Principles of a Happy Relationship: Complete Guide



What exactly is a happy relationship? Guess there are no such answers to it that might describe the entire situation and justify the idea at the same time. That is because the adjective "happy" when added before the word "relationship" brings on a very complicated and subjective description. Moreover, a happy relationship signifies something that varies from person to person. To some, a happy relationship might simply mean returning home to their partner at the end of the day. While to others, there might be a significant checklist on the way to a happy relationship.

Relationships are one of the sweetest things that might happen to one, but they, too, don't come without consequences. A broken relationship might tear someone apart, and it might affect someone very profoundly. So, how to figure out to make sure that your relationship works out fine? Or how to evaluate your relationship with your partner? You will get all of your answers in this particular article. From learning how to repair your broken relationship to figuring out how to evaluate your relationship, this article will come with all of it. It will also inform you on the need and benefits and related information on couple counselling and resources from which you can seek help. Therefore, in order to discover more, go ahead and give this article a read.

10 Successful Principles Of A Relationship

When the discussion comes to relationships, a lot of us are on the constant search for "the one" who will end up being our "happily ever after". The truth is, however, we are all looking for the right things in the very wrong places. The answers to what we crave are always buried deep down inside us. The following principles will encourage you to evaluate the expectations that you have from your relationship. It will also stimulate you to expand your relationships to heightened levels of enjoyment and inner peace by integrating the wisdom that resides in reality.

1. Learn to respect each other.


If your relationship lacks mutual respect, it is to be doomed for sure. Therefore, you should always respect each other's ideas and decisions which will encourage an undercurrent of love and trust.

2. Try listening more than you usually do.


If you constantly talk and act from the viewpoint of your own, instead of listening to what your partner has to say, it reveals that you show a lack of care and understanding. Instead, try cultivating the quality of agreeing to disagree when it comes to certain situations.

3. Always practice self-awareness.


This is undoubtedly a great practice to reflect once in a while on what you are contributing to the relationship. You require to look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you are being hypercritical, defensive, judgmental, unkind, and unfair.

4. Celebrate each other in your relationship.


One should always lift each other up in a relationship. It would be best if you always celebrated the small things and significant victories together. Try being happy for each other because sharing is caring.

5. Terminate the blame game.

 blame game

If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, it is best to get out of it as graciously as possible. To focus on the issue and blow it out of proportion is fruitless. You can even teach people to mend their faults a hundred times better by setting a good example than you can carry by self-righteous or harsh words.

6. Try to forgive more often.


Forgiving, by the very act, makes you the bigger person. Sometimes you forgive your partner even though you know they are wrong. That is because you forgive them for your own sake, not theirs. The inner peace that you attain as a result of that is worth all of it.

7. Try to be courteous.


Real happiness resides on the altar of understanding and kind words. Thus, even if you disagree with your partner, try displaying calm silence, sincerity, and courteous words, to show your affection.

8. Never shy away from admitting your mistakes.


Although this is very hard to do, especially when one knows that they are wrong, it is one of the most important things to do when it comes to a relationship. This simple gesture will surely bring you peace of mind and increased love and acceptance in your relationship with your partner.

9. Always be careful about how you react.


The result of the situation depends on how you react to it. If the outcome is not to your liking, then try responding differently. Please don't blame it on your partner, and try to judge it evenly.

10. While necessary, adapt to the situations.


A relationship evolves as the ones in it grow. It would be best if you never fought this change. However, you might as well embrace it. That way, you will give each other room and keep an open mind and an open heart.

How To Repair A Broken Relationship?

 broken relationship

If you feel that your relationship is worth saving, never waste a minute wondering whether you should make an effort or not. Sometimes, you need to go back and rebuild a broken bridge for the sake of the better good. Below are noted some of the ways to rebuild a broken relationship:

1. It would help if you were clear about your intentions.

When you clearly know what you want, it is useless to beat around the bush. Therefore, you need to be open, upfront, and honest about your intentions. Your significant other will respect your honesty, and that might help you build the trust that was broken otherwise.

2. You should apologize if you were at fault.

If one apologizes for a better good, it does not make them weak. A lot of conflicts can simply be resolved with an apology. At the very least, an apology will give you the opportunity to forgive yourself and move on, even if it does not sit well with your partner.

