How to Plan an Intimate Wedding during COVID-19

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During this sad time of a world pandemic, things can be very scary. You cannot do basic things which you earlier used to do like going outside freely. Now working from home has become a necessity because of restrictions on offices.

 The Wedding Industry has been struck the hardest. The venues are closed including all the wedding related shops which makes it very hard for the bride and groom to plan their wedding, resulting in postponing their weddings to next year.

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But since June, the government has eased out the restrictions and now weddings are allowed to take place with only 50 people in attendance canceling out the option of the ‘Big Fat Wedding’. It has also made people realize the fact that you only need a bride and groom to get married, not the jumbo family and friends.But this differs from couple to couple and what they have in mind- a simple wedding or a lavish wedding.

 On the plus point, having a small intimate wedding saves you a ton of money and you get to spend on something which is of great importance.There was an incident where a Maharashtrian couple, Erin Lobo and Merlin Tuscano donated 50 beds to a hospital treating COVID patients instead of spending money on something which could not benefit other people.

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Here are some points that you can keep in mind while planning a small intimate wedding with all the safety measures in mind.

1. Finalising a 50 people Guest List 

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A wedding is one thing that is awaited since the day you are born where there are family, friends, and relatives. If you are living in a joint family in India, it is pretty hard who to invite and who you don’t want to invite. There are quite a few strategies that you can follow like keeping a standby list with you. When some of the guests cannot make it to the wedding, you can invite the guest who was not on the primary list.


2. Guest Communication

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Since it is going to be a small gathering of people, send the invites early and request a revert back so that you can plan accordingly with the actual number of guests that will be attending your wedding. Instead of going to their houses for distributing the wedding cards, you can send an e-invite. You can also make personalized invites to your family members. This way everyone will know if there is any change of plans with the ceremonies even if it’s a zoom call.


3. Non- Saya Dates

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People who were earlier into finding auspicious dates from pandits have now taken a backseat during this pandemic. Many Indian weddings are now taking place during the morning because of the lockdown restrictions at night. So instead of sitting throughout the entire night for the pheras, now the weddings start during the morning and end by late evenings, so that people can reach home by the right time.


4. Deciding the Venue

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During olden times, people used to get married from their homes with only their closest relatives. They used to do all the cooking and all the decorations themselves. Everything was very simple. The top 2 places to get married during this COVID period is in a place of worship or even in your home.


5. Wedding Planning Help

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To avoid strangers coming into your house and setting up all the décor for your occasions. Take help from your family members. Like a talented photographer, baker, and decorators. This personalization will give you good and memorable memories and will allow other members to participate instead of just attending the wedding.


6. Virtual Ceremony

a wedding ceremony being conducted on a zoom call with family and friends

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The people who cannot make it through the primary wedding list can be invited through video conferencing. There are so many couples getting married wand having their guests connect through a zoom call, which provides them with the feeling of actually attending the wedding.


7. Music Playlist

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Rather than hiring someone for a DJ, you can make your own wedding playlist with all the songs that you like in the correct order. This will reduce the irritation of not having a particular song that you wanted to dance to.


8. Postponing your Wedding

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Many couples who had earlier decided to cancel their wedding functions are now looking at new ways to re-planning their weddings. 

If you are planning to do a home wedding, divide the house as various stations like the garden as the seating area, the driveway for the setting up of food, and the drawing-room as the main area/stage for the couple. 


Here are some guidelines that you should follow to ensure the health of the wedding party as well as the staff helping in setting up of the event-

1. Opt for Large Venues

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To avoid overcrowding and so that social distancing is maintained between people and staff, the wedding hosts should opt for something having open-air spaces where there is proper air-ventilation. If someone is doing the function in their house, doing it in the garden would be a safe option where there is physical space between people.


2. Parking Arrangements

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It is suggested in times like these, the guests park their own cars at proper parking spaces. Valet parking should be extremely avoided to avoid direct transmission of the virus. They should also park their cars from the distance of others.


3. Hand wash and Sanitisation

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When the guests enter, temperature screening should be done to check their body temperatures  should be mandatory to provide with hand-sanitisers and a handwash system before entering the venue and also near the food areas along with masks. It should also be advisable that opening the doors should be done by the staff to avoid surface contamination.The staff should also frequently wash their hands and use sanitizers.


4. Seating Arrangement

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The tables and chairs can be placed into a U-shaped manner, so that people are not sitting opposite of each other, and they are physically distanced from them. The food and the catering services should also be kept in mind. For the buffet spread, the dishes should be placed at a safe distance and guests should be requested to queue with minimum of 6 feet.


5. Guideline Display

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Hosts should be told to download the Arogya Setu App. Certain people should be avoided to attend the wedding like pregnant women, children under the age of 10 and elders above the age of 60 and especially guests coming from the containment zones. Digital boards should be placed to remind the guests to follow the guidelines for their own safety. Lastly, physical touch should be avoided including hugs, handshakes, touching feet , etc. The ideal way of greeting should be ‘Namaste’.


To keep you organised about the numerous things taking place, so that everything comes out smoothly and perfectly. Here are some apps that will help you and your family-


1. Wedding Wire

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This app is especially for the people who don’t know when to get start and how to get started. It provides you details including the contact details of hundreds of vendors for decoration, wedding planning, makeup and hair, venue and a lot more. As a bonus you can also create to-do lists to keep in track what are the things you have done and what all you haven't done. Available on iOS and Android.

2. Pinterest

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Pinterest is app for everything, for spicing up your room, clothes inspiration and also for wedding planning. On this app you can create mood-boards about basically everything. There are numerous pictures about decorations, wedding lehengas, makeup and hair. You just name something, there are 99% chances you can find it on Pinterest. Available on both iOS and Android.


3. WedMEGood

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Another wedding app which helps you to concise all the important information by making lists, contacting information for the vendors. It also lets you invite everyone including family, vendors and wedding planners to come and suggest ideas for decoration and pretty much everything. Available on both iOS and Android.


4. GoodBudget: Budget and Finance

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After spending so much money on decoration, venue, food, clothes, etc., you want a place where you can document where all the money is going and in how much quantity. It is very important that you stick to your budget because you don’t want it to finish before everything you want is completely done and finished. Available on both iOS and Android.


5. Google Drive

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And finally after everything is finished, you need a place to save everything which includes your word-documents, spreadsheets, receipts and everything which you might need later. The number thing is that you should save everything on a backup device before you lose it and regret it later.  Available on both iOS and Android


No matter what the situation is, you need to look out for the result. If you want to get married this year, do it now! Do not regret it later. But it is important that you must follow the safety measures issued by the government for your own safety and the safety of others as well.

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