Celebrating milestones amidst COVID-19

Couple celebrating some special moments together

Sad because you missed celebrating your birthday or anniversary the way you had planned with your special ones because of the ongoing pandemic?

Worry not!

We are all in this together, and while it can be absolutely heart wrenching to not celebrate something that you had been looking forward to for pretty much an entire year; being stuck at home because of the lockdown does not mean that you cannot celebrate at all.

The beauty of life lies in overcoming all obstacles and continuing to be happy and finding joy in the tiniest of things, and more often than not, unplanned events can work out to be wonders.

Here is how you can celebrate milestones during the coronavirus outbreak, and continue to find some happiness in the otherwise gloomy scenario; whether or not you are quarantined with your significant other.





1. Enjoy the date you had been planning for a long time.

Dressing up does not always only have to be only when you are meeting someone in person and going out to a fancy place. Take the extra effort of dressing up for your special someone, even if they will get to see you only virtually, and plan out the small little details of your date night like you normally would. Cook up a delicious meal for one, ask your partner to do the same, light up some candles, and you are all set to enjoy an amazing night. And if you do want to scale things up, cook together on a video call, before pausing to dress up and then enjoy the meal together!

Or if you are lucky enough to have been quarantined with your partner, plan the date night together. Spend some quality time preparing some gorgeous meals and dessert together, do some DIY décor in your favourite corner of the house, and then enjoy a romantic date, right in your house.




2. Befriend long-distance dating apps during the lockdown period. 

You have no clue about how many apps exist out there to help those in long-distance relations feel a little closer and a little less lonely! And if you and your partner are far away during the pandemic, making use of these apps might actually be a good option.

Browse through the Playstore/ Apple Store to choose apps that you think would suit you best, and celebrate your milestones through a movie night together, or play some fun quizzes or maybe just a game of truth and dare! After all, it’s the company that matters the most, and managing to spend some quality time with your loved one is sometimes all that you need to make an occasion perfect.




3. Spend the day making something special for your loved one.

Always wanted to handcraft something for your loved one, but never got the time or the opportunity? Well, now you have both; and now is as good a time as any else. It could be something as simple as a greeting card, or something as complicated as a complete scrapbook; the choice is totally yours. Let your creative juices flow, put on your thinking cap, and make something unique and creative for your partner that captures the bond and love between you two. Present it to him/her and watch out for the broad smile on the face.

P.S. If you are extra creative, include an element of ‘love in the time of corona’ in the artwork, so that years down the lane when you look at it, you are reminded of the times you spent together, and the hardships that you overcame.




4. Donate for a good cause together. 

While times out there are extremely gloomy and depressing, we must not forget to appreciate all that we have with us, and how privileged we are in the first place to have food and shelter. There are so many out there who are still working selflessly for us, just so that we can stay at home at peace; and we surely have to do our bit to help them out. Agree on a cause that you both mutually support, and then donate as much as you are comfortable doing for that. It is not the amount that matters, rather the gesture; and doing it together with your loved one will make you feel so much happier and positive. Plus, it is an excellent way to mark a special occasion.




5. Learn a skill together and then recreate the magic on your special day. 

With everyone having so much extra time on their hands during the quarantine, picking up on a skill together is a good idea. Be it baking a decent cake or learning how to play the guitar, now is the time to learn everything that you have been pushing for so long.

And when it is time for celebrations; surprise your partner with your creation. Maybe you can whip up some delicious Dalgona coffee for him, which you both can enjoy together as he hums a tune for you that he learned to play on the guitar. Cute, isn't it?

Life during COVID-19 does not have to be that hard and depressing. All life is asking from you now is to take some time off, thank life for all that it has given you, and spend some amazing moments with your loved ones. So go ahead, do that extra effort and make your milestone a truly memorable one this year.



So here were 5 tips for you on how you can make your special days worth remembering amist CoronaVirus Breakout. Hope you stay fit and healthy!