How To Strengthen Your Relationship During Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought extraordinarily forms of distress on a global level. Staying in one place, without going outside can affect our mental health, and adds pressure particularly when it comes to relationships.

Couples in isolation may be facing different kinds of worries during this time which include financial problems, discrepancies in how partners want to practice the COVID-19 safety measures, and various other issues. Symptoms of isolation include irritability, emotional detachment from others and being frustrated with whatever the other person is doing. 

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Physical distancing is important, but it doesn’t mean emotionally isolating from your partner. Make sure you are scheduling regular calls with your partner if you live separately.

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or getting adjusted to a new one, here are some tips of advice to keep your relationship healthy during the turbulence of the coronavirus pandemic.

1. There is no Blueprint

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Your relationship is unique to you and your partner, there are no guiding rules that tell you that you have to behave in a certain manner. Every relationship is different from others, you don’t have to do things that other people are doing and posting on social media. Do not think from the brain, where your heart is required.

2. Respecting each other

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Joking with each other is an interesting thing to do, which makes your relationship healthier and more active. But make sure there are certain boundaries that you respect. Over-joking may not turn out in your favor. During this crisis, everyone is already very disturbed going through the different phases of quarantine.

3. Compliment each other

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Everyone likes to get complimented in little things that they do every day like cooking a meal, serving lunch, and most importantly the way they look. Everyone has insecurities, and reminding them of it can bring anyone’s self-esteem down. Compliments are essential, it shows how much you appreciate them and care of them as a whole.

4. Be Romantic

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This lockdown is already giving us a hard time because we are confined to our houses. You can try to plan a date at home itself. There are so many themes flooding the internet. For the couples who live together, they can try to set up their backyard with fairy lights, blankets, and cushions and have a romantic night while looking at the stars and having their favorite meal. Leaving love notes throughout the house can also be a good idea.

Check out this blog: How to plan a perfect date at home which might give some ideas.

For the couples who live separately, you can have a virtual date where you can ask how they are doing and talk about things that make you them happy

5. Keep your communication open and ongoing

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It is very important to voice out your opinions and fears during this time of difficulty, this helps to remove out the layer of doubt. From this, your partner can know how you are feeling and can also help you to find solutions to the problems that you are facing. 

At the end of the day ask them how was the day for them. Partners living alone can have regular Skype calls as well.

Don’t forget communication plays a vital role in any relationship.


6. Maintain a self- care routine

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Self-care is very essential. For those who always kept their workplace and home different, are having troubles to keep up with it. So, it is very important to have some kind of routine like a regular sleeping pattern, getting dressed every morning, and cleaning the house. Scheduling regular breaks in between is very important which can break the monotony of working and help you stay grounded. Go on a walk every once in a day to keep you refreshed. Going in nature always helps to get your anxiety out.

7. Offer Solutions not Criticism 

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Offer solutions to the problem and be helpful if your partner is stuck somewhere and also ask for help if you need it. Working on the problem together as partners will make you come up with the solution much easier and in a limited time.

8. Keep in mind their likes and dislikes 

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It is not necessary that you and your partner have the same likes and dislikes.  People have their own opinions and beliefs and you should respect that. It is not necessary that you will have the same opinion about anything and everything.

9. Connecting when apart 

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People who have recently got into a relationship and do not live together are finding it extremely hard to spend enough time with each other. In recent times, there are so many apps that helps us to stay connected with people who do not stay with us. People are now going on virtual dates and even playing games together. Zoom is a popular one and other apps like Houseparty where you can video chat and also play games at the same time.

10. Give each other and yourself a break 

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Partners who earlier did not see each other for several hours are now finding it extremely hard dealing with the day, feeling the other one breathing down their neck.

We need to understand that some of our decision makings might come from places that might not be as important after some months later. So, it is important to have a day only to yourself where you do nothing and relax, sleep till late, order a takeaway, do a little bit of shopping. But don’t forget to sanitize everything.

11. Learn to Listen  

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Try to listen to what the other person is saying keeping in mind their needs and their feelings. Be an open book, try to share whatever you are feeling without fear, this will make you calmer and will make you come closer to your partner without any arguments or discrepancies. And at the end of the day talk it out with your partner and just listen to them.

12. Not to be taken granted 

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This is one of the most important points that you have to keep in mind because it should not only be just you who is putting in all the efforts. It should not be only you who is listening, helping around the house, and complimenting the other one.

The other one should also do the same things. And if they are not you should recognize the things that are bothering you and find solutions to the problems by talking it out with your partner.

This is a very difficult time for everyone, but it is important for us to fight it and always take care of the ones that we love dearly because without them our life is incomplete. 

Whatever happens, be there for them and treat them with kindness.