How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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"Distance means nothing when that person is everything"

 It's so hard to live without the people you love. Everything seems to be on hold, you keep losing your focus and there's nothing that you wish for except meeting that person as soon as possible.

 We understand how difficult it is to maintain a long-distance relationship but we've tried our best to give you some ray of hope by listing down some of the most important things to remember, for all the couples who are living far from each other.

1. Keep a track

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To be able to maintain your focus, you'll wish to know everything that's happening in your partner's life. There's nothing wrong with keeping track of each other's schedules. Make sure to exchange your daily routine with your partner. Introduce him/her to your friends and be aware of what is happening in your partner's life.

2. Rules aren't always meant to break

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In a long-distance relationship, it is always better to have some ground rules set by the couple. You should discuss and lay down these rules together such as the time for texting, keeping no secrets, etc. Also, there's no harm in punishing your partner for breaking those rules.

3. A couple bucket list

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When you live away from each other, you always crave to spend time with your partner in different things such as going for movies, attending a concert, etc. Prepare a bucket list and add every single thing that you want to do with each other. This will maintain the excitement and hope in your relationship.

4. Excess communication

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Yes, it's important to communicate and let each other know about how your life is going. But, talking too much isn't healthy for a long-distance relationship. When you're in a continuous touch with your partner, it may make him/her frustrated with your presence 24/7. Your relationship can also end up becoming boring because of excessive communication. So, avoid doing this and maintain little suspense in the relationship.

5. Surprise visits

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Imagine surprising your partner by making a surprise visit and he/she doesn't have any hint about it. Isn't that so exciting and emotional? Now, if your journey of being away from each other will involve excitement, romance, and emotions, it will make your relationship last for long and become way more stronger. If you're not able to think of some cute surprise ideas for your partner, have a look at this video:

5. When you’re together- make the most out of it

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Meetings in this kind of relationship are extremely emotional as well as thrilling at the same time. Make sure that whenever you meet each other, don’t waste your time and spend every moment with each other to the fullest. Spend your time indulging in various activities which will make your bond stronger. If you want to know about some of the best couple bonding activities, check out our article: 'BEST COUPLE BONDING ACTIVITIES"

6. Lack of contact is dangerous

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In a relationship where you can't meet each other, it's quite natural to have trust issues and insecurities. This can increase even more if you will not maintain consistent contact with each other. You need to know what your partner is up to and let him/her know about your life. Do your best to not let the lack of contact ruin your relationship.

7.  Virtual dates

So what if you can't go on dates together. You can still have some romantic dates by using social media platforms. To make it more fun and romantic, dress up nicely, grab some snacks, play music, and have a crazy dance session. You can also play some games together while video-calling each other.

If you want to know some great apps that you can use to bring some adventure in your relationship, check out the article from our blog : "BEST APPS FOR COUPLE IN LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP"

8.      Don't let the arguments leave a negative impact

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Let's just accept the fact that long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. Sometimes when you can't see your partner and spend time with each other, it results in making you lose your calm. This is where you start getting into arguments. But at the same time, it is important to have some arguments which make you realize how much you love your partner and what is his/her importance in your life.

9. Invigorate your partner to make new friends

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One of the reasons as to why you can get a little insecure about your partner may be your partner being friends with the opposite gender. This is something toxic to a relationship. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship and if you trust your partner, you shouldn't have any problem with his/ her friends of the opposite gender.Having friends in life is like having constant motivation and support.Make sure that none of you lose them as a result of trust issues and insecurities.

10.  Expectation is a great enemy

You must have read this quote which says 'Don't blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much'. It isn't wrong to expect certain things from the person you love, but sometimes when you start expecting too much, you end up hurting yourself. Things such as expectations, possessiveness, trust, etc. have a great in your relationship and these will either build your relationship stronger or ruin it completely.

To understand this more deeply, check out this video from one of the most famous influencers in India :

11.  Keep sending some love

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To make this journey a little easier, keep sending some surprises to your love. Don't ask each other about what you would like to be gifted. Instead, surprise each other with some unexpected gifts. If you'll make them on your own, it's surely going to add a personal touch to it. And this is exactly what your partner will need and crave while being away from you.

Check out our article 'DIY GIFTS IDEAS FOR YOUR CRUSH' to get some great handmade gift ideas.

12.  Share hobbies

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If you and your partner have similar interests and hobbies, this one’s for you. Share your hobbies with each other and take out some time every day, to do them. You can also do things together such as watching a movie together, reading, cooking, etc via video calls. This will help you to build a routine together and when you will keep spending time together, the distance will not bother you.

13.  Distance means nothing when your partner means everything

If you are in deep affection with your partner and you know that he/she is the only person you trust and want to be with forever, believe it or not, distance will mean nothing more than a relationship test for you both.

When you will live apart from the person you admire, you will realize the importance which that person holds in your life, you'll be able to figure out if that person is the one for you or not and most importantly, you will start acknowledging your relationship.


These were some tips that a couple can use together to maintain their long-distance relationship. But with the importance of working on a relationship together, there's an equal significance of growing as an individual.

Here are some tips which can be used for personal care and development :

1. Count on your support systems

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When your partner will not be there with you, your family and friends are the ones who will hug you and calm you down in your tough times. Try to maintain consistent communication with all the people you are close to. Spend time with them and let them know that you love them and care for them.

2. Nobody's perfect

You need to accept the fact that nobody's perfect, neither you nor your partner. No one can excel in whatever they do. Yes, long-distance relationships are hard, but it's not impossible to maintain them. There will be arguments, insecurities, frustration, and way more emotions involved in the whole process. But always remember that you don't need to handle everything flawlessly.

3. Keep yourself occupied

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This is one of the best ways of controlling yourself from thinking about your partner all the time. Keep yourself busy in your own life. Hangout with your friend and develop some hobbies if you don't have any. Explore different activities such as reading, dancing, gardening, cooking, learning new languages, etc. Do everything that would keep you engaged.

 Unfortunately, long-distance relationships are filled with stress, over possessiveness, and other emotions.

To deal with such problems and grow as an individual, start indulging in a habit of meditating. It will bring some positivity and calmness in your life. If you have not meditated before, watch this video to get some knowledge about it.

4. Enjoy your own company

In all the toxins and stress, you tend to forget spending time with yourself. If you're unaware of the importance and benefits of spending time with yourself, here are some of them listed so that you start taking out time for yourself

  • Enhancing your productivity
  • Building your mental strength
  • Acknowledging your existence
  • Planning about your life

 5. Are you sure about it?

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Being in a long-distance relationship isn’t an easy journey.It takes so many sacrifices, efforts, and emotions to be able to maintain it and make it work. Before you make this decision, be sure if you really want to invest in it or not. If you have decided that the person you are dating is the one for you, go for it!


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