Make Your First Holi After Marriage Special!

Cozy picture of a couple after playing Holi

Have you been married recently? How was your honeymoon? I hope you guys had a wonderful time together. But now you are back to real life. Are you missing the holiday period? You don't have to worry if you are in India because the festive season has already begun. And, the next festival in line is the festival of colors - Holi! So, here are few ways in which you can make your first Holi after marriage special. 


First Holi Preparations

You might be knowing that the festival of Holi in India is for two days. The first day is Holika Dahan, and the next day after is the festival of colors. Both these days include rituals and fun, love, and laughter. If you are celebrating your first Holi after marriage, you have to do all the preparations. Both days require a small number of arrangements. These preparations include ingredients for 'Pooja' and fun things for the next day.

Couple doing holi pooja


Couples and Outfits

You need to figure out the first things first. The most important thing you need to decide is what you and your partner are going to wear. You can go for a mix-match theme, or you can color-coordinate your outfits. For the day of Pooja, choose something in Indo-western. Try and wear something of cotton because you will be worshiping the Holy Fire. For the next day's color celebration, people often choose something white to wear. You can follow this trend, or you can wear something old yet looks good on you. That way, you won't spoil the new white kurta you have recently bought.

 Matching white outfits for Holi


Skincare regime for couples

Playing Holi with colors can harm skin and hair. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper precautions for your hair and skin. Coconut oil is the best way to prevent your skin from harmful colors. By chance, if you don't like coconut oil, you can use some other type too. To spice up this skin regime process, give a sensual head massage to your partner while applying oil.

Couple doing skin and hair care before playing holi


Dance your heart out

Festivals are the time you get a break from your mundane life. And you and your partner are still in your honeymoon period. So, enjoy every bit of these festivities with your soulmate. Play with colors, sing loudly, have Gujiya and Thandai, and dance your heart out. Have fun with your partner and enjoy the best of Holi.

Couple dancing in while playing Holi


Holi Party Host

If you are not living in a society or going to any other Holi party, you can host your own Holi Party. Make sure you are taking all the precautions required for Covid-19. It is simple to host a party, but if you don't have time or resources to organize a party, you can contact BeMyCharm. Apart from that, few things you might want to consider are organic colors, good food, lots of Thandai, and a good sound system. And with these few things, you are all set to host a party. This party will give you some quality time to spend with your partner. 

Holi party setup


Covid 19 Precautions for Holi

Though the situation is getting normalized day by day, the terror of Covid 19 is still not over. So, while hosting the Holi party, you have to take safety measures to ensure prevention against Covid 19. The first thing you have to do is write a note of a compulsory mask and shield. The next item on the list should be to install sanitizer dispensers in every corner. If there is any permission to be taken from the local authorities, ensure you do it beforehand. Another vital thing to consider is the number of guests coming to your party should be according to the guidelines. And lastly, to ensure no one catches a cold, play Sukhi Holi.

Couple celebrating Holi with masks.


This Holi, Spice Things Up

Monotonous routine and mundane things might kill the bedroom romance. So, use the occasion of Holi to spice up things in your relationship. Vacation, Holi Party, or staying at home, you can always use your creativity to increase your physical intimacy. For example, after playing with colors, you can save water - If you know, you know. Anyways, there are numerous ways in which you can show love to your partner. Holidays and festivals provide you with time to break your routine and do something fun. And physical intimacy is one of the vital pillars to make the relationship with your partner fun.

Cozy couple in Holi


Not a Holi Person, we have got you covered!

Not everyone likes playing with colors and dancing their heart out. And that is fine. If you and your partner are not party people, you can go for a staycation or a short vacation. Many destinations in India offer world-class service. You and your soulmate can enjoy some quality time in the hills or on the beach. And even if you don't want to go on a vacation, you can always choose a staycation. Select a luxurious hotel and spend some incredible and romantic time with your soulmate.

Not in a holi party, but a couple playing with color on beach


Holi is a festival of colors. This festival aims at eliminating the negativity of life into the pure and pious fire of Holi. So, eliminate all the negative energies in your relationship and induce new colors of romance. Small things and small efforts can add multiple shades of happiness to your relationship. So, this Holi, let go of all the worries and tension, move away from your mundane life, and enjoy it with your soulmate because the first Holi after marriage will only come once.


Wishing you a very Happy Holi :)