doing. Even if you don't agree with their point of view, respect their opinions. Do not voice your disagreements too fast. Be patient. If someone says something odd, just politely let it slide.


6. Show your manners

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If you are going to their house, behave as if you are part of their family. For instance, help them setting up the table, serving food, and cleaning up after. Be generous and compliment them whether on the dress that they are wearing or their home, because flattery can get you almost anywhere. Don't be glued to your phone and actively participate in the conversation. Watch your body language, from your posture to the way you carry yourself.


7. Watch your PDA

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Limit your PDA, there are specific time and a place for it. Everyone’s PDA comfort level is different. Maintain a healthy space between you and your partner. This doesn’t mean that you completely ignore them. It is very important to show love and respect towards your partner.

8. Don’t obsess over yourself

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Your partner’s parents may not be interested in your life history in the first meeting. So don’t brag about your accomplishments and achievements. Try to strike out a balance between what they are saying and what all you need to tell them.


9. Don’t be a know it all

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Learn to listen. It is so impressive to let people know that you do not know about everything. Most of the people around us like to be heard. Be open-ended and do not form opinions too fast. If you are impatient and intolerant this affects your building relationship with them.


10. Don’t be fake nice

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It is so important to remember that you are an individual with your likes and dislikes. Do not forget your individuality to please someone. On the contrary, people are smart enough to find out that you are fake. So the mantra is to be real, to be you.


11. Be-friend the sibling

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Siblings are very important and are connected to the whole family- aunts, uncles, grandparents. Get them to like because they can influence the parents and get them to like you even more. If the siblings like you and you are great friends then consider 80% of the job done.


12. Give the parents a little time

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Out of nervousness, there might be chances that you have said something that you wished you didn’t say. It is not the end of the world, take a deep breath and relax. It may take some time for you and them to get along.


13. Praise your partner in front of their parents

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It is for your partner that you are here. it is for the love and the dreams that you have seen together. So be appreciative of your partner and praise his value and upbringing.Praise the way that they treats you, and be proud of something that they did. This will let them know how much you love them and are one of their greatest fans.


14. Relax and Enjoy

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The main motive of meeting the parents was to know them better and to tell that your partner is important for you and can see them in your future. They don't have to be your favorite people, but you need to get along with them when you have to. So no matter how the meeting goes, it should be an occasion to celebrate.


15. Reciprocate

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Now that you have established that you and your partner are adults who care about the parents, it’s your time to call them over to your house or go out for a meal.  You’ll be likely to be more relax and enjoy the second time a little more when you have control over things.


Above all, don’t forget that your partner loves you and the odds are already in your favor.All parents wish the best for their child, so it is your job to prove that you are the one for them. It is the beginning of a new journey ahead so be excited about it.