Funny questions to ask your girlfriend


In no case should you approach a girl without having these questions ready. If you're trying to talk to a girl but are unsure of how to do it, we can help. When you want to strike up a meaningful conversation, use these humorous questions to ask a female.

You might have pondered why attractive girls always seem to gravitate toward that hilarious person you know. But every time you employ the same strategies, you fail miserably. Just like any other ability, humour can be learnt by being aware of the appropriate phrases to use in order to make even the hardest girl giggle.



First, here are a few questions to break the ice. Determine what this girl is all about.

What Hogwarts House do you belong to?

Today's generation of females is Harry Potter-obsessed. She will undoubtedly have taken the House quiz, even if she hasn't seen all the movies or read all the novels.

Michael Jackson or Prince?

You could learn more about her musical preferences by asking her this question. If the two of you have diverse tastes in music, you should probably check out her favourite artist's discography and add their songs to your playlist.

Which would you want to eat first: everything as a quesadilla or as a sandwich?

It's said that a woman can get to a man's heart through his stomach, but the same is true for males. It's amusing to ask this seemingly random question, but it's also intriguing because it will reveal her preferences. Knowing her food preferences will be useful if you ever try to prepare food for her.

Do You Have Any Irresponsible Life Goals?

Absurdly ambitious, insane, or strange? It might be any of the three. It can be an outrageously difficult ideal career, an absurdly wild item on her bucket list, or an absurdly odd place to stay. No matter how ridiculous they are, be sure to convey attention to her. If you'd want to help her accomplish these crazy ambitions, takedown notes are here.

What has been your most spontaneous action?

This will expose her wild side, if she has one. If you want to avoid assuming that she likes you right away, starting by asking her this flirtatious question is a wonderful place to start. She might like you if she's interested in responding to your query, so look for it!



Would you prefer to have the ability to turn back one decision you make each day or to have two minutes per day to stop time?

Prepare yourself to go deep and meaningfully. Regrets? Everybody has had a few. Just listen and demonstrate that you are not passing judgement on her if she shares the worst thing that has ever occurred to her. You might also tell her some of your stories to make her feel less awkward and more at ease.

In the morning, What is the first thing you do ?

This won't necessarily make you laugh out loud, depending on her response. But the query is intended to learn more about her and gain a peek of her daily activities. As soon as she wakes up, find out if she prays, checks her phone, or goes to the gym. From there, you'll be able to tell what she values most.

What annoys you the most?

You can use this as an illustration of what not to do. Is the noisy chewing making her angry? Does she dislike it when customers treat waiters and store employees badly? If your grammar isn't excellent, will she give you the death stare?

Pineapple on pizza?

A decade-long discussion over one of the most significant cuisines in our culture is sparked by this absurd inquiry. Does she enjoy pizza with pineapple on it? A crime against humanity, perhaps?

What Would You Do If You Were Able to Go Unnoticed for a Day?

This will be a humorous and entertaining method to learn what is going on in her head. Will she put her influence to good use? Evil? personal benefits or in favour of the populace? Assess her moral character to see if she is good or evil. See how you feel about it once you learn the truth. It may serve as a roadmap for you as you pursue your interest in her.

Which Disney film is your favourite?

Girls adore Disney, so even if she isn't completely enamoured, she almost certainly enjoys at least one of the films. Is she a lover of Pixar? Is she a fan of the classics? Or does she lose her mind and flip out?

What Karaoke Song Do You Always Choose?

Only one method exists to determine whether she is telling the truth. Request a romantic night with Karaoke from her! You two will enjoy this a lot. Your friendship with her could begin with this. It's a positive sign if she seems at ease singing in front of you!


Fantastic, you've got a good start! You've survived the preliminary round and, ideally, learned a little bit more information about this girl. After testing the waters, you may now ask a humorous question.

  • Why do you always have such a great sense of humour? You frequently make me laugh.
  • Why should selfies be prohibited indefinitely?
  • What conventional wisdom is supposedly widespread yet isn't?
  • Would you allow me to use your toothbrush?
  • Would you pour the water from your glass upon me if I suddenly caught fire and you were doing the same?
  • Which pick-up line has been the funniest that someone has ever used on you?
  • Which would you prefer: a bothersome short-term memory or a terrible long-term memory?
  • Would you gather the dragon balls to revive me if I passed away suddenly?
  • What did I do most recently that made you squirm uncontrollably?
  • What was the worst food you've ever consumed?
  • Have you ever carried out an act that is so bizarre and out of character that I find it hard to believe?
  • What irritates you the most ridiculously?
  • Which meal would you like to smell like if you had to smell like it for the rest of your life?
  • What alternatives would show up if you could "right-click" people?
  • What would your parents or siblings caution me about you about?
  • What would the name of the perfume be if it was based on your natural scent?
  • What always seems like a fantastic idea, but doesn't work out that way?
  • Which of my body parts would you eat first if you could cannibalise your boyfriend?
  • What do you believe others infer about you when they first meet you?
  • Why the wildlife magazine, if you could appear on the cover of any magazine?
  • Would you accept chocolates from a total stranger?
  • When was the last time you behaved immaturely to achieve your goals? Did you achieve your goals?
  • Why do I look better in your underwear than you do?
  • What is the most original slur you can think of?
  • Which would you choose: a quick kiss or a long hug?
  • Why would you choose me if you were to pick the most amazing person alive right now?
  • it would be?
  • Who among the animated characters would be the simplest to defeat?
  • In the event of a purge, what would you do?
  • With which actor would you most like to switch roles?
  • What would you do if you were to lose your feet?
  • Which hue has the finest flavour?
  • What kind of instrument would you be if you were one?
  • What is the world's least appealing sound?
  • Who would play the lead role if your life were a movie?
  • What body part could you survive without?
  • Which fruit would you be if you were one?
  • Who would be the best sugar daddy among American presidents?
  • Which character from Winnie the Pooh do you most identify with?
  • Which villain from a movie would you date?
  • Do you like to lick or chew?
  • Are there any Daddies in the Egyptian Pyramids?
  • Would you enjoy the ability to pee on the heads of obnoxious individuals if you were a bird?
  • The ideal Maid of Honor would be which Avenger?
  • Would you want to have eyes made of grapes or fingers made of carrots?
  • Which would you choose: wings or a tail?
  • For the rest of your life, would you prefer to solely consume strawberry milk or soda?
  • What would your knock-knock joke be if you had one that would unquestionably knock on my heart's door?
  • Why do I look better in your underwear than you do?
  • Which Slightly Annoying Curse Do You Wish You Could Cast on People?
  • Batman or Superman?
  • Would you prefer to have only donuts for a week or an entire cake at once?
  • What unusual cuisine combo do you adore that most people detest?
  • Consider whether penguins have knees.
  • Do mermaids produce live children or eggs instead?
  • Is horse hair used to make fake eyelashes?
  • Consider whether penguins have knees.

Which of these amusing questions struck out to you the most now that you have a list of them to ask a female you like?

So, here's hoping these queries spark a lot of entertaining and thought-provoking discourse. Who knows where else they might go?



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