Tips For The First Trip Together As A Couple

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Aren't all the things couples do for the very first time in their relationship, meant to be perfect? Are you ready to travel and explore your favorite destinations with your partner? Going on a first couple trip together is a very decisive step to take in your relationship. This will involve a lot of planning and decision making before the trip. But we are here to help you in making your first-time experience unforgettable. We've mentioned some of the most important tips to remember for your first trip ever.



 1. Dress to impress- may become a stress

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Everyone has an excitement of dressing up nicely while they're traveling. There's nothing wrong about it but it’s important that you should be comfortable throughout the journey. Especially when you'll board your flight or train, it's advisable to avoid wearing fitted or glamorous outfits. You both can dress up once you reach your destination, flaunt yourselves, and get some beautiful pictures clicked.

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2. Become your own tourist guide

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Who says it's necessary to hire a Tourist guide? Everyone has access to the internet which provides you with everything you would need to know. You can either take help from google or you can also buy some country maps and travel guides of the place you will be traveling to. There are a lot of Vloggers who post their travel vlogs on the internet, you can take help from those videos and find out the famous attractions of a particular place. If you don't find these options adequate, you can then go for hiring a tourist guide.


3. The weight may make you wait

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Making your first tour a great success or a failure is completely dependent on how smartly you will plan everything. Before you start packing, ensure that you check the minimum weight of the suitcase allowed at the airport. Don’t fill your suitcase with unnecessary things and try to keep the things limited. In addition to this, make an essential kit and keep all the essential items in it such as medicines, first aid, etc.

If you're planning to travel by train, there's no such obligation but you should plan everything according to your comfort.

Also, do not buy unnecessary things to take back with you home. This will again lead to excess weight of the suitcases.


4. Travel insurance & other essential documents

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Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers all the costs and losses associated with traveling. If you're either traveling abroad or domestically, travel insurance is very useful. Most of the people are aware of the solutions and precautions available, but they still don’t use them and end up facing problems in future. It’s always better to take the necessary precautions in advance.

Also, maintain a separate bag for your essential documents including passports, tickets, visas, travel insurance, etc. On a safer side, click pictures of these documents and keep them with you on your phone or email them to yourself.


5. Don't forget the money, honey

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If you're planning to travel to a different country that runs on a different currency, do not forget to get your money exchanged. Also, do a little research on the currency rate of the time you will be traveling in that country. Don’t forget to maintain a separate bag for that too.

Most of the Indians have a habit of paying tips in restaurants, hotels, etc. Try to avoid doing this while you’re traveling.

You should always carry some extra amount of cash for emergency purposes. If you will be traveling within India, try to carry less amount of cash and use the electronic medium of payments.


6. Culture and traditions

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No matter where you go, every city and country has its importance of culture and traditions. If you want to make your trip worthwhile, explore the different traditions of that place such as famous cuisines, historic monuments, etc, and learn a little about them, before visiting that place. Such little things will help you both to enjoy your trip to the fullest. If you’ll be visiting a different country where people speak a different language, try to learn some basic phrases in that particular language. This will help you to interact with people more effectively.


7. Don't go overboard with electronics

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You would want to carry a lot of electronics with you because today, everyone is highly addictive to them. But remember that you're going with your partner to spend some quality time, and you should completely focus on making some unforgettable memories and cherish them forever. For this, you should avoid such distractions. In addition to this, it will be difficult for you to take care of everything you carry throughout the journey. Your main focus should be on enjoying the trip instead of taking care of the things you’ll be carrying with you. Also, all the essential electronics you will carry, maintain a separate compartment for them.


8. The climate might not be on your fate

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No one would want to suffer a shortage of clothes and essential items while traveling. Imagine when you reach your destination, it's cold and all you have in your suitcases are some t-shirts and shorts. Not so pleasant, isn't it?With all the decisions that you will make, include some research about the weather conditions of your destination too. This will help you to pack your clothes and other things accordingly. If you’ll still face some shortage of essential items, remember that we told you to carry some cash for emergencies? This is where it’ll help you.


9. Try to do everything- end up doing nothing

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Let's assume that you'll be traveling to a different city or country. Now, if you think that you can travel and explore every single thing about that place, you're wrong. Some people plan to travel to different countries on a single trip. But the fact is, that you cannot know everything about a place in just one trip. Keep your trip precise to minimum places. Take it slow and know the fact that there are a lot of trips to go for in the future. This is just a beginning.


10. Watch your expenditures

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Preparing a budget for your trip will help you to keep a check on your expenditures.  While you'll be traveling, don't spend money on unnecessary things such as tips in restaurants, buying different things, etc. It is observed that most of the people spend a little more than their budget. As you and your partner will be traveling together, you both can start making savings a few months before the trip. It’s mostly observed that if you book your tickets a few months before the trip, the price is slightly cheap. You can save your money in this way too.


11. Awareness is the greatest agent

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In all the excitement of your first ideal trip don't forget that you'll be visiting a place where there will be unknown people and places. You should be completely aware while traveling. Avoid visiting restaurants and bars where you'll not find a good crowd. If you'll not be booking your hotel rooms before the trip, try to avoid booking random hotels. If you're planning to book your rooms online, be aware of all the information, and then make your final bookings.

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As you have all the time in the world during this lockdown, find out a place you want to travel and explore with your partner, as soon as the lockdown ends.

Bonne journée!