How to deal with a Breakup: Useful Tips & Advice


Breakup is one of the hardest parts of a relationship. Dealing with it is hard, and to some it turns out to be impossible. This article is meant to assist you with the same.

Being in a relationship is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things to experience. Who does not love the idea of a person who is destined to be theirs? But, unfortunately, not all good things are meant to last, and similarly, not all relationships work out. Many of us watch happy relationships turning out to be the greatest nightmares we even never dreamed of. Thus, there is an increasing percentage of people who struggle with such losses.


It is never meant to be easy to deal with a loss that digs in a void so deep that it feels irreparable. But all of us have to cope up someday or the other. To some, it is comparatively easy, whereas, for others, it turns out to be a nightmare. If you are struggling with something similar, you luckily have landed at the best place possible. This article will guide you with every backstory that can land into a breakup and the best ways to handle the situation. Thus, if you want to be over this nightmare sooner, keep reading!

  • Every relationship is unique, so are the reasons that put an end to them. In today's era, breakups are a common scenario in almost 70% of relationships. Though there might be endless causes to it, the primary scenario behind breakups is when the partners fail to understand the gravity of their relationship. Many people, especially teenagers, end up being in relationships just for the sake of being in one. These sorts of hasty decisions cause worse impacts on both of the partners after they break up. Thus, one should never jump into a relationship in haste to avoid uncertain breakups.


  • Some relationships stop working out over time. Even though you and your partner seemed to fit initially, the flame appears to go off after spending time together. This happens when you get into a relationship without properly knowing someone or fail to adjust with your significant other.


However, it does not matter what resulted in the breakup at a point in life because it starts feeling inevitable. In such situations, all you need to understand is the ways to cope up and move on.

Tips for dealing with a breakup:

After facing a disastrous end to a blooming relationship, one certainly needs assistance to deal with the loss.


Below are mentioned some of the tips that will help you deal with the situation.

  • You should be your first priority. So, give yourself some space. Try your best to avoid any instance that involves the disruption of your mental peace.
  • You will often discover that you have to spend a lot of time by yourself after a breakup. So, try making the best use of that time by being productive.
  • Allow yourself some pleasure. Do things that make you happy. It can be the simplest of things like watching a movie or going out alone.
  • Indulge with people who keep you happy and sane. Try spending more and more time with your family and friends.
  • Give the process as much time as it needs. One can never get over a breakup in a single day. So, give yourself the time you need to cope up with the change.
  • Having a healthy sleep schedule and regular exercise can assist you in the coping mechanism.
  • If things get worse with time, never hesitate to check-in for professional support.
  • Write your feelings out if that helps. Penning out heavy thoughts has proved to be very helpful for a lot of people.

How to handle yourself after a breakup?

After such a terrible loss, handling yourself is one of the most challenging yet one of the most critical parts after you have a breakup.


Handling yourself can be messy, but here are some tips to help:

  • Let go of the past.
  • Indulge in healthy conversation.
  • Cut off your self-destructive habits.
  • Take control and proper charge of your emotional well-being.
  • Focus on the positive things.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation.

Things to avoid after a breakup

Even though one should give their best shot while trying to cope after a breakup, there are certain things where one should limit themselves.


Below are listed one of the most important things that one should avoid after a breakup.

  • Never get into addiction or use of drugs and alcohol. Always remember, no matter how better it feels or how much it assists in easing the pain, it is not worth it,
  • People often turn vulnerable after an excruciating romantic rejection. The primary thing to avoid after such a case is not to self-blame. You can find yourself at fault, but it was not for you entirely. So, never encourage negative self-talk.
  • If someone dumped you and broke your heart, learn from the mistakes that both of you made while choosing each other and being in the relationship. Please make sure you never repeat them in the future.
  • Never settle for less. No matter how much the feeling of vengeance influences you, give the process as much time as it needs. Never rush into whimsical decisions only for the sake of moving on.
  • Get rid of anything that reminds you of the tragic past. Try and involve yourself in things that you enjoy rather than brooding about the past.

How to forgive yourself and your partner after a breakup?

Forgiveness is one of the supreme things to do to be able to move on with life.


Forgiving your partner and wishing them a better life without you is hard enough, but that’s the right thing to do. The best part about forgiving your partner is that you don't need them to do it. All you need is to let them go. However, letting go is never meant to be as easy as it sounds. It hurts feelings and bruises your ego.

On the contrary, you can make peace with the fact by thinking about it in a different way. You should forgive them because you deserve peace, and maybe not because they deserve forgiveness. In this way, you can even humanize them and acknowledge the fact that nobody is perfect.

However, forgiving yourself for the guilts on your side is equally important. Here are some tips that can help you forgive yourself:

  • It's okay to admit that we mess up sometimes. All we need to do is accept the loss we had and respect the lesson we learned.
  • Always remain patient. If you try and speed up the journey after a breakup, it will never end well.
  • Choose what is best for your mental and physical self. Remember choosing the best for you is not selfish.
  • Apologize and move on. Shed all feelings that make you weak. Remember, nobody is weak only because they made a mistake.

How to move on after a breakup? Tips and importance:


Moving on is the trickiest yet most beautiful part after a breakup. Nothing is more beautiful than waking up to a piece of baggage released from your heart. You would be able to sense the loss without the pain. It would simply feel like the absence of that very person does not hurt anymore, and nothing feels better than that. However, the path to this phase is never easy. Moving on is different for different people. Thus, coping up with the situation can appear much different to you than others around. Below are listed some generic tips that can help you in the course of moving on:

  • Entertain constructive conversation about the incident. Moving on is primarily encouraging the idea of the past not affecting the future anymore. So, break the shell of denial, and start accepting the loss.
  • Modern technology and social media have both negative and positive impacts on the mind, especially in these situations. Make sure you make proper use and indulge healthily instead of using social media to stalk your ex.
  • Choose your company wisely. Once you are over a breakup, there will be people who encourage you, along with those who indirectly discourage you. In such cases, make sure you make the right choice.
  • Celebrate your growth. All experiences in our life leave us with a lesson. Make sure you respect that.
  • Practice gratitude and never miss a chance to cling to the last bit of positivity.

Moving on is never meant to be easy. For someone, it will make a positive impact in a few days, while for the other, it might turn out to be the ugliest phase. It might tear you apart until you start feeling light again. But no matter how hard it is, moving on is essential. No one deserves to sleep at night wondering why they were never enough for the one they loved so deeply. So, one should take the phase of moving on seriously.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways from the article:

If you have currently faced a breakup and still struggling with the loss, you have landed at the right place. Give a read to know how to cope up and lead a better life learning to deal with the loss.