Sex Before Marriage, Is It Okay?

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Sex before marriage has been the subject of controversy for ages. Nobody can precisely define the answer because there is no answer to it. The decision about this doubt is entirely objective, depending upon the person who is taking it.

Sexual intercourse is one of the most important phenomena to sustain life on earth. However, while we live in a society, some norms have been held prevalent for ages. In that context, premarital sex is a challenging subject that has been debated for years.

When it comes to controversies, there is a fair share of opinion on each side. While there will be multiple points in favor of the subject, there will be points against it. Similarly, when discussing premarital sex, there cannot be any defined opinion either in favor or against.

So, a simple answer to the controversy would be that it's neither good nor bad. It entirely depends on the two who are sharing the bond. While society will have its debatable points at stake, the final decision depends entirely on the person to abide by it or not.

If you find this to be a debatable point, too, you have landed at the right place. This article will look at each side of the matter while we share valid points and judgments on each. Then the final call will be yours, which is the decision of the side you will take. Thus, if we have interested you till this part, keep reading!

What is premarital sex?

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Sex is considered a sacred topic in multiple cultures. In contrast, other cultures issue the events involved in it with much higher consideration. They take sex and especially virginity, to bear a higher premium in the name of culture. This is precisely where the concept of premarital sex comes in. While it is meant to be a necessary biological event between two, it is issued with a much more complex reference. In countries such as ours, there are still people who think premarital sex to be an act of shame. They believe that women are meant to save their virginity till marriage.

While to someone, such concepts stand completely invalid, while to the others, they are references of their cultures. Thus, the opinion one has about this dilemma lies entirely on the person who is choosing. However, if you want to figure out your side, you should peek into both the logic.


The experience of first sex often comes blended with insecurities, excitement, heightened emotions, anxiety, and even terror. While you decide to have sexual intercourse with your significant other, you should carefully weigh your emotions. You need to take care of a few things before engaging yourself in a physical bond because there will be a thousand opinions in society upon any act of yours. What you should truly realize is what you want and what you need; the rest can wait.

Things to estimate before having sex:

  • Are you ready yet, or are some misjudged emotion forcing you into this?

Sex is way above one thinks it to be. It is not just a physical association, not at least to everyone. Thus, it is not meant to be a hasty step taken just owing to the flow of emotions.

couple having sex

  • Are you taking this step for the sake of someone else?

There are a lot of decisions that we tend to take under the influence of someone else. However, such a decision should never be under any such impact. You should never step into this if someone else is forcing you. Even if your emotions are surged seeing everyone else around, you should sincerely think this twice before making a final move.

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  • Do you trust the person you are stepping into this with?

There are a lot of times while we fail to judge a person entirely. Hasty steps taken in such ordeals result in the worst consequences. Thus, you should ensure that your partner has done enough to earn your trust in this decision.

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Why should one have sex before marriage?

While there are many myths about purity and chastity, having sex truly depends on the individual. Sex is a lot more than just a physical bonding; it comes with emotional bonding too. However, if we are to discuss the perks of premarital sex, there a quite a few. They are listed as follows:

  • Premarital sex allows you to learn about yourself. Not everyone is meant to be best in bed. Good sex practically depends on the chemistry of you and your partner. There have to be certain things that you enjoy doing, while there will be others which you do not. Thus, if you never try it, how would you discover your preferences?

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  • A lot of youngsters develop their sexual identity after having sex. Thus, it would be best to be sure about yourself before you tie yourself up in the shackles of marriage.

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  • Sometimes, sexual issues and inabilities turn into a hindrance in a good marriage. Thus, premarital sex often turns out to help determine those issues.

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  • Also, virginity has nothing to do with the purity of a woman. The purity pledge is a delusional concept. The decision of having sex before marriage keeps varying from person to person. This decision is meant to be entirely by the individual without being influenced by any societal norms.


  • If one jumps into a marriage without knowing themselves completely, that might result in incomplete sexual satisfaction. This poses a severe threat to a lot of potential relationships in the long term.

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Why should one not have sex before marriage?

While premarital sex comes with its perks, there are certain disadvantages too. After having sex, hardly does any relationship stay the same. Along with the physical bonding comes a sense of responsibility. While some couples admire those feelings, others do not. The bible also suggests that these two things, namely; sex and marriage go side by side.

If you are looking for reasons not to have sex before marriage, here are some of them listed:

  • A lot of youngsters jump into hasty decisions driven by the urge. However, that unleashes deadly consequences. Unwanted pregnancies are the most common result of such moves. This forces the youngsters to make decisions they are not ready for. However, sex after marriage does not bear such a threat.

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  • The physical attraction seems to fade away with time. This is why relationships these days do not seem to last for long. When one gets married, it bears responsibility. Such decisions are barely hasty, which assures the weight of the situation.

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  • Sex after marriage in most is meaningful. It is far better to have someone as your partner than to lose them just to a hook-up.

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  • Some people value societal norms of chastity and purity and prefer to wait until marriage to break the seal.

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  • Researches say that people who wait to have sex till they are married provide significantly higher satisfaction. With improved communication patterns between the partners, there comes satisfaction with the relationship. It has also been observed that such individuals have better sexual qualities too.

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Sexual contact is meant to be good, whether it is before or after marriage. It spins on all the realms of biological, social, psychological, spiritual, and philosophical feelings. So, one should judge the weight of this intimate bond that comes with a momentary pleasure before being drawn to it.

TL:DR: Key Takeaways from the article:

If you also are wondering whether having sex before marriage is good or bad, you have ended up at the right place. By the time you make up till here, you will understand that both sides of the debate have a valid point. Thus, it signifies the decision of the individual himself. After all, it is them who are getting involved in the bond, not anyone else.