Things To Remember Before Proposing To An Indian Girl

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You might be wondering whether there is any perfect way of proposing to an Indian girl  (after reading the heading). Or it might be the things to remember that might make it a perfect proposal?

But nothing is perfect, right? 

All you have to do is to keep certain things in your mind, before taking each step towards proposing to her.

When you talk about Indian girls, the first image that might appear in your imagination is someone with a very calm, submissive, and traditional nature. But have you not thought that it is quite problematic to stigmatize Indian women in that particular way? And sometimes, this stigmatization leads to faulty executions of proposing to an Indian girl.

 It is because of the above reason, that you need to keep certain things in your mind.

Here, they are as follows-


1) Friendship is the foundation.

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Do not make the mistake of proposing to an Indian girl on the first date or first meet. There are chances that you might mess it up, without properly knowing her. Also, Indian girls generally prefer to go into a relationship, having built their trust in a guy. It is not possible for anybody rather, to trust a person on the first take, let alone an Indian girl. But when it comes to a genuine friendship, she won’t think twice to trust you. And for that, you have to start being friendly with her (without making her uncomfortable). Then, with your trustworthy actions and assurances, earn her trust slowly. Do not be too fast. Give it some time to grow, nurture it.


2) Communication is the key, right?

Communication is the key


While the friendship keeps on growing, start communicating with her about your and her likes and dislikes. Talk about various issues and get her intrigued about the conversation. And in all these, probably you will also get to know her better. After all, whether it is a relationship or friendship, knowing the other person is equally important for you. Since “Communication is the key”, that key might unlock a lot of secrets between two friends. Knowing her secrets and earning her trust (so that she relies on you with her secrets), will be a great step towards the goal. But remember one thing. This should be a spontaneous process. Let it happen on its own. Do not force yourself on her, to share her stuff. You should rather try to create that trustworthy space for her to lay down her feelings and secrets.


3) Because honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is the best policy


Do not ever lie to her. Lies create insecurities and fear, whether it is a relationship or friendship. After all, we know that 'Honesty is the best policy'. Keep the conversations crystal clear. If you start lying about anything, she might eventually discover the truth someday. That will certainly mess up the entire situation. Don’t let that happen. Also, you should make sure that you are receiving the same from the other side. Without honesty, neither a friendship nor a relationship can last long.


4) Say NO to your conservativeness.

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Indian girls are subjected to the typical patriarchal conservativeness most of the time. Do not let her pass through that again. If you think you are such a person, then first reform your mentality and then go for it. Do not you ever be a misogynist (after all, you have planned to propose to a girl). So, before expecting something from someone, try to improve yourself. Try to build a progressive mentality. Do not be another flag bearer of this prevailing patriarchy and misogyny. Talk about equal rights and responsibilities. It will attract an Indian girl.


5) Know her choice.

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Maybe, you have already started planning for the day. But, have you not thought that doing it according to her taste will be an added advantage?

For example, she might love reading books, so you might think of taking her to a library and propose to her amidst the treasure trove of books. You might as well slip a sweet love note in between the pages of her favorite book. Or, if she is a foodie, try to prepare her favorite dish. The efforts will matter to her the most. Even if you sing for her (her favorite song) in your ‘not so trained’ voice, it will make her feel special. There is no need for expensive gifts. A woman is attracted more towards the efforts, even if it is a small handwritten letter or handmade dish.


6) Wear your confidence.

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On the day (when you will surprise her with your proposal), try to keep that air of self-confidence within you

Do not use too many flattering words. Try to be yourself and do not copy others. If you have got hints previously from her, then it is an added advantage. But if not, then also no worries! Talk about your feelings with confidence and make her feel special without your words. Let her know about the importance of self-love, reminding her about her worth. You can connect previous incidents with your words. It is to show her how you have been loving her for a long while. Do not act cool or over-smart. That will repel her from you. Avoid using cheesy pick-up lines. Try to incorporate emotions in your words (it will automatically be if you genuinely feel for her). Also, Indian women from this generation (from my personal feelings as an Indian woman) love men who express their emotions, shattering age-old myths.


7) Say those magical words.

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And in the process, when it is time to reveal your feelings, go for it. You might stammer a little,  but that is okay after all, we are humans. But be yourself, say it in your style. Give her some faithful assurances. It will make her feel special.


8) Result?

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You have done your work! 

Now, leave it for her.  Do not force her for anything. It might mess up the entire scenario. Insist her on taking time to think. Assure her that it is her choice. She, seeing you being considerate towards her, will make her feel good.

And then, if she comes up with a “YES”, Celebrate it!

But, if she comes up with a “NO”, Celebrate that too!

In that latter case, you need to keep in mind-

  • A relationship is a mutual bond, and it needs consent from both ends.
  • If she is not presently willing to get into a relationship with you, you can wait for her if you are willing to. If you do not want to, start accepting it and move on. It might be tough at the beginning, but it will not be impossible.
  • If you truly love her, you will love to see her happy, the way she wants. So, just let it be. You still can be friends with her, right?
  • But, if continuing the friendship with her acts as a burden for you, then start coming out of it. Your happiness matters as well. Because, sometimes staying in a friendship with the person you love, who does not love you back, might be hurtful. So, do what makes you feel happy.
  • While, if she is not willing to continue the friendship with you, while you are willing to, talk with her on that. Tell her that this will not affect the friendship between you two. Get into a negotiation. Even after that, if she is not willing to, do not nag her or force it upon her. You can give assurances but do not force her. Let it flow!


So, I hope that was helpful. 

But, it is not the end. BeMyCharm is always with you.

Take Love <3