DIY gifts ideas for your crush



“If it is for your love, Do it yourself”

Want to impress your crush? You might be nervous and your heart may be pounding, but with some effort and love, you can definitely win your crush’s heart.

 It is strongly believed that if you want a thing done well, you should DO IT YOURSELF


So, we’ve got you engrossing DIY gift ideas for your crush.



1. A basket of cravings

Every person would love to receive some tempting snacks for their late-night cravings. Prepare a big basket and fill it with different snacks like soft drinks, wafers, chocolates, etc. Don’t forget to make that basket a little more attractive by adding a message for your crush.


basket with chocolates
Better than Koffee with Karan Hamper ;P 


2. Custom Valentine's Day pins gift box 

Want to be a little more special? 

Customized pins, Would make the perfect gift. Make a custom pin of his favorite things ~ You can add various styles of patterns, text, and even photos online. Imagine his surprise and wonder when he sees a gift just for him!


custom valentines pin


3. ‘Open When’ Envelopes

This gift will make your crush delighted for sure. Find a cute jar and put some envelopes in it. Now, write some different moods on each of them. For example, Open when you’re sad, Open when you succeed, etc. Make sure that the messages you put in, will make your crush feel motivated and good about himself or herself.

Here is a video that can guide you through the process of making such envelopes 



 Food is Bae

4. Cookies with your voice

You must be thinking about how it is possible to send cookies with your voice. Well, it is. In fact, this can turn out into a very special gift. Bake some delicious cookies and find a cute box to store them. Now, record audio of you singing a song for your crush and send it in a CD/Tape with those cookies. Isn’t this the cutest gift for someone?


cookie with heart symbol
Cookies for your cookie!




5. 30 things I like about you

There’s no better way than this, to express to your crush what makes you admire them. You can make changes in the number of things you want to write. Now, this can be done in many ways. Make some cards and put them in a bottle, a box, or paste them into a scrapbook. But remember, to make this gift a success, you gotta be honest about the things you write about your crush.

Here is the link which can help you in making this



Art is precious

6. A huge canvas

This will take some time and effort but will turn out to be an amazing gift. All you have to do is print some pictures of your crush and paste them on a big canvas. You can include his/her childhood pictures as well. Now to make it a little more appealing, you can add some stickers, ribbons, etc.


couple collage with news paper
 Pictures are love


7. 13 reasons why

No, this isn’t about the movie. This is about you. Gift your crush a scrapbook or a box containing thirteen reasons as to why your crush should date you. Now, you don’t want this gift to end up being the last one, so, be smart and most importantly, be honest. Express yourself!



Your gift might be as sweet as candies!

8. Customized Candies

There are many recipes available on the internet for making customized candies. You can make them and to give them a personalized element, you can add your crush’s name on them or a very short message. What else would your crush ask for?

You can take help from the following link to take an idea about how these candies are actually made.


9. Mason Jars and Note Jars

Mason jars are the newest trends of this year. From hand-painted to sequence decorated all can be done at home. You can also turn the mason jar into a snow globe using some glitter and salts. These mason jars can be decorated with anything you have and they would make a wonderful gift for your crush to keep on the bedside. Apart from that, another idea that can be executed with a mason jar is called the note jar. You can write little notes and fill the mason jar with the same and just drop it on their doorstep. Every time they would feel low and you are not there to cheer them up, your crush just needs to open the jar. In minutes there would be a smile on their face.

Here is the video to help you create beautiful mason jars!

DIY Glitter Galaxy Mason Jar
Magical Mason Jar


10. Homemade Scented Candles

Scented candles are something that can change the mood in seconds. Had a long day or want to have a romantic dinner just light these scented candles and the mood will instantly change. There are tricks and hacks through which you can easily create such scented candles at home. You can use essential oils like vanilla, peppermint, eucalyptus which have medical benefits too. For decorating those candles, you use flowers, glitters, sequence stickers, and paints. Scented candles make a very beautiful gift to give to your crush!

Create some beautiful candles to give your crush!

