How to make your woman orgasm


An orgasm is not mandatory for a woman to have a fantastic sexual experience, but it definitely is something that is a turning point in how satisfied she is. And come on, making her orgasm is not really that difficult. Well, women don’t orgasm as easily as men, neither are their orgasms easily noticeable; but they do exist for sure. And a little knowledge and effort from your side can help her get the big O that she has been craving.

Here is how you can make your woman orgasm in ways that she would remember for days to come.


1. Turn her on

Spend considerable time kissing her, caressing her, and turning her on. Women take time to get turned on, and unlike men, they do not get ready for sex as soon as it is hinted at. In fact, did you know, the reason why a lot of women do not orgasm is that they simply are not in the right frame of mind? Thus, it is imperative that you take your time to ease her, and get her in the right mind frame. Kissing is scientifically proven to reduce stress, and nothing would make her happier than some scented candles and a gentle massage.


2. Build it up

Don’t rush into penetration straight away, this will never do the job! Instead, let that intimacy build up. Orgasms are directly related to building up that arousal, so take plenty of time to kiss not just her mouth, but also her neck and ears. Pay attention to other erogenous zones also, such as her breasts and inner thighs. Tease and caress them and watch it all build up.


3. Pay attention to the clitoris

Three out of four women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Bust the myth that penetration is the key, and go for her clitoris instead.

Even though the clitoris is super tiny, it has a really high concentration of nerve endings. Once your partner is well aroused, the hood that covers the clitoris draws itself back, and the clitoris becomes erect.

Use your fingers, tongue, or a vibrator, whatever the both of you mutually prefer; and make sure that you take it slow and steady. Let your partner indicate that she is ready for more speed or pressure before you increase the pace.


4. Try different positions

There is no one definite position that will definitely make her orgasm. That depends totally on the two of you, and what you prefer. Some, however, do claim, that woman on top is the best position since it really oomphs up the clitoral stimulation. On the other hand, when she is lying down with her legs in the air when you penetrate her, she is sure to get a great cervical orgasm. Avoid deep thrusting, and go gentle and slow.

After the clitoris, the G spot is the second orgasmic area in the female body, located inside the vagina. To find this bundle of nerve endings, slide your fingers inside the vagina, make sure that your palm is facing up, and then curl your fingers up. Be aware of the intensity of pressure that your partner prefers, some want direct stimulation, while some want lesser pressure.


5. Go for that sensory overload

By far, the best and safest way to make her orgasm is simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. And the best way to do this? Have her from behind. And while you make sure that you hit her G spot and make her moan; feel free to use some sex toys to stimulate the clitoris as well.


6. Use sex toys and lots of lube

According to studies, vibrators and other sex toys can considerably speed up the orgasm, and give more intense orgasms at the same time, as compared to oral stimulation. Try different kinds of toys and products before, during, and after sex, and she is sure to experience not one, but multiple orgasms. Also, be generous with the lube to make sure she is always wet and does not experience any friction or discomfort.


7. Don’t overstress on orgasms

Orgasms are great and fun, but putting too much pressure on orgasm can mar the experience for both the receiver and the giver. Relax and lay emphasis on pleasure and intimacy instead of just giving and receiving an orgasm, and watch how an orgasm just follows naturally.


Communication is also crucial when it comes to making your partner orgasm. Be very clear about consent and what is or is not pleasurable. Make sure that both of you really listen to one another, and take care of each other’s needs and desires, to create an ultimate experience for the both of you.