How To Decorate Your Room For Christmas : 20 Ways

Christmas gifts red socks

“Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way, Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, hey!”

Santa will have his hands full as the most anticipated holiday season approaches. This is the time of year when people spread love by giving gifts when delicious cherry cakes are baked and savoured with hot cocoa, and when homes are decorated with lights, bells, and colourful Christmas trees.

Let me reveal it to you in case you didn't already figure it out. Christmas is quickly approaching. What good is Christmas if your room isn't decorated? Nice holiday décor is more than simply a visual pleasure; it can also be a tradition you can carry out with your loved ones to strengthen your bonds and create lasting memories.

Here are 20 DIY projects/methods for decorating your room for the holidays. Perhaps there's no need to empty your wallet. These projects might just require supplies you already have on hand or inexpensive supplies from a nearby craft store.

1. Socks with goodies

Bright red socks shout "Christmas!" and serve as a Santa reminder for children. Hang a few socks around your room, then stuff them with treats like chocolates, Christmas figurines, stickers, or perhaps some handwritten notes for a special someone.  Hooks which can be stuck on the walls are available online or in a nearby stationary store for less than $1 or $2. Use your imagination when decorating the socks by painting, adding beads, or even sprinkling glitter on them. Who doesn't enjoy a little bit of sparkle?

socks hanging with gifts


2. Fairy lights that serve perfectly every time

What's not to love about the mood-setting dim golden lights? Fairy lights may be a significant, reasonably priced décor item. Online stores provide colourful lights for sale. You can hang them near your desk, window, wardrobe, bed, and other areas. It gives your room a fantastic appearance, particularly at night.

fairy lights


3. Display your favourite holiday movie posters.

This is the perfect setting for a movie buff. Some well-known holiday films are "Home Alone," "Holidate," and "A Christmas Carol," but you should pick the one you like most. The posters are available online, and you can also print the soft copy.

4. Soft pom-poms

Do you not believe that Christmas should be spent warm and cozy with your loved ones? And pom poms are the perfect playful, cuddly, and warm accessory. Pom poms are really simple to make; all you need is yarn and a fork, and there are many online tutorials. If you don't have the time to make any, you can get them for a reasonable price. To feel cozy, stick them to your blankets, pillows, and sweaters.

pom poms on pillow
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5. Make your own wreath

We all agree that a wreath is indispensable during this time of year. Yet can you make it exciting? No doubt. Create the foundation of the wreath by cutting it out of cardboard or purchasing a wired wreath base. Next, dress it up with garland, fairy lights, or by weaving a piece of sparkly cloth. Finally, finish it off with a homemade bow.

diy wreath


6. Tabletop Mason jars

Used jam or honey bottles work great for this craft project. To make a white snow-themed jar, first put glue all around the jar, then sprinkle rock (Epsom) salt on top to resemble snow. Create a bow out of twine and knot it to the jar's neck. Attach some coloured beads in red and green. You can put a tiny candle or some fairy lights inside of them. These would make great table decorations.

snow themed mason jar
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7. Hang a few banners

Hang handcrafted buntings in your room or on your door to express your holiday spirit. You can handwrite messages like "merry Christmas," "raise a toast," and "let it snow" on small pieces of paper that are shaped like a heart, a round, or a triangle. The letters should then be twined together in alphabetical order and hung. You can express your creativity by colouring or decorating the chart.

merry christmas buntings
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8. The ice- cream stick snowflake

This simple yet charming design can be used as a wall or ceiling stick-on prop. For this, all you need are a few ice cream sticks and some spray paint. Two sticks should be used to form a cross. Another cross should be placed diagonally over the first to resemble a star. You can either stop here or continue to join others to create a larger snowflake. Spray-paint it gold or silver, then add glitter to make it more enticing.

DIY snowflakes
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9. DIY Candles

Don't worry if you can't afford expensive candles; simply wrap them in gift paper and add some fairy lights to make them look more elegant. You may also carve them with needles and sprinkle glitter on the carved section to make the carving more pronounced. If you want a burning candle to smell lovely, try adding some essential oils. You can add a candle to the previously mentioned mason jar DIY to give it a better appearance.

