Power Couple of Abhi and Niyu


Power couples nowadays have started to be the talk of the town. These days, we see pairs reaching the peak of success together. But have you ever thought about what does the term "Power couple" exactly portrays? If we dive deep into the facts that make two people symbolize a power couple, we would understand it is over success and influence.

What do you mean by power couple?

The general definition of a power couple would be a couple that consists of two people who are influential or successful in their own right.

However, you cannot define a power couple only if they are rich, famous, attractive, or popular. If one of the partners has any shortcomings, then the other should make up for that. They should be able to grow together each passing day. They symbolize the epitome of what any ordinary person would desire in their relationship. They should be able to encourage the positive sides in each other and maintain a healthy relationship together.

two hands stretching towards each other symbolizing they need each other

Nowadays, whenever there is a discussion regarding power couples, a common name that pops up in almost every discussion is Abhi and Niyu’s.


Who are Abhi and Niyu?

picture of the couple on set

Abhiraj and Niyati, who are popularly known as Abhi and Niyu, are a well-known content-creating couple.


They have crossed over millions of followers on all the three popular social media platforms - Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The main motive behind creating their page is to educate and entertain the masses through videos. They use their content-creating capabilities to feature real-life stories regarding everything they love and admire.


Things you need to know about Abhi:

If you keep surfing interesting videos all day long and yet are not aware of Abhi, you are missing out on some informative content. Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha was born on 6th September 1993 in Mumbai. He was quite an ordinary boy who went to a Marathi medium school and later pursued his degree in Mass Media from RD National College, Bandra. He worked in several filmmaking companies before starting his career as a YouTuber. He also worked with multiple advertising companies such as Kotak Bank, Tata Motors, MTV, etc. He was an independent and established filmmaker. However, he wanted to follow his passion and turn that into a profession. This is the reason he chose to leave his steady income aside and started making videos he felt passionately about. He is the Chief Storyteller of their page “Following Love”.

photo depicting Abhi


Things you need to know about Niyu:

If you are regularly checking on Abhi and Niyu;’s page, then you should know these little details about Niyu too. Niyati Mavinkurve (Niyu) belongs to a Maharashtrian family and she was born on 18th December 1990, in Mumbai. She pursued B Com from NM College in Mumbai. After completing college, she worked as a freelance content writer and blogger in Suruwat. She wrote about travel and finance for various companies. Apart from these, she calls herself female captain planet because environmental issues concern her. She worked as a Charter accountant in several companies. While being employed as a CA, she realized that writing is her true passion. She refers to herself as the "Chief Everything Else Officer" for their page

photo depicting Niyu


The story of these two love birds

Abhi was in SYJC in 12th standard and Niyu was in TYBcom (last year). They met each other for the first time in 2010 during the Curricular Activity in the Rotaract Club of N.M college. Niyu’s first impression about Abhi was “He was tall dark and brooding, and handsome.” Something nudged an inner wish in her that made her feel that she wanted to know more about Abhi. This is what pulled her more to discover him further.

On the other hand, Abhi was moved mostly by the work ethic of Niyu when he watched her work for various events. Abhi fell for her good-natured personality and felt bad for her when he saw her not getting enough appreciation for her work. Thereafter, they became good friends as both had a mutual interest in each other

He realized finally on 14th December 2010 that he loves her. On 31st December Abhi finally confessed his feelings for her. Though Niyu did not respond immediately which triggered massive confusion in Abhi. This made him text her saying “I cannot make you fall in love with me but you cannot stop me from loving you”. After that, exactly on 14th August 2011, she finally said Yes!


What made Abhi and Niyu so famous?

This couple is famous for their series named #100ReasonsToLoveIndia. While shooting this series, they traveled across India to discover 100 heart-warming stories which define change, positivity, and inspiration across the subcontinent. They focused more on inspiring offline action by impactful ideas and not entirely on online content itself. This way they were successful in changing the incline towards content which bring in negative vibes. They were able to fill in positivity with the action-oriented news.

The first video of Abhi and Niyu that went viral was in which they urged people to look for alternatives to polluting POP and paint Ganesh Idols. That was the beginning of their journey from when their videos were shared by the majority, even by celebrities. They also made a video regarding China's Debt Trap diplomacy. That particular video had almost over one crore views on Instagram itself. It was shared by 32 lakh people all across social media platforms.

They also successfully run a podcast recommendation channel where the viewer is recommended one podcast a day. They have also made use of the updated features of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. There, they talk about Incredible India in a series named ABCs of Bharat. The utmost charm of their channel is that they decode and simplify issues for the gen-z and the Millenials. Both of them believe that small steps will lead to better outcomes in the long run. Their videos have millions of views because they do not stick to one particular genre. Their videos focus on multiple genres such as history, environment and sustainability, discussions on policy, commentaries on social issues, economic status, finance, and so on.

picture of Abhi and Niyu on set


What made them start their career as a content creator?

Formerly, Niyati was a chartered accountant who turned into a freelance content writer later. However, Abhiraj worked as an advertising video producer who always dreamt of better and creative autonomy.

In the year 2019, they decided to leave their 9-5 jobs and follow their dreams. They wanted to explore the Indian subcontinent like nobody had done prior.

In one of the interviews, we find Abhi saying, “Unlike other travelogues, we wanted to find stories from places where people don’t look to find any”. According to him, they measure the effectiveness of their hard work by the number of positive responses they receive. The impactful actions generate as the result of their published content are what push them to do better.

In a short span of just more than a year, they have gained over 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram. They have millions of views in most of the videos they create. They work on videos that focus on the betterment of the mass. These videos help in making the nation and the world a better place. They made the idea of turning their passion into their profession into a reality.

picture depicting the power couple


Why do you think Abhi and Niyu deserve to be called a power couple?

The fact that they represent a power couple is because they fought all the difficulties together. Despite the hurdles they faced while being in this relationship, they crossed it all and finally made it. Since their families were of different caste and mismatched thinking and there was an age gap between the duo, they had a hard time making it. However, nothing could stop the couple because they loved each other enough to fight all the differences. They tied their knots on 6th May 2019 which makes them a perfect example of a power couple.

They lived their dreams and successfully reached their goals together. They wanted to awaken the young minds with positivity. They were bored with their professions and also tired of the negativities around them. So, they made up their mind to change their passion into their profession and enlighten the good around us. This duo did justice to the idea of a "Power Couple" completely. 

picture of Abhi and Niyu on the day of their wedding


Their YouTube contents and Updates:

As already mentioned, Abhi and Niyu focuses on several genres and make informative and educative videos regarding the same. Surfing through their channel would help everyone to gather vivid knowledge about certain factors that they never thought of knowing. There are several videos on their channel that are bound to attract you as a viewer.

Recently they have started working on their new YouTube channel named "Let's Make You Rich". It is an endeavor to share rules, principles, and ideas to help people manage their finance. This is another step by the couple towards turning their passion into a profession. 


TL;DR: Key takeaways from the article

In this article, you would get to know what makes a power couple. Despite so many discussions on this topic, most people hardly understand what does the term signifies. Here, you will learn about every aspect that involves in the making of a power couple.

In this article, we focus on the relationship between the famous content creators Abhi and Niyu. Their life journey and the growth in their relationship make it clear why they are known as a power couple.

This article is enough to stir minds and motivate every reader. It will help you visualize the idea of what makes a Power Couple with a clear real-life example.