Surviving hard times in a relationship: Tips and advice

hard times

We all should understand one primary fact that NO RELATIONSHIP IS PERFECT. Therefore, just like we all, as humans, are different, every relationship is different too. With each relationship, comes struggles. And that is basically what is meant by the hard times or phases in a relationship. Backing down the moment your relationship goes south, is nothing that you should be proud of. If you really love your partner and want things to work out, you have to be strong enough even when you undergo tough times.

Therefore, if you think that it is the end, don't worry because maybe it is not, maybe your relationship is not doomed and in some world, there is still hope. Rough patches do not mean the end, even if you think it to be. That is because once the honeymoon phase ends, you really start to know your partner. Sometimes, knowing someone deep enough introduces us to things we don't like about them. But we all should remember that no one is perfect, and a relationship between two basically means working out those imperfections so that they can accept each other like they are.

hard times

Thus, try working things out with your partner before you call it quits. And in case you are struggling with the same, we are here to help. This article will primarily revolve around how you can get through the rough patches in your relationship. It will focus on the tips and advice you can follow to work things out with the person you love. Thus, if there is even 1% hope left, you would want to go and give this article a quick read.

Tips for surviving the rough patches or hard times in your relationship

Since every relationship is unique, the struggles in them are too. Therefore there is no strict solution that would simply dissolve and end your problems real quick. Hurrying will never work when you share a meaningful relationship with another. Because when the other means something to you, you would need to sit through the rough patches and work it all out, together. Therefore, even though there is nothing like an immediate solution, the tips listed below might help you in easing out your rough patches with your partner.

1. Hold onto the trust that was there

hard times

I've said this before, and I will say it again, having trust and faith in your partner is THE MOST IMPORTANT ground on which your relationship is based. It is the foundation for every relationship. Thus, even during the hardest times, you should try and hold onto the trust. This works in favor of your relationship. That is because even if the spark fades trust will always work in bringing you back together.

2. Try and keep the attraction alive

hard times

This probably might be the hardest thing to do while a couple is going through a hard phase. Sex or intimacy probably might be the last thing to be on your mind during hard times. But you will definitely be shocked on learning how that can work in your favor. This attraction is what truly connects two individuals in a relationship. That is why intimacy is thought to be of such huge importance. These little things during the rough times can help fire that sparks yet again. Many times it is proven that physical intimacy does reignite the spark that was supposedly lost.

3. Start with identifying bad behavior.

hard times

A relationship will either end up bringing the worst version or the best version of yourself. This is what actually decides how healthy your relationship is for your mental health. Keep this in mind whenever you are with your partner, that he or she should only, & ONLY bring out the best in you because someone who doesn't is probably not meant to be with you. Work on identifying such behaviors because trying to solve those issues will undoubtedly help you communicate more, which, in turn, positively impacts your relationship.

4. Quit the idea of thinking to stop loving them.

hard times

If you love your partner truly, you should never forget that love is unconditional. That basically translates to your bond being unbreakable in the good as well as the bad times. So, you should keep in mind that you should never stop loving them, even during the hardest of times. Also, you should never underestimate the little things in a relationship because those aren’t little. You should take care that the flame doesn’t go off every time you face something rough.

5. Work on spending more time together.

hard times

Time works as a very important factor in relationships. Sometimes, relationships feel to go south just because the partner feels that they don’t get enough time during the relationship. Conflicting schedules is one of the foremost reasons why time feels that big of a factor in sustaining a relationship. Thus, you should always try and make time for your partner because you need to show that they are important to you even on your busiest days.

6. Remind yourself of the good things that you had

hard times

While you undergo a rough patch in your relationship, it's the hope of the good that won’t let you give up. Instead of surrounding yourself with the negativity that things won’t work out, you should rather encircle in positive thoughts of how things were good when you were in love and the time was good. Remind yourself of all the valuable moments you have spent together, of the struggles that you have gone through but won at last. Because during the bad times it would feel easy to give up but you should rather be strong and hold onto the hope if you really love your partner and feel that your relationship is worth saving.

7. Keep the will alive

hard times

Even if you both love each other, things won't work out unless you want them to. If the efforts are always one-sided, the relationship will inevitably fail. Both of you need to reach common grounds and feel that the relationship is worth saving. You need to agree on the fact that you want things to work and that you need to improve.

8. Try listening more

hard times

A lot of relationships struggle because the partners feel that their side of the story is being unheard. You might have a lot on your mind but you should not forget the possibility of your partner having a lot to say too. Thus, you should start listening, instead of always trying to put your opinions first.

9. Take one at a time

hard times

Most people tend to avoid working out problems as they come because they are dreaded the possibility of the relationship ending then and there. Thus, instead of piling up those issues, you should work out problems as they come. Also, you should not hurry through and try taking one issue at a time. That, in turn, even increases the communication between both and aids in a healthy relationship.

10. Try to work on your friendship.

hard times

Friendship is one of the strongest bases in a relationship. So, if your friendly bond is strong, there is no doubt that your relationship has a profound base too. This bond of friendship ensures that you have a cushion for hard times, especially the times when you don’t feel in love with your significant other.


One of the best qualities that work in your favor while you are in a relationship is resiliency. Every relationship has its fair share of ups and downs and that is COMPLETELY NATURAL. But a truly resilient couple will fight off all the odds together and come back even stronger. If you are having a hard time in your relationship, this article would serve to feed your soul. Every couple going through a rough patch, we got your back, just don’t give up yet!

TL;DR: Key Takeaways from the article

This article has vividly listed some of the essential tips and advice that one can follow if they are going through a hard time in their relationship. It has swirled around all of those essential points that one needs to focus on if they are going through a tough time in their relationship. Thus, if you are one of them, go ahead, and give this a read now!

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