DIY Christmas candles
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10. Garlands

Garlands are a must-have for adding a dash of vibrant green to your space. Garlands are simple and inexpensive to purchase, but make sure they don't appear overly synthetic. For a pricey appearance, you can entwine the garlands with fairy lights. You can add bells, glitter, and beads to make it more extravagant. They can be whirled around the furniture like chairs and door handles.

christmas garlands


11. Christmas Gramophone

For this season, dress up your gramophone with Christmas decorations like baubles, bells, and fairy lights to make it fit the occasion. If you have a larger budget, pick the option that works and play some wonderful Christmas music to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

12. A tiny snowman

Making an extremely adorable little snowman out of polymer clay is simple. For this DIY, you need clay in the colours white, black, green, and orange. Make two white balls first, with one being a little larger than the other. To create the body, stack the little one on top of the large one. Make two little black clay balls for the eyes. Create a little stick out of orange clay, and position it as the nose, as the third stage. To create the scarf, roll out the green clay into a thread-like shape and wrap it in between the balls. Create two small sticks from the black clay and use them as hands in the last step. And hurray! He's done.

christmas clay snowman
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13. Wine bottles with sparkles

Never turn down a good glass of wine. But who knew they might be a fantastic prop with a little work? Put some glue on the bottle's top and sprinkle some glitter over it.  For the bottom, neatly wrap it with a red wrapper or hot glue some gems on it. You can also explore by tying twine around the bottleneck. Place some wine glasses close by to finish the appearance.

decorated wine bottles
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14. Beautify the roof

Don't let the sight of your incredibly beautiful holiday room make your roof feel uneasy. Decorate it also. Get some glow-in-the-dark stickers and stick them on your roof. Additionally, you can use fairy lights to outline your ceiling. So that you can feel festive even when you're sleeping. Let a few miniature ornaments and stars hang from your ceiling.

roof decoration for christmas
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15. Self-made advent calendar

Get some mini cute buckets, write the number of days until Christmas on them, fill them with small gifts, and hang them on your wall with stickable hooks. Give your children or other family members one each day. In the end, this time of year is all about giving gifts. Is it not?

DIY advent calender
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16. Christmas-themed rug

You must look for your flooring in order to finish your room. For your room, get a red or maroon rug or carpet. Due to the holiday season, you can purchase them at discounts at local and online shops.

Christmas rugs
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17. Count the days

Grab a black slate and write the number of days left to make it retro. Change the days on it daily and hang it on the wall. Glitters and gemstones can be added to the slate's corners to make the view more pleasant.

christmas countdown
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18. The Christmas bed

If done correctly, bedding is the one item that may shift the mood and energy of the space. By selecting the appropriate Christmas colours, you may make your bed exude strong seasonal sensations. For the pillowcases, you might use shades like pine green or hunter green, and for the bedspread, vivid red. Choose the one with prints of snowflakes, stars, or Christmas trees if you can. Feel free to add decorations to your bedding, such as fairy lights and ornaments. For a finer look, you may also stitch beads onto your pillowcase in the form of a snowflake or a Christmas tree.

christmas bed
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19. Create a homemade snow globe

Stick your Christmas miniature toy on the lid of a glass jar. Add some glitter, a few drops of glycerine, and some cold water to the container, close the lid and shake it well. A gorgeous snow globe is prepared. Consider adding some fake snow to make it even more authentic.

DIY snow globe


20. Paint on a small canvas

Get four to six miniature canvases and paint holiday icons like Santa, the snowman, and gingerbread on them. Put them up on the walls to give your space a comical appearance.

christmas mini canvas
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To sum up...

These are some cute suggestions and do-it-yourself projects, so you can celebrate Christmas on a budget. These might also serve as your sources of inspiration if you want to exercise your creative side and create your own DIYs. If you want to be economical and decorate without spending any money, feel free to substitute craft supplies with ones you already have at home.

The holiday season serves as a reminder of love, joy, and laughter in particular. And what better way to show your love than by spending some quality time together? This season is ideal for that.

Imagine hanging lights, making pom-poms together, and flinging them at each other. Painting alongside a partner and wiping off paint that mistakenly went on their face, playing with glitter, and anticipating the surprise gift that will be unveiled in the advent calendar. This is the ideal opportunity to create lasting memories with him or her.

With these 20 ideas, you can easily decorate for Christmas in a way that pleases the sight and warms the heart.