How To Plan A Perfect Date At Home

A fancy date setup at home

Are you bored of being in your houses and not having anything interesting to do? This lockdown is giving all of us a tough time, so why not do something re-energizing? As you can’t leave your houses and hangout, how about planning a date at home?  Here we have some great ideas which you can use to plan an ultimate date at home.


1. Transform your house into a fancy place

wine glasses on dining table

Home dates can turn into being extremely boring if it lacks a beautiful and romantic setup. You can turn your house into a fancy place by decorating it with lights, flowers, and candles. Home dates are incomplete without some delicious food. So, prepare some of your favorite dishes too. For a romantic mood, prepare a playlist of your all-time favorite music. To make it a little more special we have the following idea.

2. Candle-light dinner

Candle light dinner setup at home

A candlelight dinner is the most old and romantic date to go for. The whole vibe and mood of a romantic candlelight dinner is magical. You can go for it either in a restaurant or arrange it at your home. If you want some ideas about how to make it more special, do check our article "How to plan a candlelight dinner at home".

3. Karaoke dates are fun

man singing with mic in hand

Are you and your partner good singers? Well, that doesn't matter. The only thing which matters is the time you both spend with each other. All you have to do is, search 'Karaoke' on YouTube and you'll find a variety of videos. Pick up your favorite tracks and release your stress. Sing it out!

4. Setting up a camping spot

women in red dress sitting near a camping tent

Who says camping can't be done at home? It is a great idea to make your date more exciting. You can choose any spot at your home be it a room, drawing room, and even backyard. Then, set up a camping tent and in it, you can put some games, your favorite snacks and drinks. To make it look attractive, you can decorate it too. Here's a video which will guide you through the process of making such a setup.

5.   Date- A source of maintaining health too

couple doing yoga at home

Did you ever think about enjoying a date and maintaining your health at the same time? This isn't as boring as it sounds. In this quarantine season, it is very important to focus on your health. So why not do it in a fun way? You both can take out some time for yoga. There are a lot of couple yoga challenges available on the internet. Choose the ones you find convenient for both for you. This is both healthy and fun. Give it a try.

 6. Netflix and chill

man watching Netflix on television

As much as going on fancy dates is important, having a chill time with your partner is also required. You can plan a day especially for watching Netflix, having some drinks, and binging on your favorite food. If you want some movies suggestions, check out our article "MOVIES YOU CAN WATCH WITH YOUR PARTNER DURING THIS QUARANTINE"

Relax and have fun!

7.   Who says two people can't party alone?

couple partying in a club

Why do you need to have a company of hundreds of people, when only you and your partner can have a great party alone. All that it takes is to set up the Mood. For this, turn off all the lights of your home, and turn on some disco lights. If you don't have those, candles and normal battery lights will also do the job. Create a playlist of songs and have a great dancing session.

Also, don't forget to dress up nicely. After all, dressing up is a major part of partying

8.  Dates are incomplete without surprise

man carrying flower at the back to surprise a girl

Nobody knows better than you about what surprise your partner will like but here's an exciting idea which you and your partner might like. Plan a Treasure Hunt at your home. All you have to do is prepare some riddles and clues and write them down on various cards. Along with the last clue, there should be a gift for your partner. Lastly, place these cards at different spots in your home and let your partner find all the clues.

If not this, handmade gifts are your way to go as it will have a personal touch to it. You can refer to our article to get amazing DIY gift ideas.

9.  Time spent getting a massage is never wasted

girl with cucumber on eyes, getting a massage

This lockdown is all about 'Self Care'. Don't wait for everything to get normal and then get things done. You both can give each other a soothing spa treatment at home. Believe it or not, this will calm you down and make you feel energized. Below is a video through which you can take some ideas regarding this.


1. Virtual dates

girl smiling while looking at the laptop

As we all are stuck in our houses, a virtual date is a great way of being in touch with your partner. You can have a date via video calls using various social media applications. To make it more fun you can plan a romantic set up at your places, get dressed up nicely, and can also plan some activities to do together.

Playing games such as Never have I ever, Truth & dare, etc can make your online date much more exciting.

2. Use different apps

smartphone displaying various apps

Let's admit that there are fewer date options for couples who live separately than for those who live together. But today, technology has become so advanced that you can find solutions to every single problem. There are tons of apps available that can be used to maintain the communication in your relationship. These different apps help you to communicate, play together, watch movies together, and a lot more. Check out our article which provides a list of Different apps for couples which you can use to spend quality time together.

3. Share hobbies

painting setup

You and your partner must have some hobbies or things that you both like doing a lot. Share those activities such as playing video games,painting, singing, gardening, exercising, etc. Whenever you get some time, perform those things together with the help of a video call. Not only it will help you to be productive, but it will also help you to remain in touch with each other.

 4. Express gratitude

key ring with a Thankyou tag

A date basically means spending a good time with your partner. It means that you do anything with your partner which will make you feel happy. What's better than expressing gratitude for all the time you've spent together before and that you both are still together. Talk about all the best moments of your past, thank each other for everything, and relive those moments.


This lockdown is no less than a long-distance relationship for all those couples who don't live together. As there's already a lot of stress that you all must be dealing with because of the increasing risks and problems of Covid-19, it becomes difficult to cope up with the problems occurring due to not being able to meet the people who matter to you. It is surely difficult to manage and deal with everything at the same time.

To make your journey a little easier, have a look at our article "TIPS FOR MAKING A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP WORK". Not only it will advise you about your long-distance relationship, but it will also help you to realize the importance of self-love and to start focusing on that too.

Have a great date!