How To Be Romantic In A Relationship : 21 ways


We all have had that lovey-dovey phase in our relationships when it has just begun. As a matter of fact, it is really hard to keep the romance alive considering the busy schedules these days. I mean, come on! That 90s romance is really rare these days. But does that mean that you lose the spark in your relationship? Well, not exactly! If you too are thinking that the honeymoon phase has ended in your relationship and it has turned a lot calmer, we are here to help you with that. Not only would we teach you what it means to be romantic in a relationship, but we would also quote ways in which you can keep the romance in your relationship alive.

What do you mean by being “romantic” in a relationship?

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In a relationship, being romantic can be explained as expressing love and dedication towards your partner in a way that is affectionate, passionate, and definitely intentional. It can involve you showing off several gestures through little things that indicate your affection towards your significant other.

What are the general qualities of a romantic person?

A romantic partner basically shows the following qualities:



A romantic person need not offer a bunch of gifts every time without any meaning behind it. The part that matters in the effort that your partner shows is how much thought they have put into it. Therefore, being dedicated is probably the primary quality that a romantic person should have.

2. Affectionate 


As long as you are affectionate towards your significant other, know for sure that the romance in your relationship is still alive. Romantic people love to show how much they adore their object of affection. Their acts to offer the same could be words of affirmation, acts of service, or just simple and sweet gestures.

3. Thoughtful 


There is nothing more beautiful than a thoughtful partner. These are the people who put all of their dedication and carve gestures of affection. Be it bringing the thing you have been wanting for a long time or being there for you in a way you appreciate the most, your partner can show how thoughtful they can get.

4. Consistent 


Hear me when I say this- “Consistency is the key to a successful relationship.” You would need to show your partner that they are special to you every moment instead of waiting on one special occasion to make them feel loved. Your partner being consistent in your relationship shows how much love and care he shares for you and your relationship.

5. Sentimental


When you are simply in love, sentiment starts playing a major role. Therefore, we can say that being sentimental is also a primary quality shown by romantic partners. The more sentimental your partner is towards you and your relationship, the more romantic they are.


21 ways to remain romantic in a relationship

In case you desire the romance in your relationship to stay alive, we have listed a few ways in which you can achieve the same:

1. Prioritize your partner


With passing time, it is quite obvious that you would get consumed by work, stress, or other matters. But that does not imply that you would treat your partner with any less importance. Prioritizing your partner is undoubtedly an utmost important task. You should always set your priorities right and remember to make your partner feel included.

2. Work on making yourself better


No matter how beautiful your relationship is, you should always remember one thing, i.e. nobody is perfect. Over time, when you realize your mistakes, you should always try working on them. Making yourself better or at least trying to will automatically make your partner feel more wanted.

3. Talk things out


Communication is the key to every relationship. Be it, friends, your parents, or your better half, you should always be able to talk things out with them. Your partner should feel free to talk about everything with you, and you should feel the same. Providing that safe space to your partner is undoubtedly very important.

4. Start learning your love languages


Love languages have to be the preferable way that this generation expresses and receives love. If you already are not sure about your partner’s love language, now is the right time to start talking about it. Whether it is physical touch, acts of service, gifts, words of affirmation, or quality time, learning love languages has to be the easiest way to make your person feel loved.

5. Be honest with yourself


Relighting the romance in your relationship is not everything about your partner. There are a couple of things that you need to work on yourself as well. Focusing on yourself in a relationship is important as it is quite probable to lose yourself and your interests in a relationship. That is why you should protect yourself and not try to become an entirely different person for someone else.

6. Look into the little things


Sometimes love is not just about the big and grand gestures; it is about the little things. These small moments have more importance than you can even imagine. Remembering little details about your partner, and being there for them when they feel low actually holds a lot more importance.

7. Reminisce 


Thinking back on sensual, tender, or sweet moments can actually help in bringing you and your partner together. If you take time to remember the romantic moments that you both have shared in the past will help in reigniting the attraction between you both.

8. Bring the adventurous spirit back


If the thrill you are missing is the reason for the losing spark in your relationship, this is the time to do something about it. Start with planning dates that are a little daring. Spicing up your relationship with some adventure can help in bringing the romance back.

9. Start recreating romantic moments


There are some moments in your life that you need to cherish forever. Be it your first movie night, the moment your partner proposed, your first date, or your first anniversary, if you recreate that moment for your partner, they will always feel special.

10. Maintain the consistency


Spontaneity might be the spice in your relationship but consistency is the key to an enduring relationship. Maintaining a connection with your partner is important. You need to make them special throughout and not just wait for any special day.

11. Start working on a relationship bucket list


Some people might think that planning for the future might be overrated but if things are real between you and your partner, it is actually worth it. Creating a bucket list, for instance, will show your partner that you are excited to spend time with them. That, in turn, will keep the spark in your relationship intact.

12. If you still love them, say it!


Saying “I love you” might look way too cheesy or so, but trust me it isn’t. Saying that is important, and it not only reminds your partner of the depth of your relationship but also makes them feel that things are not changing entirely.

13. Use the subtle art of ‘compliments’


Compliments are not something entirely reserved for the females in the relationship. The males deserve compliments as much as the women. Complimenting your partner will always make them feel special. Even if you guys have been together for quite a while, the art of compliments never grows old.

14. Celebrate the togetherness


It might sound less meaningful to some, but you don’t always need milestones to celebrate when you are with your partner. Simple and small wins should be celebrated too. Such celebrations foster a sense of teamwork, positivity, and recognition.

15. Take time to wander


During the honeymoon period, couples have an increasing tendency to explore more. But over time, that tends to vanish. You should try and bring that thrill again into your relationship. Sometimes getting lost in nature can help you find the romance in your relationship.

16. Spice and mix things up in the bedroom


It is understandable if sex becomes redundant over time. But remember that you don’t need to go to drastic lengths to boost your sex life. Things like varying the positions, the places, or the time of having it can actually have a lot more effect than you think.

17. Intend to be more thoughtful


Start with doing the small things such as making a playlist with songs that your partner loves, or planning a movie night with the movies that they love. Such thoughtful acts would have a deep impact on your partner and help build your love relationship.

18. Listen more


People stuck in a typical routine tend to forget the sheer importance of listening attentively to their partners. Try to show more attentiveness by giving your significant other more attention, and making eye contact when they talk.

19. Give gifts, make things memorable


Giving and receiving gifts should not be restricted to special occasions. Some people take gifts to be their love language and this shows your appreciation towards them. Surprising your partner out of a sudden helps strengthen your bond by keeping the enjoyment alive.

20. Make sure you show physical affection


We should actually start giving a low-key physical touch more credit. Therefore, hold hands, cuddle, kiss, and do everything that your partner would appreciate while you are together. Because remember, those little moments are not little at all.

21. Try to make more time for your partner


Instead of waiting for a special occasion to plan an outing, start scheduling regular date nights to keep up with the necessary quality time. Try and brainstorm ideas that you know your partner will love to execute.


Romantic relationships demand maintenance, time, and care. But igniting the spark demands much more. If you desire to find romantic love or deepen an already existing romantic relationship, this article has to be the best suited for you. 

TL: DR; Key Takeaways from the article

This article has highlighted the primary things that one needs to know to stay in a romantic relationship. It has focused on ways that one might use to be more romantic in a relationship. Give this article a quick read and land on not one but twenty-one unique ideas to reignite the lost spark in your relationship!