Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Dating A Pisces!



February is the month of love. And it is the month for the entry of the water sign - Pisces. From February 19 to March 20, this is the time for the Pisceans to swim in the open waters. Though every person is unique in their way, every zodiac sign has some common characteristics. Though the decision-making rationale may be different, the thinking and the values are similar. Before we list down things to keep in mind if you are dating a Pisces, here are some characteristics of a Pisces


1. Pisces is a Born Nurturer

A Piscean is a born nurturer. They understand your needs and notice everything you do. And from that, they will know how you think. So, Pisceans will make sure that you know they are here for you. Caring comes primarily to them. For them, love is not just for the family. If you manage to get into their inner circle, you will meet the most caring person of your life.



2. Out of the Box

Pisceans are very creative people. They live in their sweet world far away from reality. Sometimes, this acts as a barrier to accepting the changes that occur in life. But most of the time, this creative thinking brings out astounding art pieces. They live in a world that is full of positive thoughts and happy endings. This bubble is their comfort zone after long days of work and stress.



3. Emotionally Sensitive

People born between 19 February to 20 March are way too emotional. Pisceans get hurt easily by the words spoken in anger. They are experts in hiding feelings, and this might lead to permanent grudges. You will notice the change in their behavior. Piscean will always give in their 100%. But, after getting hurt, they will start drifting apart.



4. One Step Hundred Step Rule

People with the zodiac sign Pisces follow one step hundred step rule. If you take one step towards them, they will take a hundred steps towards you. Pisceans are very minimalistic people. They believe showing efforts is the best way to express love. Therefore, they believe in actions more than words. 



5. Hopelessly Romantic Pisces

Have you heard of Disney and Bollywood movies with happy endings? Yes, this is what Pisceans desire. The bubble of their imagination has stories of love and romance. They become hopelessly romantic, and that is what makes them adorable.


Now, the Piscean you are dating might have all the characteristics or have one of them. Every Piscean is unique in a weirdly wonderful way.  If you are dating a Pisces, you are the luckiest person in the world. But as you know, they are sensitive.

So here are some things to keep in mind while you are dating a Pisces: 


1. Communication - the prime key

Pisces are the most understanding people you will ever find. They will try to fit in your shoes to understand what you are going through. Pisceans are the most caring people only if you communicate with them. Communication is the biggest key to achieve a long term relationship with a Pisces. Keep the communication open and free and you will have the least trouble in paradise.



2. Try not to change a Pisces

Pisceans have a unique thought process. They will understand everything you say. In return, they expect that you also understand their thinking. You might have your opinions, and a Piscean knows that. But if you try to impose your views on them or change them, they will start drifting apart.



3. Efforts are everything

Pisceans are a sucker for efforts because they put in their 100% effort in everything they do. For Example, they will be thrilled to get some materialistic gift. But putting some thought into getting a gift, even a non-materialistic one, that effort will touch their heart.



4. Crave Reassurance

Pisceans are overthinkers by nature like Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Therefore, they will continuously be in self-doubt, if they are doing their best or not. Here, you have to reassure them, and they are all good to go. Sometimes, this overthinking might create a problem in your relationship. But you have to be patient and reassure them that you will always be there.



5. Small things matter

While people want fancy dinner dates, expensive gifts, and glorious vacations, Pisceans don't demand much. A small picnic by the lakeside or a home-cooked meal with candles will make them happy. Pisces will be content if you are giving your time and undivided attention to them. So, if you are dating a Piscean, you will automatically be saving money. 



6. Romance and Intimacy

A Piscean will evaluate every possibility before letting their guard down. So, you have to be a little patient with them. Once their guard is down and you have an emotional connection, you will have the most romantic partner in the world. When Pisceans find emotional intimacy with someone, they automatically become amazing in bed. So, if you are dating a Pisces, you have made a score. 



7. Speak Gently 

Pisceans have their heart in their hands. Even if you are disagreeing, make sure you are polite because they are sensitive. If you speak roughly or a little loudly to them, they will get hurt. It is understandable that when a person is angry, sometimes the words might just blurt out. So, at that time don't wait for the right time to talk. Just go and hug your Piscean soulmate, and everything will be fine.



8. Maturity and Generosity is a win

Sometimes, Pisceans can be moody and immature. That will be the case of once in a blue moon. But yes, there are bad days, even for a Piscean. That is why they prefer dating people who are mature and generous. So, that Pisceans can be emotionally dependent on them for some support.



9. Sharing Responsibilities

Pisceans will go to any extent for the person they love. But if you want to sweep them off their feet, be an equal part of the relationship. Don't let the entire burden of making a relationship work fall on them. They will take the load, try and make the relationship work. But in the end, they will start drifting apart. So, share responsibilities, be it household or taking a decision. A content and happy Piscean is the soulmate you have always imagined a future. 



10. Future holds value

As you now know, Pisceans crave happy endings. For them, every story has a happy ending and, if it is not happy, then it's not the ending. So, if you are looking for someone to casually date, then you might not find that in a Piscean. They love fiercely and shut down even more fiercely if they are hurt deeply. So, a Piscean will get more attracted towards you if they hold someplace in your future.  



Pisceans are very simple to understand. And if you can let their guard down, then you will find a combo of a best friend, soulmate, and family in one person. They might need you in their worst times. But if you are not there, they will move on to do things on their own, be self-reliant, and won't need you again. So, if you are currently dating a Piscean, then make sure you keep them in your life because Pisceans are a keeper. <3