Is online dating the new normal?

Love through online dating

Man has technology evolved! And how! 

Look at the way we talk, eat, and think. Every action that we do is in some or the other way so heavily influenced by the world out there, that it is now impossible to imagine a world where social media and other apps have no space. Funnily enough, this effect has now hit our love lives too! Tinder and Bumble are the new-go to apps in this era of online dating, and it would be hard to deny that the coronavirus pandemic has had no influence on this. With all of us quarantined and stuck at our homes, more and more people are turning to explore these apps, and giving online dating a try!

So wait, is online dating going to be the new normal? I mean, no physical dates, chocolates and roses, male chivalry, the blushing and the goodbye? Is that even possible!?

Turns out, it is. 

In fact, studies have shown that around thirty-three percent of today’s generation prefer online dating more than the conventional one. In fact, after mutual friends, online dating apps are the next Cupid in line, helping destined lovers make their way to one another. And goes without saying, with online dating becoming the new trend, traditional habits are withering away. 


But why is online dating so popular in the first place?

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The rising stardom of online dating has a lot to do with the influence of technology in our lives. User behavior has changed drastically, and products in the market are only responding to these changed behaviors. People are now open to newer ways of meeting each other, and online dating apps, as well as online dating sites, are catering to these needs. In fact, with a lot of these dating online apps now giving some free services, the trends have only risen. 

In a way, it does make some sense. Teens and adults who grew up using Facebook and following unknown people on Instagram are not dazed by the idea of interacting with someone whom they know nothing about. And somewhere or the other, today’s generation has lost the appetite for courting; and the idea of hooking up online is the new normal. 

Being rejected online is also so much easier than being rejected in person. This is also why a lot of people who are under confident or new to the game prefer to stick to online dating apps instead. Also, speaking things online and virtually is so much easier than doing so in person. It is much easier to be yourself when you are hidden and invisible, and this also gives you space to be experimentative and bold. 

Online dating started when came up with its online dating service back in 1995. The site had 26.6 million registered users by 2002, and figures grew to 27 million by 2012. Since then, there has been no looking back; and online dating apps and services are catering to increased populations with each passing day. 

When online dating works…

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In the next few years, do not be surprised if you ask a married couple how they first met, and they give you Bumble, OkCupid, or Tinder for an answer. This is indeed going to be the new normal. 

In a lot of cases, online dating does work its charm, and people end up finding their life partners. Perhaps it has to do with how you select a person who matches exactly what you are looking for in a partner, or how you only consider someone when you think that that person could be a potential match. 

Whatever the workings behind this are, a lot of people who met online do end up getting married. And in some cases, they have far happier lives than those who dated for a really long time in person. And this reiterates the belief that the same is possible for them too in a lot of people. Hence, this rapid rise in online dating. 

…and when it does not

 Let us take a look at the other side too. Not every online dating experience is a pleasurable and decent one. You will have your share of bad experiences too, and there will be cases when people turn out to be the real opposites of what they had projected them to be online. Not everyone online is looking for something serious, and fake IDs are also on a rise. Don’t be surprised if you dress up to go for your first real date after months of online dating, and return back home disappointed. 


Is online dating for you?

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Where does this discussion lead us to? Should you give online dating a try? Or is it definitely not your cup of tea? 

Well, you never know until you try. With changing times and scenarios, we need to change and adjust a bit too. And there is honestly no harm in trying out an online dating service that appeals to you. Of course, you need to be really careful here, and take things slowly. But you never know, you might just end up meeting your soul mate. And if you don’t like it, you can always disable your account and uninstall the app. 

 And while online dating has none of the charm that true old school lovers are on the lookout for, they do make for a good option for the more practical kinds of people. 


Why should you give online dating a try?

Firstly, online dating gives you thousands and thousands of options. Quite literally!

You can filter people as per your preferences, so you can only see people whom you actually want to! Besides, meeting people online is so much better than meeting a stranger at a bar and initiating conversation. With the rampant rise in online dating app users, even app developers are doing their bit to ensure safety and good user experience for all. Consequently, protective measures have been put in place. A lot of these apps and sites verify every new member that is registered. Other dating apps run certain background checks. Some sites might even require a sign up through Facebook, to make sure that the person cannot commit fraud. 

Basically, there are systems that make sure that you feel safe when you opt for something like this. Users also have the option to block and report profiles that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Besides, you never have to meet anyone in person if you don’t get that vibe. 


The final verdict!

Whether online dating is for you or not is something that only you can determine. If you are the daring and experimentative kind of person who loves to try out new things at least, maybe you can consider downloading that online dating app. But if you are a strict old schooler at heart who does not approve of these interactions with total strangers, it is totally okay! Maybe you actually will meet your knight in shining armor at that coffee shop down the corner. 

Whatever is it that you choose, make sure that you give your relationship your best shot, and make your fairytale come true. 

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