Strengthen your emotional ties during quarantine


It is believed that amazing things happen when you distance yourself from negativity. But what happens when you distance yourself from those people who help you bring positivity in your life? This is what the whole world is going through right now: “SOCIAL DISTANCING” to stay safe from COVID-19.




So, since social distancing is becoming a barrier in most of the people’s relationships, here we are, suggesting you as to how you can emotionally build your relationships stronger.



COVID-19 Test

1. Take this as a TEST

Now that you and your partner have distanced each other, you both should take this time of SOCIAL DISTANCING as a TEST. In real life, Test yourself and find out your weaknesses and strengths. The spread of the coronavirus has led to this one thing which is that people now have little time for themselves.



COVID-19 Couple

2. Don’t forget the power of “WE”

In this time of being distanced from your partner, you both should believe in each other and remember that you and your partner can deal amazingly with the problems together.



COVID-19 Communication

3. Communication

Even if you’re away from your partner, one thing which can help the most in keeping that spark alive is Communication. But this should have a certain limit. Excessive communication should be avoided. Don’t be too much consumed in that one person and focus on your other important relationships as well.



COVID-19 Plans

4. Make some Future Plans

This is in connection with Communication. Now that you both have time to think and analyse, make some plans about your future together. It may include creating bucket lists, or what country you want to travel. Communicate and discuss anything and everything you wish to do together.



COVID-19 quarantine

5. Give and take some space

This social distancing has definitely kept you away from your partner, but giving yourself space includes cutting down the communication as well. You should focus on the positive side. Take out some time for yourself and your family. This not only helps in developing personally but also helps in developing the relationship as a whole.



Quarantine games

6. Online gaming will be your survivor

Keeping the negativity aside, if you're looking forward to having a fun and exciting time you can play different games online. This isn't too old school. There are tons of games available online.

Go have some fun!



COVID-19 Pray

7. Have Faith

In all these situations, the most important thing is to trust and believe in your destiny. Whatever has happened, is happening and will happen will be the best for you. Come what may never lose hope and faith.????