3. Love is all you require

The reason for which you have agreed to rebuild a broken relationship is that you think it is worth saving. That is, you care about the person and don't want to lose them. Love can mend the toughest of hearts. Therefore, if there is love, you will indeed find a way back to each other.

4. Encourage practising radical transparency.

When you are to fix a broken relationship, you should never bottle up emotions and instead discuss what has hurt you. This might also involve truly getting it all out there, even if some confessions make you feel a bit silly or self-conscious.

5. Learn to manage your expectations

Try discussing with your partner and set ground rules that take into account your commitment and exclusiveness. Always be completely honest about your expectations from the beginning. That will help prevent things from going down the wrong road.

Even though there are multiple ways to mend a broken relationship, it solely depends on your relationship and why it was broken in the first place. Thus, it depends on you and your partner how you will solve the clashes between yourself. But the above-listed points are the generic measures that are supposed to help.

Relationship Evaluation Checklist

There are several times when it turns pretty hard to assess the health of your relationship. You might believe that you have a successful relationship, but it might not be the case. Thus, if you are debating on the same, let's go through this 11-item checklist to evaluate your relationship:


Couple Counselling Worksheet

 couple counseling

It's easy to see how complicated relationships can get on today's date. Couples counselling is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable ways to solve relationship problems if nothing else works anymore. This sort of engagement with a qualified professional offers couples an opportunity to work through their most complex and most emotionally challenging phases. Such issues can range from communication gaps or simple disagreements to abuse or psychological disorders.

Some of the best worksheets that can assist couples with their relationship problems and enhance their bond are listed and described as follows:

1. About your partner worksheet

This particular worksheet is undoubtedly an excellent activity for those in a relationship who desires to make changes or solve some serious relationship problems. It keeps the discussion pretty light but is well known for reminding the couple of the connection they share. The instructions will help direct the couple to take turns and ask questions from each section below. The questions are distributed into six categories.

  • Fun and game
  • The future
  • You and me
  • Other people
  • Careers
  • Feelings

2. Good qualities

This worksheet deals with the act of making you remember the good qualities in your partner if you face some issues in your relationship. Sometimes, in order to save your relationship, all you need is a feeble reminder of the bond you share. The worksheet is distributed into four sections, as follows:

  • The good qualities that first drew me to my significant other
  • The most cherished memories of our time together
  • I appreciate my partner because
  • My partner shows me they care by

3. Appreciative inquiry of relationships

If a couple is having trouble, this worksheet will help to dig deeper into the good stuff rather than focus on the current crisis. The appreciative inquiry examines what gives life to the relationship with positive questions and respectful inquiry. This approach can prove helpful to look up the past and look at their successes and the way they have come along as a couple. There are five sections in this worksheet:

  • Identify an important relationship
  • Discover
  • Dream
  • Design
  • Destiny

Resources To Seek Help From


If you love to read books and want to seek help from the same, there are no fewer resources in that direction either. These excellent therapy books assist you in learning about or practising couples therapy. Some of them are named as follows:

  1. Couples Counseling- A Step by Step Guide- Marina Williams.
  2. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy for Dummies- Brent Bradley and James Furrow.
  3. Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy- Alan S. Gurman and Jay L.Lebow.
  4. Couples Therapy: A New Hope-Focused Approach-Jennifer S. Ripley and Everett L. Worthington, Jr.
  5. The High-Conflict Couple: A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Guide to Finding Peace, Intimacy, & Validation- Alan E. Fruzzette and Marsha M. Linehan.


The cycle of falling in love and being in love is not always rainbows and unicorns. There are times when you start questioning the worth of yourself and your relationship. Thus, if you are debating on the same, this article must have proved to be of quite a benefit for you. It would be ideal if you always remembered that it is not wrong to seek help. On the contrary, seeking support for a more significant cause is undoubtedly courageous.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways From The Article:

This article has discussed the principles of a happy relationship in detail. It has also focused on how to repair a broken relationship along with a checklist to evaluate the state of your relationship. Try going through the worksheets and resources for accessing your relationship and seek help if you think that is necessary.