Last minute wedding checklist for Bride & Groom


Months of effort and worry go into the upcoming wedding. Everyone in your family and immediate social group participates in the planning process. The early months before the big day are often busy and packed with choices to make for each one. It is without doubt a busy period, what with setting the budget, selecting the ideal wedding location, choosing the catering, picking out wedding attire for the bride and groom, selecting accessories, finalising flower arrangements, preparing the invite list, and planning the food.

When it counts, you're certain that everything is in place. However, "quite sure" is insufficient. So glance through these tasks and make sure you're completely on top of everything.


Take a day off from work.

If you aren't travelling directly to your honeymoon, I would advise taking the full prior week off. If it isn't possible, make an effort to book at least two off-work days prior to the day of your wedding.  If your wedding is on a Saturday, you must take off not just Friday but also Wednesday and Thursday.

Get Used to Your Wedding Shoes

We all have some pairs of heels that we can wear for hours on end and others that make it difficult to go from the door to the car. You should definitely break them in if you want to be the elegant wedding that everyone dreams of being and avoid showing up to the reception in flip-flops on the dance floor . 



Wedding Day Schedule

Make a little schedule for the marriage day, including the time you should start getting ready in the morning, the time you should depart for the location, and so on. Tell the folks who will be with you about it. Always allow a few additional minutes just in case.

Dress Run Through

One week before the events, run through your whole wardrobe one last time. In this way, you may inspect your wardrobe for any modifications and even get your blouse adjusted if you've gained or lost a few pounds. Get your husband to do it as well!

women in dress


Verify with your suppliers and make final payments.

Confirm your plans with your experts, and make sure they all have the right addresses and a mobile phone number for a contact. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, there is a lot of buttoning up. Prepare your fiance, or your parents, for the last rush of final deposits to ensure that all of your collaborators receive money. There is a lot of tension during the final countdown that may be relieved by knowing that this has been completed and all parties involved are ready and informed.

Paying your vendors in advance will save you from having to attempt to recall who is due what on the big day. Make sure they are secure and comfy to move in so you can avoid needing to change for as long as possible.



Compile your gratuity.

Take out cash and put it in different envelopes. Express your thanks in a note supplied with the envelopes, and, if required, offer instructions for how the given amount should be distributed.

Verify your travel plans

Verify that no changes have been made to your airline, hotel, or other international reservations if you are leaving right away on your honeymoon. It will be easier to pack efficiently and leave for the airport quickly with enthusiasm rather than fear if you are aware of all the similarities and differences and can make the necessary adjustments.



Make a list of the pictures you really need.

Although it might seem like a little item on this wedding checklist, it is essential if you want to invite a sizable number of guests. It will provide your photographer with a fundamental road map to use on your special day! A must-have for the day is prep photographs, so if your photographer has a companion, make sure they stay apart during this time! The finest pre-wedding photographs are those that are taken naturally. Posing and natural photography should be mixed together to get photographs that appear more authentic after the event.

Place self-care first.

Spend the last week treating yourself! Make sure you have your manicure and pedicure, and if you've had one before, you may skip the facial. Take time for the things that help you feel your best in addition to that. That can entail participating in a challenging exercise studio session for some people while taking a hot bath for others.


spa day

In conclusion, hours of preparation go into preparing a dream wedding. It's crucial that you properly plan for every scenario in order to guarantee that your special day is full of grandeur. Using a checklist while organising a wedding is crucial to ensuring this. It relieves the tension that comes with unplanned preparation and assists you in taking little steps toward your goal. Using this guide will help you organise a wonderful ceremony and prevent last-minute rushing.



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