 DIY Candles Lined Up Neatly
Sweet Smelling Scented Candles


11. Skincare Products

I have read somewhere the best way to show love is by taking care of the person you love. People have a busy schedule and they might not be able to take care of their skin. So, gift your crush handmade goodness of skincare products. You can make a Multani mitti face pack, some DIY rosewater, and coffee sugar scrub. This makes a perfect combination of goodness and will provide your crush with healthy glowing skin. Whenever your crush will use these products, she/he will miss you. 

Make healthy glowing face packs with just 2 ingredients!

A bottle carrying homemade rose water
  Indulge in Healthy Skincare with DIY Products made by your crush!


12. Mini Garden

The entire world is suffering from global warming and having some plants or mini gardens inside is beneficial for mental and physical health. If you can go to your crush's house and create a mini garden for them, it would be one of the best gifts she or he could have. But if you can't go home yet, you can create a mini garden in-tray by yourself. Some plants which don't require much care are snake plant, spider plant, aloe vera, cactus, and any other type of succulents.

Some easy garden decor tips for you!

Different types of succulents which are pleasing as well as beneficial
Refreshing Mini Garden!


13. Jewelry

I know you can buy jewelry online but making the jewelry with your own hands hits entirely differently. Everyone buys jewelry online as a gift but you can do something different. Take something they are truly connected to like a flower, or keychain, or ring, and turn it into a beautiful necklace. Take some beads which have letters on them and create a bracelet out of them. Even though it won't match the level of statement jewelry but your efforts will surely steal the show.

Here is the link for creating amazing jewelry pieces by yourself!

Handmade jewelry lined up for display
 Jewelry made with love will always be closer to the heart!


14. Art Pieces

Okay, everything can go wrong while gifting but art pieces will never go wrong. DIY lanterns, coasters, glass paintings, wall hangings, greeting cards, scrapbooks, explosion box, and pen stands. There are numerous videos and tutorials on YouTube that will help you make easy yet beautiful and eye-pleasing things. You can also customize the art pieces by adding inside jokes, personal messages, your crush's name, and photos. This way they would love the efforts that you have put, can keep the gift always in their home, and remember you whenever they see it.

Somethings are just so easy to create!

 A woman creating beautiful décor from raw material available at home.
Décor is not just for display; it always has some meaning attached to it!


15. Glitter Mugs

Giving mugs which have written the world's best crush or have a photo of them, urghhh to cliché. Let's move to something innovative in the mugs section. The mug is one product that is highly used but undervalued. So, to keep up with the traditions of gifting mugs, decorate them with glitter to add some shimmer and jazz. You can decorate it the way you like. Geometric patterns, initials of the crush's name, patterns, heart, stars, moon, and galaxy, everything is possible just with a little glitter.

Here's a tutorial to glam up those regular mugs!

Two cute red Christmas mugs decorated with glitter.
This' the season to be jolly!


16. Love Coupons

Okay, so this is something new and fun in the segment of DIY gifts. You know how stores give you coupons and you can redeem them whenever you feel like before the expiry date. Yes, the same thing but with a love twist. Love coupons allow your crush to get things mentioned in them according to their wish. For example: create a jar that has a hug coupon, a cuddle coupon, a kiss coupon, a treat coupon, a love-making coupon, a massage coupon, and a date coupon. Give that jar to your crush and mention to him/her the expiry date of these coupons. Now, your crush can redeem these coupons when they wish to like. This DIY gift creates a thrill and ignites a different spark between the couples.

Love Coupon Template to make your work a tad easy
A DIY gift to ignite a spark!



17. Music Playlist

For millennials, music is a very personal thing. If someone shares a song or suggests you some songs it is considered a sign of affection. So even you can create a playlist for them according to their moods or their favorite song and gift it to them. I know it is not an over-the-top gift but sometimes small gestures have much more impact than grand ones.

A happy couple listening to music.
Music is something that connects souls!



18. Bath Salts

So, bath salts are something that you can add to the bathtub when you want to have a luxurious and relaxing bath. Making bath salts is not a difficult thing. It requires only two to three ingredients and you are good to go. Adding bath salt to water has some medical benefits like relaxing the sore muscles and curing cough due to the presence of essential oils. You can create a combo of scented candles and bath salts to magnify the effect of your gift.

Create amazing bath salts in a few simple step

Handmade colorful bath salts for having a relaxing bath.
 Something that will help you relax and enjoy!


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