Cancer: Personality Traits, Love, and Relationships

Cancer: Personality, love and relationships

Oh, so you have a crush on a sentimental crabby baby? Are you looking for someone to help you impress your crabby crush? Well, BeMyCharm brought you a simple guide on how to. Read further, and you’ll know every tiny detail about how your crush is the way they are.


Cancer babies are moody and emotional, but don’t let this fool you into categorizing them as naive individuals. As vibrant as they might be, they can become devils with their cute round faces. Saying that I don’t want to drive you away from them. But if you know cancer personally or have a crush on one, you might as well have known this already. Their emotions change in seconds. They can be feisty in the afternoon and sweet little angels in the evening. Try not to let that drive you away because, at heart, they are sweet as sugar, with a very caring personality and a motherly instinct.


Cancerian is the fourth sign of the zodiac. So, if your birthday comes between June 21 - July 22, you're a Cancerian (which you already knew). It is mainly considered a moon, water, and emotional sign. Typical Sun in Cancer traits include nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, self-protective, security-seeking, and offers.


Cancer zodiac sign woman


7 personality traits of Cancer:

Although there are many cancer traits, as every individual differs according to their personality, here are a few traits that you might notice in this sign.


1. Your emotional safeguard.

Cancer’s personality is like a splash chest-deep in a lake of warm water. Cancer's self-awareness is like tides. They are endlessly moving in and out of focus. Thus, their moods are constantly fluctuating. Which makes them more emotional than the other signs because it's practically hard for them to hide their emotions. Making them more vulnerable and softer towards others. 

Cancers will give you the kind of warmth and safe space you will be inclined to. And make you so comfortable with them that you spill all your secrets to them.


2. “Loyalty” is their forte.

The most significant peculiarity of a Cancerian is that they are loyal AF. Cancers are empaths; they are soft souls who can feel what others feel just by looking at them. So, loyalty comes with it. Once they dedicate themselves to a specific person, you don’t have to worry about them cheating on you.

Cancers can indisputably go to the moon and back for their loved ones. Keeping that in mind, it's onerous to actually gain cancer’s trust. Believe it or not, they can see through your lies. But once you have that trust, congratulations! You’ve got a true friend for life. 


3. They are not always downright about their feelings.

As much as cancers love taking care of others, they forget to take care of themselves in the process. Cancers are weighed down by their own sorrows and the sorrows of others around them. They are very vulnerable to sharing their own feelings, thinking they don’t want to burden others with their stories. They fear that people will use their delicateness as their weakness, so they always keep their guard up. And boy, it’s tough to get that down. But if they really do let you in, be grateful and try not to get overwhelmed by their mood swings and their power to cling on to you.


4. They are the consolidators of the group.

"Cancer's gift is that it doesn't comprehend separation," Joyce explains. Everything is one. A person with good Cancer energy can appeal to vast groups of people and make them feel connected as if they all share something in common. As a result, being a Cancer is advantageous for politicians, team captains, and salespeople. They all require bringing many people together to achieve success or a general pleasant balance.


5. Has a supernatural sense of intuition.

As I said before, they know when you are lying. Therefore, cancers will understand what you think, and read your body language.

Cancers tend to rely on their intuition rather than the practical or rational sense of reasoning, which is correct 99% of the time. This might be because of their intense emotional state and their empathic nature to connect with others. So, a lesson learned, don’t try to hide from a cancerian. 


6. Mesmerizing aura. 

Yes. They have an aura around them that will captivate you the second you talk to them and make you want to be friends with them. Cancers can be wonderful and magical partners. 

Taking that into consideration, this often comes across as vindictive. However, cancers have a way of getting their work done. If a Cancer wants something, they will make sure they get it, which they do with a pure heart and kindness. But if that doesn’t work, they will not think twice about getting back at whatever or whoever is causing them to suffer.


7. Enigmatic bitches.

The moon controls their emotions, quite literally. But, unfortunately, they change their feelings so fast that you get confused as to what’s going to happen next and how to handle it this time. 

And if you love Cancer, get used to it. It’s their way of showing emotions. They are abundant with feelings, making it difficult to store them. Thus, it gets out in various ways and moods.


Cancer 101


Cancers in love and bed


How to arouse feelings in a Cancer?

