Peace in Love - The story of Milind Soman & Ankita Konwar

Beautiful picture of Ankita and Milind in a mountain backdrop

Love is one of the most precious things that a person has. To have a person who can love you at your worst is a blessing. Though being in love is the best feeling ever, finding true love in this digital era is quite hard. Sometimes, even after finding your soulmate, destiny might have some other plans for you. 

One such couple that proves true love has no boundaries. They together proved that love happens anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. If you are happy in a relationship, it doesn't matter what society thinks. They found their peace in love. And this couple is none other than Ankita Konwar and Milind Soman.


Ankita Konwar

Ankita Konwar was a girl next door with high aspirations before marrying Milind Soman. She was born in the tea estate of India, Guwahati Assam. She is an art lover and a big-time sports enthusiast. Ankita is currently 29 years old. Her parents are Nagen and Niranjana Konwar. To your surprise, her real name is Sunkusmita Konwar. 

Ankita on a beach


She has a knack for traveling. So, she chose to touch the sky as a cabin crew member for Air Asia. In the past, she had been in one relationship that ended because of some tragedy. Apart from being a traveler, Ankita enjoys running, reading and also speaks more than two languages. All in all, Ankita Konwar is simple, down to earth and extremely humble.

Ankita wearing a sari and holding a flower


Milind Soman

If you don't know who Milind Soman is, you are missing out on the fittest model of Bollywood. Milind Soman is a producer, model, and also an actor in B-town. He was born in Scotland and very soon moved to India when he was young. Milind has starred in various Bollywood movies and shows.

Milind Soman with salt and pepper look


Due to his fitness freak nature, he has done multiple photoshoots in extreme conditions. He is one of the finest models in B-town that has been given the title of Ironman. He is 55 years old and was married to a French actress. But they later went their separate ways in 2009. Just like Ankita, Milind is super humble and kind by nature.

Handsome Milind


The Dating Phase

There was a rare chance that Ankita and Milind would meet. But when destiny has plans, love finds you in the most unexpected place. Neither Milind nor Ankita had any idea that their life was going to change for the better. 

Ankita was working with Air Asia, and she was posted in the beautiful city of beaches Malaysia. Around that time, an unfortunate incident took place that changed her life completely. Her boyfriend met with an accident and lost the battle of life and death. Moving on from a breakup is hard. But moving on from the loss of the person you love is entirely a different ball game altogether.  

Picture of Ankita from her cabin crew days


At that point, she got posted in Chennai. The grief was huge, but the change was inevitable. So, Ankita packed her bags and moved to Chennai. Who knew the stars were aligned, and Milind and Ankita's paths were going to cross super soon. It so happened that they both were staying in the same hotel. 

One fine morning, Ankita saw Milind in the lobby of the hotel. She immediately recognized him because she was a fan of Milind. In her fangirling moment, she went to say Hello. Because Milind was busy, she couldn't reach him.

Milind and Ankita together


After a few days, she saw him at a party. Both of them noticed each other, and Ankita's friends asked her to make a move. She went there and asked Milind for a dance. To that, Milind readily agreed. They hit it off instantly and knew there was a spark between them. Because Ankita was still in the trauma of losing her boyfriend, she didn't want to involve herself.

But from Milind's perspective, there was something about Ankita that made her unique. Milind asked for her number, but Ankita couldn't remember. So he gave his number to Ankita's friend and asked her to text. Because Ankita didn't want to get involved too much, she ignored texting Milind. But on the other side, she couldn't take her mind off. 

A beach selfie


Finally, she decided to text Milind and received an instant reply from him. They texted day and night and started meeting often. Both of them knew this friendship was going to blossom into love very soon.


The trolls and the hatred

When two people are in love, physical appearances and signs don't matter. But sometimes, society can't see the couple happy. Hence, people start trolling them on the internet. Neither Ankita nor Milind knew that the 26 year age difference would attract so many trolls. 

Trolls hitting hard on Milind and Ankita


One of the trolls commented on the picture, 'Ankita should call Milind Papaji' because of the age difference. To this, Milind very sassily replied, 'Yes, she sometimes calls me that' with a wink emoji. 

Ankita's family was also worried about the age difference between them. But when they saw how happy Milind made her, they let go of their worries. The couple handles the trolls savagely, but there is a point when it gets too much. In such situations, it was the love that they had for each other that gave them strength.

Milind always told Ankita, 'it doesn't matter what people talk about us. We know what we have between is real, and that is all that matters.' They proved that true love is not dependent on age, height, weight, or any other number.  

A couple picture on the hill side


Happily Ever After

Milind and Ankita proved that nothing comes in the way of true love. They got married not once but thrice. The first wedding took place at Alibaug in a proper Assamese style. It was a very intimate affair held on 22nd April 2018. The couple looked radiant. And you can figure out the happiness from their eyes. 


The next wedding was a white wedding near a waterfall in Spain. It happened on 11th June 2018. And lastly, they again tied a knot at the place called End of the World in Russia. 

Nothing beautiful than a wedding by a waterfall

It has been almost three years since their marriage. And one can see from the pictures that they are truly happily married.

All smiles


Milind has traveled the world and so has Ankita. But according to Milind, ‘Even after climbing mountains, diving into the sea, and traveling together, my favorite place is sleeping in your arms at peace.’ This couple is the epitome of true love. They are breaking stereotypes and providing major couple goals. And all this is possible because they have found their peace in love.