Fun activities to build intimacy for couples

couple gazing at each other

The term "working on" a relationship, in my opinion, carries an unnecessarily negative connotation. You may be content, pleased, and safe in your relationship while yet wanting to make it better. The idea that "real love arises spontaneously" and the inference that "effort need not apply" to romantic relationships may still be ingrained in some of us. The truth is that true love takes actual labour and effort, long after the wedding day or the move-in date. But understanding how to construct it is quite another matter.

Intimacy in a relationship is a blend of the closeness you grow to your spouse as you spend your life together on a physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual level. Building a connection within a marriage is crucial for enhancing the couple's bond. What therefore can couples do to increase closeness in their union?

In the beginning, love ignites like a wildfire before slowing down to a gentle glow. Simply said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to having satisfying sex. Nowadays, it takes work to reignite an old romance.

This article discusses exercises and approaches for fostering both emotional and physical closeness in relationships. These exercises may do magic and help you rediscover those emotions of attachment, passion, and love, regardless of whether you experience no intimacy in marriage or you're developing intimacy for the first time with your spouse.


Start and End Your Day Together

Try to finish each day feeling loved and cherished. You are creating time for touch and connection by going to bed together. Naturally, this is only possible if you also put your phones away. Before you shut your eyes, take advantage of this little opportunity to give your lover a hug or kiss and briefly express how precious it is that you are together. Making time for a relationship is necessary if you desire one. Make time for it every day in modest ways rather than waiting for the connection to happen. One extremely effective and simple approach to show your lover that they are important, you love them, and you like it when their warm body touches yours. 

couple in bed, cuddling


Looking each other in the eyes

While engaging in a staring contest may not seem very romantic, it is simple to understand how this activity can increase closeness if you consider it to be looking intently into your partner's eyes."Set a timer for 10 minutes and stare into each other's eyes without saying anything." You may laugh a little at first since it will first feel stupid. On the other hand, you'll soon notice a sense of connection developing. Stay still as you do so. While gazing into their eyes, experiment with breathing at the same rhythm as them. You'll find that you feel closer to one another if you do this frequently.

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Yoga for couples

Couples yoga is all about uniting in movement, drawing strength and tranquillity from one another, and dedicating time to strengthening your relationship and general wellness. Tantric yoga primarily focuses on sexual interaction, with the postures created to help you reciprocate energy. While certain poses may be more centred on aided stretching, enabling you to support each other and feel calmed and relaxed in your bodies, others may be more focused on the intimacy in the relationship.

couple yoga


Together, take a bubble bath

Even by yourself, taking a bubble bath may be wonderfully soothing and sensuous. One of the most private ways you two may spend quality time together is by inviting your lover to join you in the bath. This adds another element of romance to the experience. Embrace the risk and bring some champagne and strawberries to eat in the tub!

couple taking bubble bath


Massaging each other

An intimate massage is a great way to unwind and synchronise with your partner. Couples may take turns giving each other this simple massage, which can greatly improve their sex life and relationship. The individual giving the massage gains a better understanding of how their partner will react to various sorts of touch. It also improves the individual receiving the massage's capacity to sense being touched.



Do the Lap Dance

Lap dancing with your partner may be a great way for the two of you to have some fun and foreplay before going into the bedroom. Moreover, why not request a reciprocal favour from your partner? If you don't know how to do a lap dance, a lap dance guide will come in handy!


Put on a blindfold.

Although it may initially seem a little too kinky for comfort, using blindfolds in the bedroom is a quick and easy method to spice things up in your sex life. With sight removed from the equation, you may improve your other senses, and your attention especially moves to sensuous touches from your partner, which is likely to increase the pleasure you can experience from them.

blindfolded woman


Make a list of your fantasies.

Make a list of enjoyable, low-stress activities you and your partner can attempt. If you think of anything that neither party likes, put it on a "maybe" list and come back to it later. Making a list together is enjoyable, but merely discussing desires may keep things lively. Consensual fantasizing is made possible via communication, allowing you to focus solely on having fun in bed.

Make a list


Adding a Toy

The time has come to quit missing out on bedroom-specific toys if you haven't already tried them out. When you're by yourself, they're great for giving yourself a good time, but don't be hesitant to include them in the enjoyment you're having with your partner as well.

It's worth the effort. Sex matters, to put it bluntly. The bond between them is kept together by it. According to studies, partnerships in the current day begin to falter and end after just five unsatisfactory sex experiences. Before it's too late, one partner could not even express their unhappiness. Don't wait for that difficult discussion. Now is the time to add some spice and get the rewards of a revitalized sexual life.


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