Fun Games for bride-to-be: Bridal Shower Games Ideas

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Are you looking for wedding shower game suggestions? We've got a lot! From tried-and-true classic games to inventive new versions that are likely to become fan favorites, these games provide a lot of fun for everyone, from your besties to your family members. Despite the fact that games aren't essential at a bridal shower, they are a tradition for a reason: they allow your closest friends to get to know one another, congratulate the couple, and guarantee that everyone has a nice time. Every generation in attendance is likely to endorse the list of games below.

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1. What were we doing?

Hang 10 numbered photographs of the couple taken on various journeys or in multiple locales. Guests can jot down their best ideas for where each photograph was shot, and the person who makes the most accurate predictions gets a little reward.


2. What's in the Handbag Bridal Shower Games

Fill a lady's handbag with five to ten random things for this game. And now that handbag is being handed around among all the ladies. As a result, each person will get roughly 10 seconds to feel the contents of the purse. After that, the purse is transferred through each lady. As a result, everyone must jot down on a sheet of paper the objects they feel in the purse. And the lady who correctly answers the most items will be named.


3. He Said, She Said

Before the bridal shower, have the couple answer each sentence on the card (individually or collectively). Here are a few examples of statements: Who is the most selfie-obsessed? Who makes the most of a shambles? Who do you think will weep the most throughout the ceremony?

The bride or groom might be chosen by the pair. If they can't decide, go with both.

Give each visitor a game card and a pen now that you have your answer key. Read each statement aloud to the visitors and ask them to circle the individual who they believe matches the statement. The one who has the most points at the end of the game gets the reward.



4. Look for the visitor.

Find the Guest is a fun game that can also be used as an icebreaker to get your visitors talking. Each attendee is given a list of qualities to identify a visitor who matches each one—for example, who has been married for 10 years or more, speaks a foreign language, wears blue shoes, and so on. Everyone will enjoy interacting with one another and learning more about their loved ones!


5. Bridal Shower Games: Keep it in the Air

This is a really enjoyable game where everyone is separated into teams. As a result, each team will receive a balloon with their name on it. And each squad must continue to blow their balloons with their lips. As a result, it must be done in such a way that it does not come into contact with the ground. And the team that can maintain their balloon in the air for the longest is the winner!


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6. Housewives in Peril

On index cards, jot down the names of renowned married couples' spouses (e.g., Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban). Players must choose a card and then do a pantomime of the WIFE (not the person on the card) (no words, just acting).

In one minute, go through as many as you can, and the one who gets the most wins. Don't you simply like my little sister's Bewitched performance as Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) and Nicole Kidman?


7. Makeup Brand Bridal Shower Games

Each lady will be handed a sheet of paper and a pen for this incredibly simple game. As a result, students must jot down as many makeup brand names as they can in a minute. The player who writes down the most cosmetics brand numbers wins the game.


8. The Game of Rings

This is one of the most popular wedding shower games since it encourages attendees to converse while also bringing out their competitive side.

The rules are simple: if you are caught mentioning the words "wedding" or "bride," you will lose your ring. You get to take another guest's ring if you catch them saying "wedding" or "bride."

Set up a table by the front door with one of our 'Made by Modern MOH' placards and a bundle of plastic rings so that each guest can collect one on their way in. After the shower, the attendee with the most bling gets a reward!


9. Scavenger Hunt is interactive

In a relaxing yet competitive atmosphere, an interactive treasure hunt will get visitors up and moving while getting to know one another better. If you're throwing a coed shower, this is an especially wonderful idea. If the event is held in the couple's hometown or a suitable location, clues such as "This is where the couple had their first date" or "This is where the couple shared their first kiss" is a nice place to start in most cases.


10. Guess the Gal Bridal Shower Games

This game will test your knowledge of your female friends. It also indicates how well they know you. As a result, everyone will be given a piece of paper and a pen for this game. And everyone is required to write some personal information about themselves. So, for example, what is their age, favorite color, number of individuals they've dated, and so on. And then all of the papers will be folded, jumbled, and placed in a bowl. As a result, each lady must randomly select one piece of paper from the bowl. It's also up to you to find out who it is.


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11. The bar is now open.

Before the party, select a few little chocolate bars from a bigger bar and attach a gold sticker to the bottom. Then, on a flat surface, arrange them in lines or a group.