For the crab sign, love needs to be passionate, comfortable, and a little risky at the same time. They need a partner who will feel at home, give them nurturing, and loads of pampering. Love for Cancer is pure and a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Being emotionally fueled, they want something real and immaculate.

Hence, to seduce a Cancer, you need to be as cliche and romantic as you can get. While many Cancer, babies may as well deny being babied, deep down they love fantasies and wish they could come true. So, all you need to work on is, 

  • Hold their hands.
  • Give them meaningful gifts.
  • Attention! They loved it.
  • And maybe some day-to-day gossip.

Cancer's ideal date, on the other hand, is both comfortable and full of sexual delights. They're the masters of the ideal date night in, eager to stock their refrigerator with gourmet goods for an Instagram-worthy, unforgettable supper. If they're the sort of Cancerian who loves to order takeout, they'll make sure you get the tastiest tacos or Thai around. While they're friendly and open to new experiences, they might prefer to invite their VIPs over for a glass of wine and a game of Cards Against Humanity rather than pulling up to a bar or club.


Cancers sexual pleasures

A typical Cancer is looking for a mate for life. If they do get into a casual date, it can become hard for them to keep it that way. Their extremely sensual and sentimental nature can’t help but come out in the sheets as well. Just as they make decisions from their heart, in bed as well, they need to feel a connection with their partner to enjoy their sexual endeavour.

And once you have established that, you will have your own freak in bed, making you wish you had more every time. Their empathic nature helps a lot in bed as well. Cancer lover reads your mind and anticipates your needs ahead of time. But remember—reciprocity is key. Cancers are known for their generous nature, but you must match their level of care. They aspire to be loved as much as they need to give love.


What do Cancerians get up to?

Distressing in the bath. If you can't reach them, they're probably in the bath. Seriously, this sign is drawn to the water in the same way that a crab is pulled to the sea. They are keen on self-care, and bathing is more than simply a cleaning exercise for them; it's a chance to reflect, fantasize, indulge in pampering, and escape from real life for a bit. Bliss.

Feeling the weather. This is one of their characteristic attention-getting methods, and it also allows them to wear their PJs during the day, lay around, gulp whatever they want, and have a little self-pity party. You're only welcome if you're prepared to dish out buckets of compassion.

They are beautifying their surroundings. Cancerians are naturally creative and inventive, and they like beautiful things. They must appear friendly and make their home/room/desk/car look trendy and warm.

Maintaining supreme friendships. Cancerians, as previously established, are perceptive individuals who know (and preserve) your deepest secrets. They desire to be as close as possible, to stay connected to the individuals they care about. Cancers, friendships are lifelong ones. They don’t play around when it comes to their friends/loved ones.


Cancer’s compatibility 

Wondering if your cancer crush/friends will be compatible with you? Here is the list of their congenial partners and nemesis pairings:


Signs most compatible with

Signs that share elements with them, like the earth signs - Taurus and Capricorn, tend to have a special connection with them. Cancer and Capricorn as opposing signs but there is a strong attraction between them. When they get together passion stirs and they become perfect for each other. When the earthy bull and the sensitive crab come in order, it can feel like two soulmates finally coming together. Other than that, Pisces is known to be their “soulmate.” When Cancer and Pisces come together, these fish never want to let go of each other.


Signs least compatible with 

Aquarius is super tough to match with Cancer. They are both apprehensive about taking care of others. But when it comes to relationships, Aquarians are just too embattled for Cancers. Who needs security and consistency in relationships.

Aries is also a tricky match for cancers. But if they can channel their enthusiasm into steadily revealing to the crab that they are loved and taken care of overtime. Their chemistry can be explosive.



Now, not every Crab will have these iconic Cancer traits or match the exact description. You have to figure out by spending time with them to understand what your partner/friend wants and which technique will be the best to get their attention. 


Also, a few things to keep in mind. Don’t be offended easily if cancer comes off as rude or moody; this is a part of who they are. If you're in a relationship with a Cancer, it's best to ignore these phases or help them understand what's bothering them, since they likely don't even know exactly what's causing their mood changes. 

Finally, make sure to always be appreciative of whatever a Cancer does for you, whether it's a surprise birthday party or some helpful advice. They want to know that they're endeared to their efforts, so try to make time to tell them how much it means to you.

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