How to Plan the Perfect Bachelor Party post COVID-19

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The last party for you as a total bachelor should be special because after this all the parties that you will host and attend will be as a couple. Many people think that it is not quite hard to plan and organize a bachelor party, but there is a lot of thought that goes into it.

Especially after COVID-19, you would want your party to be very hygienic so that nobody gets ill and the place becomes a hotspot of coronavirus. You want everything to be safe so that you can enjoy the time before the wedding to the best.


So before looking at different themes for the big stag party, let us go through the entire process of how to bring the plan to action. And if it is your first stag party, get ready for some adventure.

1. Where and When to go

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Before deciding the theme for the party, decide where you are going and when you are going. If you are planning the party, by keeping a planner you should at least tell them what are your choices. By this, you will not be surprised at the end of the day when he gives you a trekking trip with your friends.

After that pick a date or the month you want to have the party in advance so that people make it to the big party.


2. Who to Invite

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Now, this depends upon what kind of a person you are and what budget allows you to do. The ideal size usually comes out to be 10-15 which includes your cousins and your friends. You cannot overcrowd, so choose wisely because you might also invite each other’s brothers or sisters. But try to keep the list as small as possible so you don’t have to waste a ton amount of money.


3. Figure out where you are going

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Now try to decide something that your group of guests likes to do. There are so many options that you can do, you can rent out a place or a boat to enjoy the weekend, you can go bowling or golfing. You can go to the pub which isn’t too crowded for a couple of drinks. But do not forget to keep in mind your likes because ultimately it is for you.


4. Sending the Invite

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Now that you have come up with the place, the time, and the whole theme of the stag party, it is time for you to send the invites to the guests.

Try to keep the invites, short, quick, and funny at the same time having all the necessary information like the date, time and the place. Just for a laugh include a funny pic of yourself this makes it more personalized and your guests will love it.


Now that you know the venue and the guests who you are inviting, I am going to provide you some themes or some things that will make the party the best one ever yet. So if you you have given your friends the liberty to decide the whole party or you are doing everything yourself, here is some inspiration-

1. Game Night

group of friends playing video games

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If you are someone who loves to enjoy playing your video games all day long, I think this is the last time where you can play it in peace without fighting with your partner. The boys will love this because boys and video games always go hand in hand.


2. Golf Day

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If you are someone who loves sports and would love to spend your bachelor party without getting wasted, playing golf is one of the best options. Although it may sound boring right now, it can be quite fun if you are a nature person, who loves the sun.


3. Camping

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Here is another alternative to getting wasted in the club. Go with your guests to a proper camping site and camp for a day or two. There are not a lot of people who might consider it but it is very calm before the storm (your wedding). Get some portable barbeque station where you just enjoy under the stars with some bonfire.


4. Casino

group of friends enjoying at a game night at a casino

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If you are up for a game of poker, then do it. This can be quite fun for you if you and your gang love to gamble and get some drinks. Tell your planner to organize you a whole night for a gambling session with the roulette tables, poker cards, and chips.


5. Get ready for some Adventure

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There are so many people who organize fun adventurous things for the guests to do like going on a hike, scuba diving, bungee jumping, rafting, paragliding, paint balling, etc.  if you have organized a party somewhere out of the city. Explore different things and places because these are some moments that you are turning into memories.


6. Destination Party

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If your pocket allows you, try to set up a party in a different country or state. This will feel like a proper vacation with your mates and the last one as a true bachelor. If you are renting out a place near a beach with a pool, it will be super relaxing when you are at your place and adventurous at the same time when you are going out to explore the place a bit more.

Also going to a hill station will be a good idea as well because there is something about being on a hill station with your friends and someone who knows how to play the guitar. It will be so serene.


7. Staying at a Hotel

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If you like a bit of calm, trying staying at a hotel with your friends where you just talk and reminisce over old memories of college and even school if there are people who you know since school. Get some dance routines, play board games and just enjoy your time with your friends.


So, here were some ideas for you to consider while you are trying to organize your stag party. Try to choose wisely so that you enjoy the night with wonderful memories created a d don’t do something that you will regret later.