Taking Couple Holi-Themed Photoshoots: 12 Creative Ideas

A Man and Woman Touching Faces while Playing at the Field

That is the one day of the year when you will only hear the music tracks 'Rang barse' or 'BalamPichkari' from every corner or rooftop in India! We are discussing the most colorful event, 'Happy Holi 2022'.

Let's start this Holi celebration with only you and your spouse before the Holi craziness takes over! And Holi photography is the ideal way to commemorate this holiday. It will be beneficial to document your styles, personalities, and enjoyment.

Here are some ways you may attempt this Holi to strengthen your bond with your spouse while still having fun.

1. Experiment with colors in a street-style setting.

street style holi
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What could be better than having fun while being photographed? Tease your lover by playing with colors. Locate a street area and continue to it. That would be more enjoyable than you could ever think.

2. Be Romantic and let the colors do their thing.

couple enjoying holi
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It would be fantastic to see the findings. Only you and your spouse can comprehend your romanticism paired with Holi hues.

3. Do it "Prop"-erly

couples playing holi with pichkari
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There will be lots of props to use in your photo shoot. Throw water on your spouse using pichkaaris, water balloons, or even a pail of water. The objective is to have a nice time.

4. Theme: Garden

couples in garden playing holi
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What greater combo than red and green? Choose a lovely green space and take the most beautiful shots you can. More sun, more excellent photos.

5. Shooting between the colors of smoke.

holi with smoke bombs
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It would be a lovely sight to see with your spouse in the center of the gulaal smoke.

6. “Phoolo ki Holi”

holi with flowers
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If you are color sensitive or simply do not want to be colored during a session. Why not celebrate Holi with flowers? Grab some flowers of all hues and fling them at the camera or simply sit amongst them for a wonderful photograph right there.

7. Colorful candid shots

couples hugging each other under blue sky with colors on their skin
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Just play around with your lover and let the camera roll to get amazing candids full of love colors.

8. Beach holi

holi on the beach
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Try out the watery area and get drenched in water, colors, and, most importantly, Love.

9. A passionate kiss

couple kissing each other
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With a kiss of love, you may seal the deal on celebrating Holi with your sweetheart.

10. Calm in vibrant love

love between colors shown
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Reduce the craziness of Holi by taking elegant images with your lover, which you will treasure for the rest of your life.

11. Radha-Krishna themed Holi

radha-krishna playing holi
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They are the ones who invented Holi in the first place. Why not travel back in time and relive the all-time legendary love story of Radha Krishna with your loved one?

12. Live your Bollywood fantasies

holi scene from yeh jawaani hai deewani
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

I am sure all of you wanted to be a part of the legendary movie "yeh jawani hai dewaani". So why not experience it in real life and get photographed?

So get started and select your finest theme based on your preferences or personality, and have the best holi ever.

We wish you everyone a wonderful Holi.

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