To play the game, players must choose one small candy bar and consume it if it does not have a gold sticker. Players must continue to choose and consume candy bars until they find one with a gold star.


12. Make a note of the date.

To set up this bridal shower game, you'll need to meet with the bride and have her supply you with some crucial dates for both her and the groom (i.e. their first kiss, the date he proposed, and their upcoming wedding date).

Create your game cards by listing the name of the event in the left column by number and the date of the occasion in the right column by letter (just month and day, no year) (think of those matching tests you had to do in school where you draw a line to connect the two that correspond).

Make sure you have enough copies for all of your visitors to participate and see who can correctly identify the most!


13. Mad Libs with a Vow

Leave blank spaces for nouns, verbs, and adjectives when printing conventional vowels. A bridesmaid requests a message from each of the guests. The bride reads the wedding vows at the end of the party. You may even have their SO show up after the party and do a pretend wedding ceremony with the funniest vows.


14. Pair of Bridal Shower Games: Guess the Movies

Everyone will be given a pen and paper for this game. They also have to estimate and write the titles of films that a certain team has worked on. Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan, for example. And the game is won by the person who can write down the most movies. As a result, this game may be played in pairs.



15. Bouquet of Music

Musical chairs-style game, but with a wedding twist! This is the only one of our bridal shower game ideas that is certain to get guests up and moving, and it's especially amusing after a few trips to the mimosa bar.

To play, make a bouquet out of actual flowers or use the ribbons and bows from the gifts, and have the guests form a huge circle around it. Turn your back on the circle and start the celebration music once everyone is in place.

The bouquet will be passed around the circle swiftly until the music stops, and whoever is left holding it will be eliminated. Continue until just one lady is left, at which point she will be declared the winner.


16. The Game of the Newlyweds

In a pre-recorded video, one-half of the couple answers questions about the relationship ("Who paid on the first date?") that their spouse has answered. Then someone compares the footage to their partner's response to determine whether they are identical. This one will appeal to nosy guests and oversharers, but bear in mind that there is such a thing as too much information—so keep it (relatively) clean.


17. Bridal Shower Games: Spin the Bottle

This is a drinking game that allows people to get to know one another better. Also necessary is an empty bottle, and everyone is to sit in a circle. The bottle is spun, and anyone it falls on is required to reveal one of its secrets. Others who have done the same will be forced to take a sip from their beverages as well. As a result, this is a wonderful method to get to know each other on a more intimate level.



18. Line of Communication

This is a game that is best played as a group. Place a dish loaded with rice on one end of the room and an empty cup or tiny jar on the other. Teams must race to get the rice from the bowl to the opposite side of the room and into the little jar by transferring it from hand to hand.

The team who fills the jar first wins. Because rice is such a significant wedding ritual, this is one of the finest bridal shower games!


19. Songs About Love

While this is one of those wedding shower games that require some preparation, it is really simple and enjoyable to play once put together.

Begin by compiling a playlist that includes both classic and contemporary love songs (keep in mind that you'll be entertaining visitors of various ages, so it must be appropriate for everybody). To avoid making the game excessively difficult or tiresome, we recommend picking between 10 and 20 tracks.

Pass out a pen and a piece of paper to each guest at the wedding shower, then play a clip of each song one by one. It's up to you whether visitors should guess the song's title or the musician who performs it (or allow them to guess both for double points). Regardless of the option, you select, the visitor with the most right answers wins.


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20. Off The Shelf

Purchase a few wedding-related products or things from the bride's registry (and then deliver them to the bride), and double-check the prices.

Players must race to place the goods in the right order from most expensive to least expensive.

Either timing them to see who can do it in under a minute or see who can finish it in the quickest time.

In any case, I'd have someone perform it first and then have the other player come in afterward to avoid any cues.


These funny wedding shower games will be a hit with all of your guests! Definitely be some of the most interesting and entertaining wedding shower games around, including some you've never heard of!

When it comes to picking which, if any, wedding shower games to play (we know we did! ), you're certain to have a few questions. The reality is that no two wedding showers are alike, and the rules that apply to one may not always apply to the other.

That said, there are certain best practices in place, and we've answered the four most often asked questions regarding wedding shower games to help you make sense of it all.

Do you wanna have the best gift possible for your partner? Give this article a read and you'll know exactly what to get him/her.

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