Dating Apps That Are Better Than Tinder

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When it’s about love in the swipe right or left generation, it is a difficult road to take. With the Dating apps becoming popular amongst today’s generation, the essence of old school dates is slackening. Making going on dates so casual, dating apps are becoming persistent for a good number of population. So, if you are looking for some amazing dating apps to find yourself a partner for be it a casual hangout, an emotional movie date or a crazy club night, here we have 14 different dating apps which other than tinder.

1. Bumble

Bumble dating app

A very cute dating app with a slightly exciting twist. On these apps, only girls can make the move. This app was built to encourage women to be confident and take the first step. Also, good news for the people who have a habit of swiping without concentrating. You can undo the swipe by shaking your…. Phone?

Download the app from here

2. Aisle

Aisle dating app

It’s a great dating app for those people who’re looking for a meaningful relationship. It isn’t so likely to find someone who’s looking for hookups on this app, so for those who’re planning for a marriage or a long term relationship, THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!. 

Hold on, there’s one last thing to this, you need to be AN INDIAN to join this app. Sorry not sorry!

Download the app from here

3. Grindr

Grindr dating app

Available in 192 countries, this is the world’s most popular dating app for gays. It is a location-based app so you can find someone who’s near you and then carry on. 

Download the app from here.

4. Happn

Happn dating app

Happn is the type of dating app which lets you meet people with whom you have crossed paths during the day. Every time you cross path with a person who’s a Happn user, their profile will be visible on your timeline. 

Download the app from here.

5. JustSayHi

JustSayHi dating app

It is a video and chat app that helps you to interact with the people around you. You can see people’s clips who are near you and if you’re interested you can hit the like button. If they happen to like you too, IT’S A MATCH!

Download the app from here.

6. Lovoo

lovoo dating app

It’s slightly like an Instagram but is meant for dating. You’re able to post pictures with hashtags and to see who’s posting near you. But again, as it’s like Instagram, beware of those spooky people behind fake profiles.

Download the app from here.

7. MeetMe

MeetMe dating app

This app is more of chat-based. You’re able to see people who’re available and ready to chat with you, based on the location. It also has some paid features but is free for basic ones like chatting and timeline updating. 

Download the app from here.

 8. OK Cupid

Ok Cupid dating app

This app claims that it uses algorithms, formulas, and more crazy maths stuff to help people connect with each other. Like all the other dating apps, it provides you the features of chatting with a person.

Download the app from here.

9. Skout 

Skout dating app

It’s a very popular app which helps people meet each other all over the world. All you git to do is, shake your phone to have a chat session with random people. The app has two separate communities, one for the teens and another for the adults.

Download the app from here.

10. SweetRing

SweetRing dating app

This app is first of all about people going “AWWW” while reading its name. Finally, an app that takes marriage and serious stuff into consideration. It helps to find you people who want to get married soon and allow you to chat with them 

Download the app from here.

11. The Catch

TheCatch dating app

Sounding very sportive, this app is like a question and answer game, in which after 3 rounds, the winner gets to have a chat with their Catch. When a lady will choose the “ Create game” option, the men will get a notification and a time of 24 hours to opt for playing and answering the questions. The winner then gets added to her chat list. SO FUN!

Download the app from here.

12. Align

Align dating app

It’s a comprehensive dating app based on astrology – horoscope and the way your planets are aligned. The matches appear on the app as stars, the larger the star, the more compatible you are in terms of astrology. 

Download the app from here.

13. How About We

HowAboutWe dating app

This app allows you to order a date on demand. You’re required to fill your ideal date details and browse through the dates that you get suggested. 

Download the app from here.

14. Moonit

Moonit dating app

This helps you by lining your astrological stars up with other astrological matches to get the best match for you. If you’re already in a relationship, you can visit the “couple horoscope” section to find out what the stars say about you both.

Download the app from here.


With the excitement and joy of getting to know new people and finding dates for yourself, do not forget that today’s internet access comes with a lot of disadvantages too. When you use such online dating apps, you should always take the necessary precautions. We’ve listed some of the most important ones for you, right here. 

1. Be a good researcher

When it comes to having a conversation with an unknown person, it also involves haring your personal details. But before taking that step, you always do your research about that person, in short, you should be aware of who that person exactly is and also about the possibility of you laying trust in that person. 

2. Video chat before meeting

There have been so many cases reported of fake profiles being used on the various online applications. If you find someone who you’re interested in meeting with, make sure that you have a video call with that person, confirming that it’s the same person who appears on the profile, before fixing a meeting date. 

3. Deny the carpool invitation

If the person asks you to carpool on the very first date, it’s better to deny that and drive yourself or take a mode of public transport. You can’t blindly trust a person who you met on an online dating app, isn’t it?

4. Prefer a public place

For your first meet up, prefer to choose a public place where there are people around you, instead of a private one. At any moment if there’s something wrong you find yourself to be uncomfortable, it’s safe to have people around you. 

5. Avoid sharing too much Personal Information

It’s going to be your first date and there will be more if that person ends up making you interested in them. So, it’s better to take it slow and not leaving by providing that person a lot of personal details about you. 

6. Stay Sober

This is a very common mistake that people make. Getting drunk on your first date isn’t a pleasant thing to do. At the same time, it’s not at all safe. Meeting an unknown person for the first time and on top of it, not being in your senses is the worst decision you can make. Try to avoid drinking and staying all in your senses. 


So there were some apps which can be a better option fro you than Tinder. If you still want to give Tinder a try and figure out if you can find someone for you there, do check out our article "Can you find true love on Tinder'". Online dating has become a really normalized thing in today's generation, so if you feel shy or unsure about how things can turn out to be, DO NOT WORRY! You've got one life to live, explore new things and gain new experiences.

Good luck!