​​​​​​​Must have experiences with your partner post quarantine

Sweet experiences with one's partner


No matter how depressing and trying the quarantine is, one thing is for sure. It has put us all back on track and has helped us realize the pleasures and joys of the small things in life that we so often used to take for granted. Truly, nothing in life is worth stressing so much over, since life is really unpredictable! 

 So let us instead decide to live life to the fullest. Let us make the most of every tiny moment that is available to us, and do everything that we ever dreamed of before it gets too late!

Thanks to the lockdown, there is enough time on hand to plan for events and occasions once the quarantine ends. So here is a list of some must-have experiences that you definitely need to enjoy with your partner, once the quarantine ends.



1. Enjoy adventure sports together

couple outing


There is something truly exhilarating and joyful about experiencing that adrenaline rush together, which is hard to put in words. So once the quarantine ends, make sure to tie your hair, put on your sports shoes, and head out for some fun adventure activities with your partner. It could be scuba diving, rock climbing, snorkeling, or even simply enjoying a roller coaster ride. Go for something that fascinates both of you, and have a great time together!



2. Adopt a pet

couple pet

Taking care of another living being together brings you closer in ways that you cannot even fathom. And nothing can beat the joy of having a pet that is always there to cheer you up, whenever you want some cuddles and joy. And if you two can take that much responsibility, get a highly active pet. And then enjoy taking your beloved pet out on jogs and taking care of it together. 



3. Take a road trip

road trip long drive couple

You honestly have no idea how many amazing locations are within three to four hours of drive from your place, making for a quick and memorable getaway. Take advantage of the lockdown to search for places that fascinate you both, be it a beach or a historical place, and then take that road trip once the lockdown ends!



4. Attend a concert together

concert couple

A concert is a good way to let your hair loose and simply sway your hands to the rhythm as you watch your favorite artist play right in front of you. Attend a concert together, have the time of your life screaming out loud your favorite songs, and then have dinner at a fancy place to perfectly end an otherwise perfect day!



5. Enjoy a picnic outdoors

picnic outdoor couple

Everyone is surely dying to step outdoors once the quarantine ends, to enjoy mother nature and her blissful company in peace. And what could be better than a simple picnic to enjoy that? Prepare a simple meal for two, pack along some refreshing drinks and maybe cupcakes for dessert later on, and you are all set to go. Carry a board game along, and enjoy your blissful and calm day out in the sun. 



6. Dine at a fine-dining restaurant

dining couple outdoor

All of us go out to dine often, but almost always, we end up having dinner at a restaurant or a café. This time, plan to go out to a proper fine-dining restaurant, where you can enjoy some classic dining experience with authentic cuisine. Though the event is sure to cost you a bit, all the gorgeous food and the luxurious experience will be totally worth it!



7. Plant a garden


The lockdown has made us all so much more aware of the healing power of nature, and how desperately we humans need to take care of nature for our own survival. Take out the time to plant a garden with your partner. It does not really have to be something fancy, even two or three potted plants would do. And then take good care of your plants every day and witness them transform both, your household and your energy levels. 



8. Join a hobby course together 

hobby together

Hobbies are really important: they help to keep you sane. And remember that skill that you had always wanted to learn for so long? Now is the time to sign up for that course, take your partner along, and spend some quality time learning a new skill together. Dance classes, cooking classes, guitar lessons…the options are simply endless. 



9. Hit the gym together

hitting gym together couple

Everyone is so concerned about looks and fitness these days, that gyms have become an indispensable part of our lives. Joining the gym together with your partner is sure to give you a lot of motivation to actually go and work out. This way, not only would you both shed those extra pounds and become fitter together, but would also develop healthy daily schedules. 



10. Host a dinner together

hosting dinner couple

Once the lockdown is over, make sure that you meet friends and family whom you have not seen for months now. Host a dinner party with your partner at your place, spend some time decorating your house, and then prepare a delicious dinner together. Make arrangements for some fun games, maybe cards, and you are all set to have a great night.