Find out whether you are dating a strong woman or not!

A strong woman

We, human beings are heterogeneous in nature, meaning everyone on this planet is unique. So when it comes to dating, you are going to meet people of different natures. Though the interests and hobbies of two people can be similar nature always varies. You will find people who are calm and people who erupt like a volcano, mature people, and those who like to create drama. You will find people who are strong-headed and people who might be weak.

But when it comes to women, there are a lot of characteristics that one woman might have. So it might be a little difficult for you to understand what characteristics the woman you are dating has. So, here are some reasons which will help you to find out whether you are dating a strong woman or not!

She thinks from the mind and the heart

Where most of the people get confused, whom to listen to; the mind or the heart, a strong woman listens to both. She analyzes the situation, weighs the pros and the cons of each available solution, and then decides which one to pick. 99% of the time her decisions are beneficial for everyone. She is a go-to person whenever anybody has a problem.

Even if she wouldn’t have a solution right away, she will definitely find a solution for you. In short, she is extremely capable of taking decisions with a rational as well as emotional approach. What better than a woman who understands your mind and heart both?

A man and a woman having a conversation over a cup of coffee.


Respect is the key to her happiness

While some women want attention, understanding, and money from their partners, strong women demand respect. When two people are dating compassion and understanding would automatically come. But the thing that needs to be focused upon is respect. 

A strong-headed woman knows how to give respect to everyone. She isn’t the one to judge you or make fun of you. She will treat you with great respect. But in return, she too expects the same thing from you. Her way of behaving would depend on your actions. If you put in your 100% effort, she will not compromise a thing in giving her 100%. You treat her with respect and she will give the world to you.

A guy showing respect for her lady love via forehead kiss.


More understanding than your personal diary

So when it comes to understanding, some people understand you based on their situation which is alright. But when you are dating a strong woman she will understand you no matter what. But the only condition is you need to have effective communication. If you communicate with her properly she will be the most understanding person you will ever have in your life. 

For example, you didn’t have time to return her call or message her due to workload. So when she calls you to know your situation instead of ignoring her call and messages just inform her you will call when you will be free. And then see the magic. She will understand that you are going through a rough day. And she will be the sweetest person when you go back to her after a tiring day.

 A couple holding hands in their eternal state of peace.


Believes in actions speak louder than words

You know when a woman falls in love she will trust every single word you say. Whatever you say will be the sun, moon, and star for her life. And when you are dating a strong woman, she will surely be flattered by your words. But she would believe in your actions. If you want to keep that strong woman in your life make sure your actions meet the words that you have spoken.

She will give you chances when actions and words wouldn’t match due to uncertainties. But she wouldn’t tolerate the repetition of the same. She will observe your actions and her reactions would be according to that and not to that of your words spoken. 

A strong woman showing love through her actions by writing I love you on the mirror.


Minimalistic yet grand

You might have heard stories from your friends who are dating that women are hard to handle. They will demand things which you can’t fulfill. But that is not the case when you are dating a strong woman. She believes in minimalism and that is what makes her grand. She won’t ask for unrealistic gifts and small things will make her happy. 

Coffee or tea made by you when she wakes up will make her day. She won’t expect flowers, chocolates, or fancy restaurants when you go out on dates. She knows these grand gestures would fade away but what will remain is the feelings you have for her.



Cut the drama, come to the point

No relationship on this planet won’t have disagreement or argument. And some people say that when women argue that they don't use logic, which is a little insensitive. But let me tell you when you get in an argument with a strong woman, she will patiently listen to your point of view. 

She will communicate what she feels and will try to find a common ground, instead of creating a huge drama. She won’t beat around the bush and argue for no reason. She believes every problem has a solution. And that every problem can be solved without shouting and throwing things.

 A strong woman explaining her point of view without arguing


You grow in love instead of falling in love

I have heard and read you fall in love with someone and never I understood how can one fall in love? And then I realized when you date a strong woman instead of falling in love, you grow in love. She lives for being happy. Even in a problem, you will find her staying positive. You will feel the change in you. 

She will have a positive effect on you. You will find yourself being productive personally as well as professionally. And this is the biggest trait of a strong woman. She will provide you with the space to grow and still be always by your side. And this the best type of relationship you can have with someone.

A smiley couple growing in love


Every person is unique in their own way. But these are some common characteristics you will find in a strong-headed woman. Apart from these, a strong woman is opinionated, believes in inequality, is independent, and knows her self-worth. She will give you the world if you know what she actually wants. While it is a blessing to date a strong woman, it also comes with a slight disadvantage. 

A strong woman is a no-nonsense person. And if you don’t make her feel right she wouldn’t mind stepping away. Because for her mental peace has the utmost priority. So these are some tips which might help you to find out whether you are dating a strong woman or not. And if you have found a strong woman then make sure you keep her!